19 Best Scotch Glasses for Whiskey Lovers

Updated on June 26, 2022 by Chris Bajda

Ruining his scotch drink while trying to relax is the last thing he has in mind. Let your guy be worry free on this matter by giving him a scotch glass he will want to use every time he feels like spending some time to calm down alone or with the company of his best buddies. Choose a whiskey glass design and composition that will resonate to his preference. Consider also the base weight, wall slope angle, and the diameter of the brim for the ease of drinking from the glass. Keep in mind that the smell and aroma matters to him too so be very careful on choosing. 

Here are 19 of the best scotch glasses you can choose from: 

19. Kollea Scotch Glasses

The Kollea Scotch Glasses is an excellent find for one who enjoys quality time while having a perfectly chilled drink. It comes with an exclusive patented wedge-shaped ice tray that increases the contact surface with scotch keeping it cooler for a longer time. The ultra-slow melting wedge ice cube will not dilute his scotch, preserving the taste and the strength of your favorite Scotch, Irish Whiskey or Bourbon. 

18. Bullet Proof Dad Drinking Glass

Bullet Proof Dad Drinking Glass

This Bullet Proof Dad Drinking Glass is a badass scotch glass that is perfect for the whiskey-loving dad. Made with a faux 50 caliber bullet, it gives the illusion of being shot through. Serve it up neat or on the rocks in this stylish glass and he'll be sure to impress your guests.

17. Scotch Glass

fathers day gift for whiskey lover


This Scotch Glass will not let him worry as to where he's going to set his cigar down to stoke the fire. With whiskey or scotch comes well thought out tales of bravery and when I was your age sagas. While telling these stories it is almost a necessity to have a stogie in one hand. This gift is perfect when the story gets elaborate and hand gestures are needed. 

16. Man, Myth, Legend Scotch Glass

Man Myth Legend

This personalized scotch glass gift comes with a large, heavy-bottom, engraved whiskey glass that makes a special gift for any whiskey lover in your life. It can be personalized with the engraving "man, myth, legend" and his name. This whiskey glass will sit proudly on his shelf. 

15. Personalized Pic Scotch Glass

These picture engraved scotch glasses are unique gifts that will put a smile on your guys face. Its the perfect gift for the whiskey lover. Its a different kind of enjoyment with you or your guys face etched right into your whiskey glass. Just send them your favorite pic of your guy or you and your guy and they will take care of the rest. 

14. Classy Gold Rimmed Personalized Scotch Glass Set

Personalized Whiskey Glass Set

 This personalized scotch glass set is sure to have all your guests mesmerized with its luxurious style. This set is hand-blown clear glass with a frosted personalization on the front. The gold-rimming around the glass is what makes this personalized glass set stand out. 

13. Custom Scotch Glass

Custom Whiskey Glass

The Distinguished Drinker is a custom whiskey glass that holds 11 oz of his go to beverage in a glass. Whether he prefers gin highballs, single malt lowballs, or an old fashioned, these unique, round bottom, whiskey glasses are the ticket to a killer drink.. Serve up classic, vintage alcohol drinks in style.

12. Unique Scotch Glasses

These leaning and tilting scotch glasses will give his favorite spirit a dramatic presentation while being completely stable. Laser etched with a map of the world these lead free glasses are hand blown and would make for a great gift for any whiskey loving man in your life.

11. Square Scotch Glasses

These square conversation starter whiskey glasses will let him enjoy his scotch a notch higher.  This set with its heavy set square bases will feel right at home in any hand. These glasses are dishwasher safe and have a capacity of 10 ounces. Included is a beautiful gift box making this a perfect gift for any whiskey lover in your life.

10. Scotch Glass Cigar Holder

whiskey glass cigar holder

It makes a great gift for any whiskey or cigar lover in your life. This cigar holder is so essential that your whiskey drinking stogie lover will wonder how he lived without it. Made with surgical stainless steel this accessory is easy to clean and will be well appreciated. 

9. Classic Scotch Glasses

These classic engraved whiskey glasses are personalized with the name or initial of your choice. These custom whiskey glasses will be your guys best gift and will be displayed proudly for years to come. 

8. Chemistry Scotch Glass Set

chemistry whiskey glass

These science themed sand etched whiskey glasses are a set of 2 glasses, handsomely packaged in a gift box making for an ideal present for your whiskey lover. It would make a great gift for any science guy in your life. Each glass features a detailed look at the molecules found in whiskey, with a short explanation about how each molecule contributes to this classic draught. 

7. Golf Scotch Glasses  

The golf ball-inspired design of this Golf Whiskey Glass can contain up to 10 ounces of his favorite alcoholic drink and comes in a beautiful printed retail box ready to be handed to your friend or loved one. It is designed heavy at the bottom and rounded dimpled. The design also gives his favorite drink a dramatic presentation.

6. Personalized Bulletproof Scotch Glasses

This Personalized Bulletproof Whiskey Glasses can hold up to 8 ounces of his favorite drink. This is one unique gift that can be easily personalized with his monogram. What's more, it can practically let him hold everything in his hand. 

5. Crystal Scotch Glasses

These set of handsome whiskey glasses is made with LEAD-Free crystal. It is dishwasher safe and ideal for a spirit of his choice. It would be the perfect addition to any guys bar top or man cave. They are sure to leave a lasting impression on all guests who use them.

4. Honey Bee Scotch Glasses

Let him sit back and enjoy a drink in this Honey Bee Whiskey Glass. These rocks glasses are screen printed with a detailed illustration. Screen printed on an 11 oz (rocks glass). It is made from premium quality glassware, 100% LEAD-FREE. This glass is suitable for any number of cocktail classics. It looks especially classy with an old-fashioned whiskey , scotch, or full-bodied bourbon. 

3. Da Wobble Glass

This Da Wobble Glass is a great multi-functional glass and is great for beer, bourbon or whiskey. It has a dimple on the bottom of glass that allows the glass to rotate or "wobble" in a circular motion. It is ridiculously fun, sure to bring a smile to whoever uses it. It is about 3" tall and 3.5" wide, and holds a 10oz. pour (remember these are handmade and dimensions will vary slightly).  

2. Crystal Scotch Beer Glass Cup

crystal whiskey glass

The Crystal Whiskey Beer Glass Cup will not just compliment his elegant affair, but its also a perfect gift for a whiskey lover! Let him enjoy his alcoholic beverages in a whole new way. This easy to clean and fun to display alcohol glasses are the perfect addition to his bar ware collection.  

1. Custom City Scotch Glass


These handsome hand-crafted whiskey glasses will allow him to serve it up neat or on the rocks and admire the detailed design while reminiscing about his favorite city. These custom glasses make for a wonderful present for a whiskey lover. 

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