24 Best Birthday Gifts for 50 Year Old Guy

Updated on June 02, 2022 by Eds Alvarez

Reaching the age of 50 is a reason for celebration! Not everyone is blessed to reach that golden age! This is why taking time to think of a special birthday gift for him will be worth it. Make it a gift that will communicate your love for him and his love for particular things that you are well aware of as you have watched him age gracefully through the years. Let your gift leave a mark that will always make him recall the time he turned 50. Choose a gift that has something to do with his favorite hobby, a personal item he can use or even one that will satisfy his love for stuff that 50 year old people get excited about.     

Here are 24 of the best gifts for 50 year old that you can choose from: 


Personalized Decanter Set

What better way to show your man how much you care than by getting him this classy personalized decanter set.  Let's make it extra-special for his 50th birthday, the one day of year when all our wishes come true.

23. Fun Nifty at Fifty Beer Glass 

Nifty at 50 Beer Glass

This Nifty at 50 birthday glass is a fun gift to get to throw into a larger gift for his 50th. Help him have an even better 50th birthday by letting him drink a beer from this fun glass.


Custom Watch Box for Men

This black leather personalized organization box features four watch slots with pillows, two cufflinks and ring holders. The perfect accessory for any guy's wardrobe this timeless gift will serve him well as heirloom or keepsake item!

21. The Coffee Sampler

You know very well his love for coffee! Let him enjoy this set of gourmet beans so he can get to sample the best ones in the market! Get his morning started right with something fresh every day with this coffee sampler.  

20. The Golfing Guy - Birdie Juice  Gift Set

You really can't go wrong with this set as a gift for your man. It includes an engraved divot tool, an embroidered towel, and a personalized tumbler. This Personalized Golf Gift Set would make a great gift for any golf lover. 

19. Coffee Brewer

He will definitely thank you for this gift. This Coffee Brewer  will make drinking coffee as easy as can be. It comes complete with 6 K-cup pods, a water filter handle plus two filters, and a large water reservoir. It even has a strength control setting allowing him to brew a bolder cup of coffee and up to five temperature settings. It  also comes with a  large color touch screen with a digital clock that brews coffee under a minute. 


Custom Leather Dopp Kit

What man doesn't like the look, feel and smell of real leather? Give your guy a token that will stick for life. This personalized dopp bag comes in light brown color to match any outfit it travels with! You can even have up to 3 initials personalize this awesome 50th birthday gift.

17. Grilling Set

This gift will always put a smile on his face with every backyard gathering.  Let him know you appreciate him for getting those meat all grilled up with  this awesome grill set.  A great gift for any man that likes to cook while having fun with family and friends! 


cigar gift set

If your guy likes to smoke cigars, he’ll be able to kick back, relax and enjoy a cigar with this cigar gift set. This wooden box has everything he needs for those nights out including: A lighter, humidor containing Spanish cedar lining inside the lid so you can keep your favorite cigars fresh without any worry about drying them out too much.

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15. Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager 


He is almost always on-the-go so he wants his health care to go side-by-side with him. This massager with advanced heat function brings relief to aching back, neck, shoulder, leg and waist without hampering activities such as driving, watching TV or even heading a meeting in the office.


14. Personalized Serving Tray

Personalized Serving Tray

This beautiful personalized serving tray is perfect for a 50th birthday gift! Whether you're having breakfast in bed or want to serve guests, this board can double as an elegant modern piece of décor. Made from light acacia wood with a slate insert that matches its frame-work perfectly - there's no wrong way if looking at all three sides are awesome enough!


This speaker is a must have for any guy looking to create the perfect ambiance at his home. With voice command recognition and compatibility with most devices, this speaker will become your go-to device when you need background music in seconds!


Gun Muscle Massage Gift For Man

The perfect 50 birthday gift for your guy - an injury prone man who needs to feel good about himself. The massage gun will help take away any pain, and make him happy at the same time!

11. Wall Mounted State Bottle Opener 


Don't make opening his beer become a struggle. This wall mounted bottle opener will never reveal the real reason for not using hands to open that cold beer because this geographically appealing and handy set of utility, made in birch plywood is just too cool not to use.


Custom Minimalist Wallet Birthday Gift for Men

When it comes to style, a man's wallet can make or break his look. If you're looking for something that'll trim down the bulge, this personalized wallet will make a great 50th birthday gift for him.

9. Wood Folding Cigar Ashtray

Folding Ash Tray

It's one gift that will be treasured for a long time by a cigar aficionado. This cool ashtray is made of high-quality wood and perfect for home or office decoration. 


birthday gift apron

He's a man of many talents, so why not let him show off his skills on the grill? This personalized apron is perfect for keeping clothes clean while he grills up some pork chops or barbeque.

7. American Flag Leather Can/Bottle Koozie

It feels great in the hand, and it'll serve him for decades. This American Flag Leather Can/Bottle Koozie is fully crafted in USA  with quality craftsmanship and excellence you can't find anywhere else.  It's a gift you can be sure he can rely on to keep his beverage cool and his palms cozy, and it's never ever gonna let him down. 

6. Engraved Folding Knife

Fathers Day Engraved Knife

Sharp silver lettering on the blade adds style to a sentimental gift he will surely love. This  handsome custom engraved pocket knife is perfect for the outdoorsy type. It is laser engraved in a deeper tone of the wood shade that shows up in style on the handle. 

5. Globe Decanter Set

Globe Decanter Set

He will certainly be thrilled with this awesome gift! This globe decanter set gets it just right. A good decanter is one that shows off the colors off the liquor and preserves its taste and flavors all the while looking good on any bar top or office table. A great addition to his man cave collection. 

4. Traveling Cigarman Set

cigar travel set

This cigar gift carrying case comes with a cigar cutter so he can take his cigars when he is out and about. This travel-sized cigar case holds everything they need to enjoy a smooth smoke when the mood strikes them. This cigar case stores and protects up to three cigars at once, and comes with a compartment to carry the cigar cutter.  You can personalize with his initials on one side and a custom message on the other side. A great gift for cigar aficionados who are still movers and shakers.  


This personalized cooler is the perfect gift for any man who loves to have a cold one. This durable, portable leather top handle with adjustable straps will keep his beer ice-cold and safe from leakages while he enjoys himself outdoors or at sporting events!

2. The Whiskey Drinking Gu- Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Personalized Whiskey Barrel

The perfect gift for any man, this steel-banded oak two personalized whiskey barrel comes with its own stand and bung. With the instructions included to cure your new found treasure before use as well as cleaning tips so that it can be used easily without fear of infection! 

1. Naked and Brave Gift Set

All housed in a wooden box that can be personalized with his name or initials, this Naked and Brave Gift Set comes with a glass flask that can be filled with his favorite drink, a journal that will allow him to keep track of his adventures and a Swiss knife that comes handy for just about anything and everything that would require some necessary tools. A fabulous gift indeed!      

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