Drinking Like A Viking: Our Favorite Gifts For Guys That Think They Are Vikings

Updated on May 30, 2019 by Chris Bajda

For at least 2,600 years, people have been drinking from horns. Used in ancient times, the drinking horn has been useful to contain water, ale, milk or mead. It is made from a horn of a bovid in the early days but has evolved through the centuries and different civilizations as people start to make them out of glass, wood, metal, and ceramics. The origin of horns can be traced, according to history, from the Scythians and the Thracians. Ancient drinking horns have been found worldwide. The Celts, Greeks, Scandinavians, Persians, and Romans are also among the cultures that used them.  

Drinking horns were considered as luxury items in the 19th century. Some imitate cornucopias, while some are made from gold, ivory, silver and enamel decorations. Today, drinking horns are made popular once more as seen on the popular TV series “Vikings”, read on the novels of famous author J.R.R. Tolkien as drinking and blowing objects and even through it’s appearance on popular video games such as Might & Magic or The World of Warcraft. The recently concluded show, “Game of Thrones” also contributed to the popularity of drinking like a Viking.  No wonder more and more men are choosing to go with the trend.    

There are many drinking horns you can choose from. Some are made from horn and wood, after how Thracians made them. Some are made from horn and metal, just how Scythians designed them for the finest warriors of the king. You can even find drinking horns made from ceramics and glass. Drinking from them has now become a symbolic reminder of the revered past. Here are our favorite gifts for guys that think they are Vikings:

Personalized Handcrafted Authentic Viking Drinking Horn Mug - Medieval Inspired

Perfect for your beer or favorite drink, this personalized Viking drinking horn mug has the classic shape and design. Each piece is very unique and is naturally polished. It also comes complete with a stand. The best part is it can be laser engraved with a name or initial to make it extra special. 

Viking Skull of Valhalla Warrior Mug

This Viking Skull of Valhalla Warrior Mug is hand painted and made of designer quality composite resin. The removable stainless steel can contain up to 13oz of his favorite drink. A gift that will be treasured for a long time, it simply is the perfect addition to his collection of items during the Medieval times.


Groomsmen Drinking Mug

Your Viking will surely need a vessel that brings his mead to life, and with this awesome beer mug you can't go wrong.  For $64.99, you can have this one personalized on the front or handle, or both. 

Viking Hand Carved Drinking Horn

This handmade item is made from cream horn with darker shades on some parts and etched with a simple band at the top and middle. It has a dragon design carved into one side with signs and symbols stained in black. Each Viking Hand Carved Drinking Horn is unique and is cleaned, sculpted and polished into a beautiful finish ready to be used for drinking.

Viking Warrior Ship Ceremonial Chalice

Let his imagination go wild as you give him this Viking Warrior Ship Ceremonial Chalice. This gift is hand painted and made from gold cast resin. This is one gift he will be adding to his man cave full of Viking inspired items and proudly show to his drinking buddies.  

Viking Drinking Horn Cup

He would be drinking straight from an ethically sourced ox or cow horn with this Viking Drinking Horn Cup. These Viking horn cups can hold up to 10 ounces of his favorite drink. Let him make a lasting impression with these unique and beautiful horn cups that are cleaned, polished and sealed with food safe lacquer.

Medieval Viking Norse Beer Mug  

Let him have this excellent gift that is 100% handmade and is perfect for him who loves to drink like a Medieval Viking. This Medieval Viking Norse Beer Mug comes with a stand so it can be proudly displayed in his man cave. This beer mug is leak free and a very unique item that will easily end up on top of his favorite gifts list.  

Viking Silver Plated Horn Cup

Give him this Vintage Viking Silver Plated Horn Cup made in USSR in the 70s. Made from genuine cow horn brass and copper, this horn is decorated with medieval ornament. It’s definitely a collector’s item with Celtic styles and rare design. This handmade vintage wine drinking horn can hold up to 95ml of his favorite drink.

Original Handcrafted Authentic Viking Drinking Horn

This medieval inspired stein mug features a natural finish and is cut from a solid piece of horn. It is sealed with an acrylic base and coated for safety. This gift is perfect for anyone who enjoys Norse Mythology, Game of Thrones, Vikings or just a beer placed in an authentic Viking Drinking Horn. This tankard is handmade with utmost care, features a coated interior with 100% food safe lacquer that is non-toxic and safe.  

Pagan Viking Drinking Horn

The Pagan Viking Drinking Horn is made from genuine bull horns and is a hand distressed and weathered band that features “pagan” written in Old Norse between two lines of Nordic hath-work border. It is shown in Chestnut color but also available in other custom dye colors. It can carry his favorite drink with a capacity of 10-14oz. This gift item is polished and food treated and is 100% safe for drinking.   

Vegvisir/Viking Drinking Horn


This Icelandic magical stave is intended to help the bearer find his way through rough weather. Each drinking horn is unique because of its color and form. It has the perfect pattern for a Viking drinking horn and has the capacity of 33cl or 50cl. This drinking horn is ready to use and prepared with a food varnish inside.     

Viking Drinking Horn Mugs

Let him drink like a true Viking with this Viking Drinking Horn Mugs. This beautiful item is handmade and is perfect for his man cave. Equipped with the suitable vessel, he will surely be welcomed to the grandest tables of Valhalla. Definitely a gift he will add to his Drink like a Viking collection.

Hopped Out Horn

Make this Viking Brew Horn a part of his collection and let him impress his beer buddies as he drinks like a true Viking. This one can contain up to 16oz of his favorite beer on a classic Viking horn shape and rustic, sturdy wooden stand with a classic Viking knot engraved on it. It comes complete with a leather strap for that tight grip. Engrave it with his initials and you’re all set for a unique gift that is a welcome addition for his man cave.    






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