19 Birthday Gift Ideas for 30 Year Old Guys

Updated on August 23, 2022 by Eds Alvarez

Getting to the age of 30 is getting to almost half of your life. That's why it is something worth celebrating! Whatever you choose as a birthday gift for him, make sure it will be something he will have a hard time to forget. You can be sure he will be able to appreciate something sentimental and functional. Give him something he would use on a daily basis or will be a welcome addition to his growing collection. Adulting can be so much fun and a thoughtful personalized gift will speak much as he transitions to yet another new phase in his life. 

Here are 19 of the best 30th birthday gifts for men you can choose from: 

19. 30th Birthday Shirt

This 30th Birthday Shirt is a gift he would be wearing proudly on the day he gets to leave being twentyish. Taking inspiration from worldwide culture, these hand created T-shirts will spread joy and yes, turn a few heads. It is made with 100% premium cotton. It's comfortable to wear and has an elegant print finish that is meant to impress.

18. His Nightstand Will

christmas gift for men apple dock

This convenient and sleek charging station is an all in one stand that is made from durable sturdy aluminum alloy. He will feel comfortable knowing all his devices are secure. This one is also available in white. A practical item he would really appreciate coming from a very thoughtful friend. 

17. 30 THINGS We Love About You

This 30 THINGS We Love About You is a JPG DIGITAL File that you print yourself. *No physical product will be shipped to you. This gift will be personalized with your chosen information. Please allow 72 hours for artwork turnaround. This will really look great in a white or black frame. 

16. Naked and Brave Gift Set

This Naked and Brave Gift Set is comes with a glass flask that can be filled with his favorite drink, a journal and a Swiss knife that comes handy for anything that would require some tools. It is housed in a wooden box that can be personalized with his name or initials. It's an awesome gift he will surely love. 

15. Personalized Waxed Canvas Bag

The Personalized Waxed Canvas Bag has a gorgeous vintage look which also lasts for decades. It is waterproof and will help keep his items safe and damage free. It is made from waxed canvas and genuine leather and will make an amazing birthday gift for your man.  

14. The Man Who Likes to Take His Zooms On The Couch

christmas gift laptop pad

This laptop desk won't let him leave his warm cozy spot on the couch. Give him a throw blanket and turn on audio only and you have the perfect work from home setting. It is designed to make his workflow more efficient. The versatile design of this product can also substitute for a bed desk or a tv tray! It's one of the best birthday gifts he will truly appreciate. 

13. Waterford Crystal Decanter

This Waterford Crystal Decanter is great for displaying his favorite bourbon, whiskey, scotch, rye, moonshine brandy or even white wine. It features his monogram in the classic Edwardian Script font to provide a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime. It's one gift that will surely make jaws drop.

12. The Rugged Gentleman

The Rugged Gentleman is for him who knows that a gentleman can protect his lady while not breaking his style, the James Bond's, the Don Drapers', the Robert Deniro's. It can serve him on all his adventures while maintaining his style. It is made from Vegan Leather with an argyle lining. Best part is, this handsome bag can be easily personalized with your guys initials.  

11. Vintage Cedar Wood Cigar Humidor

This Vintage Cedar Wood Cigar Humidor is one practical gift he can carry with him no matter where his next destination will be. It is made from leather and cedar wood. Plus, it has a large capacity and can carry  20-25 suitcase style storage cigar. 

10. Ultimate Gift Box

He is your Mr. Fix. This 9 in 1 multi-tool is a compact and convenient carry. Whether camping with the kids or working around the house any guy will appreciate this handy tool. It's one birthday gift he will find handy anywhere he goes.  

9. Personalized Insulated Coffee Tumbler

This Personalized Insulated Coffee Tumbler features a push-on lid, has a sliding closure and the base of the tumbler has a synthetic cork base, which adds a unique design element to it. Constructed of 18/8 Stainless Steel with a double walled copper vacuum insulation, it is the perfect choice for any adventure. 

8. Personalized Pocket Knife

This Personalized Pocket Knife is for the tough guy in your life. Whether he's a hunter, fisherman, or just and everyday amazon box slasher he will feel good doing it with this smooth looking personalized knife in his hand. It is made from handsome strong Pakkawood and a 3.25 inch durable steel blade. It's one gift  he will be using for years to come. 

7. 30th Birthday Wine Label

This 30th Birthday Wine Label will add some humor to your wine gift. TipsyLabels allow you to turn any ordinary wine bottle into a funny decorative piece for any occasion. All wine labels are printed using high quality weatherproof paper. 

6. Ergonomic Foot Rest

mens foot rest

He is always at his desk. Whether gaming or making the big bucks, help him do so in comfort. This ergonomically designed foot rest is made with premium memory foam. This foot rest under desk uses his own body heat to soften and conform around his feet for total comfort.

5. Resin Wood Money Clip

This Resin Wood Money Clip can carry dad's cash, ID and credit cards, business card etc. It is made from aluminum wood /stainless steel and features blocking metal credit card holder with RFID anti-theft wallet.It's a slim, compact and stylish gift he will surely love.

4. Personalized Gents Hex Jewelry Stand

This Personalized Gents Hex Jewelry Stand is a truly unique gift that can be personalized with initials and a message. It is a contemporary sculptured hex personalized jewelry stand designed and hand crafted from solid American Black walnut or Oak with real leather detail in contrasting grey.  

3. 30th Birthday Survival Kit In A Can


This 30th Birthday Survival Kit In A Can is an ideal fun gift for a friend or loved one. Each can is packed with cute souvenirs that will surely bring a smile to anyone's face. A perfectly compact gift & card that will always be an amusing reminder of the special occasion. It is charmingly wrapped with a cute envelop card which explains the witty sentiment behind each of the items included.

2. Time Traveler 

This Time Traveler is absolutely gorgeous to wear. Sleek, light weight, comfortable, fashionable and durable. It is made with natural wood and a soft raw hide leather band. It also comes complete on pillow in gift box. It's one gift he will definitely love.  

1. The Man That Deserves It All

Christmas gift box with tactical gear

Pleasing to the eye, practical and functional. The Man That Deserves It All is equipped with everything your guy could need to throw in his pockets for wherever his day may take him all with a personalized touch to remind him how loved he is. This everyday carry set comes with a personalized knife, tac-pen, wallet, and flask. 

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