11 Custom Golf Gloves for Standing Out on the Green

Updated on December 12, 2023 by Chris Bajda

Welcome to the world where style meets functionality on the golf course!

Golf enthusiasts know that the right gear can make a significant difference in their game, and what better way to enhance your play than with a pair of custom golf gloves?

In this exclusive blog post, we're diving into the realm of personalized golf gloves that offer not just an optimal grip and unmatched comfort but also a dash of personalized flair to your game.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, these top picks of custom golf gloves are designed to elevate your game and make a statement on the green. 

11. Personalized Golf Gloves with Monogram

This Personalized Golf Glove is perfect for discerning men who want to take their game to the next level. With a custom ball marker attached, this glove allows him to customize his shot and make it his own. Whether he's hitting the greens for a game or just practicing his swing, this glove is sure to up his game.

10. Custom Initials Golf Glove

This Personalized Men's Golf Glove will let him score a hole-in-one in style. It is the perfect gift for the golfer in your life and is a great way to add something personal to his favorite hobby. Choose from sizes available in a left and right handed glove. You may also add a matching golf score card holder to make the par-fect golfing set. 

9. Cognac Brown Premium Personalized Golf Glove

This Cognac Brown Premium Personalized Golf Glove provides a stylish, comfortable and durable golf glove that has the highest quality craftsmanship, fit and feel. What makes this golf glove better than any glove on the market aside for the premium quality is that it's personalized with his initials. This best golf glove in the world will definitely be used for a long time.

8. All White Personalized Golf Glove 

This Personalized Golf Glove will level up his game. This ultra soft cabretta leather personalized golf glove will let you choose initials or logo. He would always be wearing this while playing his favorite game and never fail to remember the one who gave it to him. 

7. Colorful Personalized Leather Golf Glove

This Personalized Leather Golf Glove can be printed with up to 3 initials! It is handmade from soft premium carbretta leather. The leather selected for our golf range is soft and smooth, with room for a little stretch over time, yet it still has the ability to be durable and long lasting. It's the perfect gift for any golfer and will be delivered in a plain black gift box. 

6. Personalized Picture Custom Golf Glove


This Personalized Premium Custom Golf Glove is the best gift for the golfer in your life. Make your favorite golfer GIDDY with delight by giving him a completely PERSONALIZED world class quality golf glove with a detachable golf ball marker!

4. Olive Green Personalized Leather Golf Glove 

This Olive Green Personalized Leather Golf Glove provides a stylish, comfortable and durable golf glove that has the highest quality craftsmanship. Make his golf glove better than any glove on the market. Aside for the premium quality, it can be personalized with his initials in gold foil, silver foil, or imprint.
Plus, its also available in a range of sizes and personalized effects.

3. Royal Blue Personalized Leather Golf Glove

This Royal Blue Personalized Leather Golf Glove is available in a range of sizes and personalized effects. It can be engraved with up to 3 characters long. *Left hand (right handed golfer), right hand (left handed golfer).

2. American Flag Golf Glove


This American Flag Golf Glove was inspired by good old American pride. It is made from premium cabretta leather. It feels soft and fits snug. It's one glove that looks good and show his pride with this American Flag golf glove! All gloves listed are left handed. If you would like a right handed American Flag glove, leave a comment on checkout.

1. Personalized Golf Glove


This Personalized Golf Glove will be perfect to assist a hole-in-one! Personalize this stylish and practical glove with your chosen initial to create a unique gift for the golf lover in your life. Each glove is made from a synthetic leather and has a reinforced palm patch for extra durability. It's also a great way to add something personal to his favorite hobby. Choose from sizes available in a left and right handed glove.

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