Best Flasks For Your Ski Trip

Updated on August 23, 2022 by Chris Bajda

It's ski season around the country, as people are flocking to the slopes.  And to keep you warm and cozy, there's no better friend that can accompany you on the mountain than a flask filled with your favorite spirits.  A petite liquor container in the pocket can go a long way!  Taking a swig here and there is the perfect way to make the slow trip up the ski lift go by in a flash.  Blackberry Brandy is a great way to keep your body warm on the snowy cliff, so throw some in your stainless steel bottle and enjoy your trip.      


Caricature Flask:

You can't get much more personalize than throwing a caricature on a flask.  How cool would it be to take one of your favorite moments on the slopes and have a professional artist engrave it on a stainless steel flask? 

One might say gift giving is a science, a formula incredibly difficult to perfect. Discover your inner gift giving scientist and create a magical creature of a gift that will draw the applause and awe of your man.  This magic potion is one part traditional men's gift, one part rock start personalization, all equaling a final product that will make anyone smile.  

Face on a Flask is a custom drawn caricature  printed on a traditional 7 oz stainless steel flask.   Along with the flask, you will receive the drawing in digital format.  A perfect buy for yourself or to gift, this Flask is sure to put a smile on the face who owns it.    



WhiSki Poles:

WhiSki Poles™ are high-performance ski poles with an integrated flask in the cavity of the pole. Enjoy a drink post-ski, or simply skip the slopes and embrace the après ski life! WhiSki Poles™ utilize a standard ski pole handle with a proprietary screw off cap at the top of the pole. Just unscrew the top of the pole and throw one back, no need to take off those gloves! It only takes a single hand and you won’t have to worry about fumbling with the cap because there is cap-strap to make sure it’s never dropped.

WhiSki Poles™ hold approximately 8 fluid ounces each, or a pint per a pair. If you fill your poles with a liquid that may freeze, please leave ample room for your liquid to expand (we recommend 3 inches from the top). FYI: Water freezes at 32 degrees F (0 degrees C) and 70-proof alcoholic beverages freeze at -2 degrees F (-19 degrees C), windchill does not matter. Each pole also weighs approximately 0.5 lbs when empty, or 0.9 lbs when filled. Most skiers don’t notice the additional weight added to the pole when on the slopes, as the poles were designed to be super light so the added weight of liquid shouldn't be an issue.



Leather Wrapped Ski Flask:

This listing is for ONE 6 oz stainless steel flask with a hand dyed engraved leather wrap.  Hit the Slopes and Stay Warm, or Lounge by the Fireplace IN STYLE !  Each leather wrap is hand dyed for a one of a kind, never duplicated design pattern, and is seal coated for years of use.  These wraps are NOT printed on vinyl or paper, but are engraved into the leather.  The wrap slides off the flask so you can clean the flask.

Indicate which flask you want in the order NOTES section. If nothing is supplied, we will send you the IT'S ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE... flask shown in the lead listing photo.

Eat, Sleep, Ski, Repeat Flask:

Be prepared and discreet with a custom Liquid Courage™ flask. A unique gift that's perfect for weddings, birthdays, and special events!

  • Dimensions: 3.75"l x 4.5"w x 1"d; 6 oz.
  • Material: Stainless steel flask with attached screw top lid
  • Printed on high-quality vinyl that is securely wrapped
  • Durable, water and fade resistant
  • Hand wash with warm water
  • Handmade in USA



Gear Patrol Flask Assortment:

Check out this array of flasks!  With so many containers to choose from, there has to be one that fits your style. 

The flask grows up with you. As a teen pulling Black Velvet under the football bleachers, you were juvenile and unctuous, and so was your swigger. Now, pulling it out during a cold or dull moment among friends marks you the unsophisticated sophisticate.  It's a reputation grounded in relativity: pull that sucker out too often and you’ll earn all sorts of labels, all of them deserved. Or worse, you might even land yourself in the can. But use your flask wisely and you’ll have that hint of lawless confidence, and the look of wonder in your buddies’ eyes as you swig your just-so-uncouth booze will be all the sweeter. These are the flasks that deserve a place in your coat pocket.



Pink Camouflage Flask:

Here's one for the ladies!  This super cool pink camouflage flask that holds 8oz is a perfect bridesmaid gift for bachelorette parties and wedding days.  Bring her favorite spirits to life with this sleek liquor bottle.  Your favorite ladies are always on the go, so ensure they bring a little fun in their pocket.  The easy to conceal size and shape of the Camouflage Container makes it ideal for toting just about anywhere.        

Our Personalized Pink Camouflage Flask is perfect for the girl who loves bringing her favorite drink along with her. This personalized flask includes a stylish camouflage print trimmed in pink leather and the name of the recipient engraved on an oval-shaped medallion. Thin and easy to conceal, our pink camouflage flask also includes a funnel for easy filling and refilling.


Mini Key Chain Flask:

Sometimes all you need is just a little bit to tie you over. This mini keychain flask is built exactly for those times with a mirrored stainless steel body that can hold just about a shots worth of booze.

For the skier with no pockets.  This mirror-polished stainless steel key chain flask enables you to take a 1-ounce shot with you anywhere the night takes you. Features a swivel key chain flask.

  • 1 oz. Pocket - Size Shiny Chrome Stainless Steel Flask Key Chain
  • Size: 1 1/8" inches x 1 1/2" inches x 3/4" inch
  • Imprint Area: 3/4" inch x 1" inch
  • This would make a great gift for that special someone.
  • Ships out FAST!!!!



Stone Cask Shot Flask:

Swig is a pretty common adverb associated with booze more generally. Swig a beer, swig a whiskey, swig some rum out of your flask. Not everyone is keen on swigging though. This slim flask from Stone Cask comes with its own shot glass that periscopes open making it much easier to measure out your pour.

  • Shot Flask is world's first drinking flask with a collapsible shot glass built-in
  • Flask Holds 8oz of liquor or desired liquid - Stainless steel shot glass holds 2oz
  • Shot Flask is easy to clean and store, so you'll always be ready for your next adventure
  • Perfect upgrade to your old flask - Makes a great gift for those tough to shop for people in your life
  • Flask is backed by a 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty



 Odeme Flask:

If you are looking for something that’ll stand out without being loud or aggressive, this flask from Odeme is the way to go. The curved design on this powder coated stainless steel flask makes it more ideal for carrying in a bag then in your pocket, and gives you a 3 ounce capacity for toting your favorite spirit.

Size: 4.25" x 2.5"

  • Stainless steel
  • 3 oz.
  • Hand wash to preserve finish

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