18 Best Gifts for 21 Year Old Men

July 18, 2022 by Eds Alvarez

It's that age when he's a full adult but still part of him stays a kid at heart. Let him enjoy this new season in life by giving him a gift that will make him feel as adult as can be and yet not let go of the fun of being a kid. Amaze him with gifts that are both practical and stylish. One he will be proud to wear or display in his very own place or office. You can be sure he will be proudly telling his friends about the giver of the gift too. 

Here are 18 of the best gifts for 21 year old men that you can choose from:   

18. Vintage Molnija Space

This Vintage Molnija Space was produced in 1960s in the USSR. It is customized and features dial and parts of the mechanism that are hand carved. Best part is he can see how the mechanism works. This watch looks very unusual and is designed to impress. It is big enough so it will look really great on his hand.

17. Wallet-Phone Stand

This wallet/iphone stand is for him who likes to grab his phone and go. It can serve as an iPhone holder and stand perfect for his face timing and scrolling needs. The gray leather case can also be personalized making for a great gift for any man with a smart phone. 

16. Personalized Exercise Water Bottle

Black Personalized Water Bottle

This tough guy water bottle is as essential as his watch. It will come handy  whether he’s on the go or sitting at home with a hot beverage. This iconic stainless steel flask. It can maintain his drink’s temperature for as long as he’ll need it. He’ll be thinking of you with each icy cold gulp of water. 

15. Laptop Backpack

This Laptop Backpack will keep him charged and secure whether off for work or school.  Working calls for always being charged and ready and this anti theft backpack comes with a built in USB charging port. The minimalist design is comfortable and secure making it a great gift for him.

14. Football Loving Man

    He loves football. And tossing the ball around on Sunday afternoons is his kind of thing. This Leather Head football  was made to be played with. It features a  sturdiness and grip that will allow its natural characteristics to show. It's one gift he will definitely remember you by. 

    13. Music On The Go Guy


    Christmas gift mens headphones


    He's the kind who can't do without any music playing while doing just about anything under the sun. This Music On The Go Guy features breathable fabric for comfort and 50mm high power drivers for sound. These headphones will make a great gift for any man who loves his tunes or podcasts. It's one gift that will bring a big smile on his face.   

    12. Engraved Wallet


    It is slim enough to keep his pockets looking good but large enough for 12 cards and his cash. This engraved wallet also comes with RFID (wireless theft) protection so he can know his ID is safe from all bad guys. It's one gift that he will always remember you by.  

    11. Laptop Desk

    christmas gift laptop pad

    There's no leaving his warm cozy spot on the couch once he gets to open his laptop. Give him a throw blanket and turn on audio only and you have the perfect work from home setting. This laptop desk will always deliver comfortable productivity. The versatile design can also substitute for a bed desk or a tv tray! 

    10. Slip Proof Sunglasses

    christmas gift for men sunglasses

    These classic sunglasses is perfect for the guy who is constantly on the go. He will never stop thanking you for these sunglasses. It helps eliminate slippage when sweating and is light on the face. No more pushing glasses up your nose. With many colors and styles to choose from you can be sure to match your guys personality. 

    9. The Gadget Guy

    Christmas gift dash cam

    The Gadget Guy is perfect for him who likes the latest and greatest of gadgets. He can keep track of his cars surroundings with built in GPS and 4k HD recording. With state of the art technology this dash cam comes in handy in a big way when needed. 

    8. Time Traveler 

    It is made with natural wood and a soft raw hide leather band. This Time Traveler is absolutely gorgeous to wear. Sleek, light weight, comfortable, fashionable and durable. It also comes complete on pillow in gift box. It's one gift he will definitely love.  

    7. Personalized Superhero Name Sign

    It is 100% handmade right in the UK is laser cut from 6 mm thick MDF. This Personalized Superhero Name Sign is guaranteed to brighten up his space. What's more, the installation is easy, just peel and stick. This stunning LED wall decor makes a great addition to any room. 

    6. Ultimate Gift Box

    Equip him with the one-and-done wrench tool. This 9 in 1 multi-tool is a compact and convenient to carry. Whether camping with the kids or working around the house any guy will appreciate this handy tool.

    5. His Nightstandchristmas gift for men apple dock

    He will feel comfortable knowing all his devices are secure. This convenient and sleek charging station is an all in one stand that is made from durable sturdy aluminum alloy. It is also available in white. A practical item he would really appreciate coming from a very thoughtful friend.

    4. Personalized Waxed Canvas Bag



    It is made from waxed canvas and genuine leather and will make an amazing gift for your man. The Personalized Waxed Canvas Bag has a gorgeous vintage look which also lasts for decades. It is waterproof and will help keep his items safe and damage free.  


    Personalized Cigar Holder with Humidor

    This is one of those cigar gifts that's practical and stylish.  This all in one Portable Cigar Case Humidor has a strong aluminum casing that is great for travel or the cigar smoker on the go. It features an anti-slip rigid side grip and a built In hygrometer & humidifier. It can fit 3 regular cigars, or 2 large one. 

    2. Personalized Gents Hex Jewelry Stand

    Get him all organized with this stylish gift. This Personalized Gents Hex Jewelry Stand is a truly unique gift that can be personalized with initials and a message. It is a contemporary sculptured hex personalized jewelry stand designed and hand crafted from solid American Black walnut or Oak with real leather detail in contrasting grey.  

    1. Custom Neon Sign Gaming Decor


    This Custom Neon Sign Gaming Decor will always keep the balance from being a kid and an adult. There are 22 colors to choose from. It has a suitable power adapter and plug plus installation accessories like screws, wires etc. He will definitely appreciate this gift from you. 

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