8 Gifts for Men Who Love Beer

June 05, 2018

8 Gifts for Men Who Love Beer

Beer can be traced back to 3400 B.C. and while beer has evolved over the years the men who drink it have not evolved as quickly.  This does not mean that we shouldn’t celebrate these fine men who love beer, but instead we should buy gifts for these men that suit their not so evolved personalities.  It is this reason that we have formed this collection of 8 Gifts for Men Who Love Beer.

Big Slug Mug - $19.99

For the guy that grunts and moans every time he has to get up and pour himself another beer.  This 18 ounce beer mug is made to give those fine men the extra couple gulps they need before making that long haul to the fridge.  The Big Slug Mug has ample room to add two lines of personalization up to 10 characters per line.  Give a man this gift and he will surely raise his new mug to you for every minute he delays that exhausting trip to refill.


Brew Bearer - $44.99

CEO’s don’t show up to a board meeting carrying their presentations in a cardboard box, nor should any true beer aficionado show up to a party carrying there prized beer in a flimsy cardboard carrier.  Give the gift of style that demands respect with the awesome Brew Bearer. And don’t worry, everyone will know whose beer it is by laser engraved name on the side of the wooden carrier.  Oh yeah, and that guy who is always asking for a bottle opener at the party, give him a smug look and quick nod to your Brew Bearer because you got that covered too!


Frost in Translation - $49.99

For the beer lover who thinks highly of himself, Frost in Translation gives the gift of looking at the person you adore the most while sipping your favorite beer.  Our caricature artists will make anyone into the Mona Lisa of caricature's.  We will then have that imprinted mug so that every sip of beer is washed down with a glimpse of beauty.

Growler in a Bag - $47.99

The perfect gift for the man who brews his own beer or just loves to go to different micro-breweries and get a growler of his favorite brew.  The Growler in a Bag comes with a personalized 64oz growler and a personalized insulated carrier ensuring that you keep that precious liquid gold at the perfect temperature.


Hopped Out Horn - $41.99

Nothing feels manlier than drinking out of a Viking horn.  And according to legend, much like the boot in the movie Beerfest, if you turn the horn just at the right moment the beer will flow down your throat like Niagara Falls.  Granted it might not be the most practical of beer glasses, but who else do you know that has one.  So get ready to strap in your Hopped Out Horn, maybe grow an awesome beard and learn a few Viking songs.


Hops Quartet - $44.99

Not for indecisive man, the Hop Quartet offers a choice of 4 different style beer glasses.  This is the perfect gift for the man that feels every beer and every occasion require a specific type of beer glass.  All four beer glasses come personalized with a single initial making it extremely easy to call out the guy at the party that keeps picking up your beer when you turn your head.  Swiftly point him back to his red solo cup and tip your glass to him know who drinks in style.

Mugician - $29.99

While the stainless steel beer mug has a style unto itself, it is the ability to put a personalized quote at the bottom of the mug that makes this so magical.  The amusement you can have with the Mugician  has endless possibilities.  So start brainstorming on quotes that you can put in the mug that will ring true to your guy friend when he finishes his 1st, 2nd, or 7th beer.


Pilsner Paddle - $39.99

The Pilsner Paddle is a perfect addition to any man cave.  A great gift for the guy that likes to have sample beers.  The paddle itself which comes with four 5oz glasses and the paddle can be personalized with up to 24 characters.  Warning….you may want to put the paddle away after your friends drink multiple flights.


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