17 Sentimental Gift For Men That Will Show Your Love

Updated on February 05, 2020 by Chris Bajda

Giving him a sentimental gift need not have an occasion. You can always make him feel loved and thought about a lot. You may not always say it but you can show him how you really feel by giving him gifts that remind him how special he is to you. Making him feel special never goes out of style. You don’t have to wait for his birthday or your anniversary to show him how special he is. A special gift coming from you will definitely be appreciated. You know exactly what he needs - at work, at play or even for the moments he just wants to pamper himself and relax.

Let your gift express how much you love him and how you want to make him remember your special bond with him through these 17 sentimental gifts for him:

17. Special Message Leather Wallet

Add a special message he can carry with him everywhere he goes. This genuine leather looks amazing. The special message leather wallet has a personalized front and inner message to let you add your own special touch. You are sure to remind him of your love each time he opens his wallet.

16. Keychain Set

Remind him how much his love completes your life with this keychain set stamped with the words “I love you more” and “I love you most.” Made from surgical grade stainless steel, you can be sure it’s allergy free. Simple but meaningful, it will constantly remind both of you that one piece is not complete without the other.

15. Leather Notebook

Memories are not only collected through photos but by journaling them. Equip him to do just that by giving this leather notebook. It is made from genuine leather from Italy with an A5 default paper size. This journal can also be personalized with his name or initials to make it extra special.

14. Personalized Rosewood Case and Two Pens

He can be very busy signing tons of paper in the office. And being busy can sometimes get in the way of not being able to communicate as often as you want to. Let him know you’re thinking about him no matter how busy life gets as you give him this Personalized Rosewood Case and Two PensThe Eagle design and the names are engraved by 100W laser engraver. 

13. Personalized Tie Clip 

Let him get sentimental with this personalized tie clip each day as he prepares to go to his office. Arranged in an old-fashioned box, this tie clip is made from stainless steel and comes with a sturdy spring clasp that makes him look stylish and smart. Personalize it with his name and you’re all set for the most amazing gift!   

12. Personalized Beer Mug Gun Metal

Want a gift for him that won’t break no matter what? Then this gift is what you’re looking for. This personalized beer mug has a modern gunmetal upgrade that is sure to last for a very long time. It can hold up to 16 oz of his favorite beer and can even be personalized with two lines up to 15 characters for each line. Choose a sentimental gift that will last a lifetime with this all-metal beer mug.   

11. Rosewood Ripper 


This personalized pocket knife is made from stainless steel and Rosewood. It is sharp and forged from high-quality stainless steel.  This gift can be engraved with your specific instructions from his monogram to a favorite memorable line from a movie, or as sentimental as the words "I love You." No two knives are alike as it is handcrafted from natural wood. This gift is packed in a white gift box ready to be handed to him.

10. Personalized Brown Travel Tech Case 

He surely owns a gadget or two. Probably, even more. Help him organize his techy stuff with this Personalized Brown Travel Tech Case. It is one open pouch that has three elastic bands that keeps the wires sturdy. It has a brown Argyle lining and antique gold zipper which can be personalized. He will surely love to get and keep this as it can also be easily cleaned and maintained.

9. Engraved Dog Tag

Tag him and let him wear it all day wherever he goes. This nickel-plated, shiny and polished dog tag is a simple way of showing him how much you care. It’s a reminder that he will always have a special place in your heart. Place your sweet and short message for him as you can even have this man tag personalized with two lines up to 15 characters.   

8. Personalized Leather Bracelet

This sentimental gift will have your message for him printed nicely on a leather bracelet. You can choose what you want to be printed on the bracelet from the following: symbols, handwriting, date, roman numerals, sound waves, initials, coordinates, your names, your own words or any design. This is one gift that will always remind him of how he is always in your thoughts. You may also choose from the colors black, brown or dark brown.

7. Scrapbook

You would like to let him know how much you cherish the memories you have had with him. Places you’ve been to, special occasions and those sweet moments you’ve shared. There’s no better way to remind him all these by compiling it in a high-quality scrapbook made of hard cardboard cover, superior black pages, non-fading, and thick craft paper. The sheets of this scrapbook can rotate 360 degrees and lay flat when opened. Stylish and classy, personalize it for him and feel free to design, store and present your photos just the way you want it.

6. DIY Mini Time Capsule Kit

Keep hold of a moment in time as you give him this DIY mini time capsule kit. It comes complete with a sturdy plastic lidded box, a guide, fill in sheets, sealing tape, permanent Sharpie fine black marker and string tie photograph envelope. It’s also beautifully wrapped inside with gold tissue paper. Fill the sturdy plastic box with small items like trinkets, currency, pen drive, photos, coins, letters and the like. Capture moments with this thoughtful gift that your boyfriend will surely love.

5. Engraved Magnetic Compass 

Let this unique and sentimental gift be the first item he gets as a gift. Make it a gift he will remember for life looking forward to many more adventures he will spend with you. This engraved magnetic compass is made from high-quality brass metal with a solid antique finish. The vintage style direction compass has on it Thoreau's Quote "Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams live the life you have imagined."This scout magnetic compass collectible comes with a leather case and a free brass keyring.

4. Personalized Stainless Steel Bracelet 

You may not always say it often but this Personalized Stainless Steel Bracelet speaks of how much you care for him. The classic design and quality craftsmanship make these beautiful bracelets something he will cherish for the years to come. It has a high polished finish that shines and comes wrapped in a velvet jewelry bag and enclosed in a gift box. Personalize it by engraving a special date, word or phrase. It will be a perfect sentimental gift for him.

3. Wood Watch Tower Organizer 

This Wood Watch Tower Organizer is an organizer in a wooden style. That’s a great combination! Give this nice medley of functionality and sentimentality to him. Not only does it organize a home or an office, but it also screams professionalism and discipline. It has a slot for phones (standing), Kindle or iPad or a thin book, a watchtower to keep precious watches he loves the most and it can be personalized for up to 3 lines with 18 characters each. 

2. Blazin Brothers

Get him the two essentials that he needs inside his pocket when he really wants to have some “me time.” The personalized black leather wallet and black lighter set engraved with his initials equip him perfectly for everything. The high-end leather wallet and the matching lighter allows him to do everything in style. It’s simply the ideal sentimental gift for him. 

1. Engraved Wooden Watch 

All things special comes in a box. Surprise him with this sentimental gift packaged in a watch box. This engraved wooden watch is made of 100% natural wood. Don’t waste any time letting him know how much you care. Let this slick timepiece on his wrist remind him that you treasure every second that you get to spend with him.


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