8 of the Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

Updated on December 22, 2017 by Chris Bajda

Guys can be tricky to buy presents for, especially on holidays like Valentine’s Day. If you’re in search of gifts outside of candy and stuffed animals for the special man in your life, there are plenty of other, more guy-friendly, options to look out for.    

From stepped-up sweets to personalized mementos, take the stress out of Valentine’s Day shopping with these unique finds. We have scoured the Internet far and wide to create this thoughtful and diverse collection of gifts for the men in your life.  We’re talking husband, boyfriend, dad, and son, as we have gift options for each of them. 

Whether he’s a well-respected businessman who spends most of his days brokering deals in the office, an outdoorsman who is always on the hunt, or a fun-loving entertainer who enjoys showing off his Man Cave, these presents are certain to satisfy even the most discriminating man.

Looking for a gift that serves a dual purpose? Perhaps a multi-functioning bar tool will strike a cord in him. If he is a die-hard sports fanatic, he would certainly enjoy a vintage piece of art of his favorite baseball team.  And, for those men in your life who are a bit more traditional, we’ve gathered up some classics: a pair of engraved Cuff Links, a personalized shaving kit, and a practical, yet stylish Billfold in a Box.  So hop right in and scroll through the gifts that are sure to please even the pickiest man on your list.  And don’t forget, when you personalize the gift for him, he makes more of a connection to it, so it stays in his heart for a lifetime.


SHAVEHEART - Shave your way into his heart with this great gift for men!

This cool shaver will make a welcome addition to any guys arsenal of toiletries.  We are a huge fan of the case it comes in and for $40, would be a great addition in a toiletry kit for any man.  Throw it in a cool toiletry bag like this one and it makes one cool gift. You can get it on this site for $40.  Personalize it for him and he'll love it even more, as it can be laser engraved to his liking.


TO THE 9’s TRI PACK - Add some pizzazz to your man’s wardrobe with this unique guy gift!

If you're looking for a classy combo that works magic in numbers, this box set collection is a trio that will sing sweet music to any of your groomsmen. In the flick of a box top, you can inject instant class into your groomsman with a set of metal accessories that will take any suit to new heights. This classic groomsmen gift set comes with links, a money clip and a tie clip that will splash formal wear with the needed touch. Put them in this awesome box and personalize all three and you have three gift perfection.

The wood box is 5“ X 2.75” X 2.25”, cuff links are standard size, the money clip  2″ x 1″ and tie clip is 1.75″.  All the items are silver and stainless steel


BILLFOLD IN A BOX - Practical and classic go a long way with men, so grab this gift for him today!

The billfold is a daily accessory that no man leaves behind.  And like most men, your guy's wallet is probably on its last threads.  So why not help him upgrade in style with the Billfold in a Box? 

Each morning he'll wake up to his personalized golden box with pride, ready to grab his wallet and take on the world.  The option to get it personalized for him makes it a worthy present that he will make an immediate connection with. This affordable guy gift is the perfect idea for Christmas, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, or Weddings.  

The wallet size is 4.75" x 3.75" (when closed) and the wood box size is 5" x 5.5" x 2.5".  Engraved to your liking. 


BOTTLE OPENER - Personalize this multi-tool bar accessory and your man will love it!

Our wine/beer bottle openers make great gifts for your wedding party. Each opener can be engraved with a different name or monogram. Gift to your bridesmaids, groomsmen, mother, father, or to everyone as wedding favors!

-Each come in an individual gift box
-The 4 tools:
Knife (2" LONG: 1-5/8" blade)
Corkscrew (2-1/2" long)
Bottle Opener on End of Tools 1" X 1-1/2"
Fold Out Bottle Opener (2" long)
-Stainless Steel Tools
- Entire Tool is 3/8" thick  

***Price is for 1 bottle opener***


SPORTS ART - Spice up his Man Cave with these great pieces of art that any sports fan would be proud of!

Welcome to Bill Goff Inc Good Sports Art

If you love baseball, ballparks, and fine art, then you’ve come to the right place!  Bill Goff Inc. can take you on a wonderful trip through baseball history, from Ebbets Field to the Polo Grounds.  Places we know you miss, and we miss too.

Explore contemporary baseball venues like Jacobs Field and Camden Yards... or turn back the clock and visit Wrigley when there were no lights, Yankee Stadium when Death Valley lived, or the original home of the A's and Phillies. Go beyond baseball with prints celebrating Madison Square Garden (hockey), Boston Garden (hockey and an external view), three great golf courses and football at Yankee Stadium. We also publish some very special still life images from baseball and other sports.

Most of our images are available as limited edition prints, offset lithographs signed and numbered by the artist. All are based on original paintings. We also offer several very high quality unlimited edition posters, Hallowed Ground calendars (featuring the ballpark art), a 1996 Still Baseball calendar (featuring Bill Williams' baseball-related still life work) and collectible sets of 231 oversize postcard reproductions from the Bill Goff Inc. print collection.

Spend a few minutes (or hours) with us on a walk through American sports history. We designed GoodSportsArt.com to minimize download times, so you can easily locate and view an image of a specific art work without being forced to wait for lots of extraneous graphics. 


COLD STEEL - This super cool guy gift will really cut to the chase!

Have you ever witnessed a magician hurling a blade at the apple sitting atop his assistants head?  He would be wise to use the Cold Steel.  This blade is powerful and would float through the air as straight as an arrow.  This handy dagger packs the kind of versatility that men crave.  A knife that screams adventure, this is a ripper that any man will pull out with pride.  One of the best guy gifts out there!

Cold Steel is a strong, sharp knife that only a real outdoors men should wield.  Its total length is 8.5", blade length is 4.15" is made of mirror polished stainless stainless steel.   It comes with a genuine brown leather sheath and laser cut Elk Head in the blade.  The option to get it personalized for him makes it a worthy present for any occasion.  This affordable guy gift is the perfect idea for Christmas, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, or Weddings. 


NIGHTWEAR FOR MEN - Put some sizzle into bedtime with these sensual pajamas for men.

Designed in collaboration with top British model, David Gandy, our luxurious new range of underwear and sleepwear has been engineered and crafted for a fantastic fit and finished with exceptional design details using the world’s finest fabric for superior comfort. Made from extra luxurious Supima® cotton, these comfy pajama bottoms are perfect to wear for a cozy night's sleep, as well as during a lazy day.

Product Details

-Slim fit


-100% Cotton

-Machine washable

-Tumble dry

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