19 Best Birthday Gifts for 80 Year Old Guy

August 10, 2022 by Eds Alvarez

Reaching the age of 80 is such a blessing! What's more, its the perfect time to give him a special gift that will remind him how valuable he is to you. Express your love for him and how much you appreciate the things he loves by giving him a gift that will leave a lasting impression as he turns 80. Choose both a functional and sentimental gift that he will be using each time and never fail to remember you. 

Here are 19 of the best gifts for 80 year year old men that you can choose from:   

19. 80 Year Old Cards T-Shirt

This 80 Year Old Cards T-Shirt is a classic unisex jersey short sleeve tee that fits like a well-loved favorite. It is made with soft cotton and quality print that make users fall in love with it over and over again. This t-shirt features ribbed knit collars to bolster shaping. The shoulders have taping for better fit over time plus dual side seams that hold the garment's shape for a long time.

18. 80th Birthday PRINTABLE Candy Poster


This 80th Birthday PRINTABLE Candy Poster is a fun way to celebrate his birthday. This item is an instant download with no physical poster/sign and is shipped in the mail. You may use the following full size candy bars to place on the printed poster: Snickers, Crunch Bar, Whatchamacallit, Butterfinger, Twix, 100 Grand, Mounds and Extra. You can be sure he'll be laughing uncontrollably with this gift. 

17. Custom Legendary Whiskey Glass

custom whiskey glass

 These large, heavy-bottom, engraved whiskey glasses make a special gift for any whiskey lover in your life. For the guy that needs no introductions, this personalized whiskey glass will sit just right in his hand. Serve it up neat or on the rocks just make sure you serve him this legendary gift.

16. Smoked Old Fashioned Kit with Torch

This Smoked Old Fashioned Kit with Torch is designed and handcrafted by experienced bartenders. Every individual kit offers all the tools he would need to create smoked cocktails at home! The kit includes five different wood disks: Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Oak, and Walnut. Each different type of wood provides a unique aroma and flavor. It is perfect for customizing any drink! Also, it comes with quality Canadian bitters and Boutique Quebec Maple Syrup. 

15. Engraved Sofa Tray

This Engraved Sofa Tray is made from wood and features an "EIGHT-TEA" design. This unique Sofa Tray will get plenty of use, to indulge in some of his favorite alcohol. It truly is a thoughtful eightieth present that can be used again and again. What's more it can be perfectly paired with a bottle of his favorite drink. 

14. The Home Body

Elevate your guy's at-home experience with lush house slippers that’ll make him feel like he’s on cloud nine. These super comfy UGG slippers are fashioned from a mixture of dyed sheep’s wool and leather soles, so he know getting the best. He would surely feel tough wearing them.

13. Golf Gift Mug And Putter Pen

golf gift mug with pen putter


This Golf Gift Mug And Putter Pen is one of the gifts that carries his love of the game into real life. Putting helps him unwind and work on his game when he can't get out to the links. Get him a gift that can help him get through those long virtual meetings. One that can look professional on his desk and then he can pull out when he needs those moments, whether it be to blow off steam or celebrate a victory. 

12. Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager 

Help him relax and calm down. He is almost always on-the-go so he wants his health care to go side-by-side with him. This Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager with advanced heat function brings relief to aching back, neck, shoulder, leg and waist without hampering activities such as driving, watching TV or even heading a meeting in the office.

11. The Classy Guy

The Minimalist Decanter Set  is designed with lead-free glass and comes with 4 equally attractive whiskey glasses. When less is more with your guy this is his decanter set. This high quality set was designed to highlight your guys favorite spirit while subtly showing off itself. He will know you were thinking of him with this gift set.

10. Carhartt Mens Hat

mens hat

This Carhartt Mens Hat will definitely becoem a staple in his daily accessories. This good quality hat is known to symbolize durability and style so your guy will be thrilled to receive this gift. With many colors to choose from you can't go wrong with this gift.

9. Self Heating Mug

    christmas gift heated coffee mug

    This Self Heating Mug is designed for the man who likes his coffee warm but never has time to drink it that way. This smart mug allows him to set his mug to the temperature of his liking and it will stay for 1.5 hours. It's perfect for the man who is busy with a million other things. 

    8. Magnetic Golf Towel

    golf towel gift

    This Magnetic Golf Towel will help him improve his shot while still looking stylish. This microfiber towel comes in two color options and can be personalized with his initials. Best part is no need to struggle to find a place to stash it, this awesome towel magnetically grips onto any metal. He can clip it on the cart or his bag and have easy access whenever. 

    7. Wood Folding Cigar Ashtray

    Folding Ash Tray

    This Wood Folding Cigar Ashtray is one gift that will be treasured for a long time by a cigar aficionado. This cool ashtray is made of high-quality wood and perfect for home or office decoration.

    6. Leather Sunglasses Strap

    This Leather Sunglasses Strap is a must-have for the gentleman that never leaves home without his glasses! Treat him to this handsome gift so that he never misplaces his favorite sunglasses or eyeglasses again. Best part is, this leather strap can be monogrammed and comes in 8 colors. 

    5. Coffee Brewer

    This Coffee Brewer will definitely make him thank you big time. It will make drinking coffee as easy as can be. It comes complete with 6 K-cup pods, a water filter handle plus two filters, and a large water reservoir. It even has a strength control setting allowing him to brew a bolder cup of coffee and up to five temperature settings. 

    4. I Am The Man Cap

      Personalized Name The Man The Myth The Legend Trucker Hat

      This I Am The Man Cap will let him cheer his team, promote his brand, or simply keep the sun out of his eyes. This is the perfect way to meet all these needs and more. Customize the front with a logo, design, or text and create an essential accessory that he will never leave behind. 

      3. Owl Eyeglass

      This Owl Eyeglass has a small hook in the back that keeps his glasses right where he left them, getting rid of the daily blurry-eyed search for his favorite frames. This holder will wear his glasses when he doesn't have to. With the use of a single piece of Sheesham wood, Fair Trade artisans in India hand-carved the richly finished owl.

      2. Platinum Tobacco Pipe

      It is designed for pipe smokers, and is also great for Halloween. This Platinum Tobacco Pipe is shaped like the traditional tobacco smoking pipe but this one is much smaller. It’s designed for smoking mixed nicotine free herbs or tobacco mixture. It's one stylish product that is a welcome addition to his mancave.

      1. Scotch Glass

      fathers day gift for whiskey lover


      With whiskey or scotch comes well thought out tales of bravery and when I was your age sagas. This Scotch Glass will not let him worry as to where he's going to set his cigar down to stoke the fire. While telling these stories it is almost a necessity to have a stogie in one hand. This gift is perfect when the story gets elaborate and hand gestures are needed. 

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