17 Best Engraved Wallets To Stash His Cash

Updated on May 23, 2020 by Chris Bajda

An engraved wallet makes a great gift for a variety of reasons.  You know he will keep a wallet for a long time. It's unlike any other gift. No he won't be displaying it on his home wall, nor will it adorn his desk in the office. But he's sure to bring his wallet anywhere he goes and one that will always remind him of you. And each time he uses it, it will give him that warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing someone special gave it to him. A quality engraved wallet will be a main stay in his life for 2 to 3 years. Make sure you give an engraved wallet that is custom built just for him and one that can even contain a special message that all the more strengthens your bond with him.  

Here are 17 of the best engraved wallets that will really make him feel special:  

17. Leather Minimalist Wallet

It's vintage and it's leather. What more can your man ask for? This Leather Minimalist Wallet is one gift that will really put a big smile on his face. It has 8 credit card slots (4 on each side), 1 cash or card slot, and that perfect slim design. He'll be delighted to use this functional gift that instantly reminds him of you too. 

16. Zippo Flippo

For that lean and mean wallet, let him be delighted with this Zippo Flippo wallet. Classy and durable, this wallet is sure to last a long time. Virtually indestructible, this wallet is super lightweight and made of stainless steel and heavy-duty rubber.  It also comes with a credit card theft protection by deflecting signals sent from an RFID chip. This wallet can also hold up to 6 credit cards plus his cash.

15. Distressed Leather Slim Bifold Wallet

With a new front pocket wall design, this Distressed Leather Slim Bifold Wallet simply spells fun! It can hold 6-8 cards plus folded cash. The markings on this wallet dulls down quickly and provides authentic and vintage appearance for your leather product. It will be more smooth and shiny as time passes by. Hand stitched and made from distressed, full-grain leather, this wallet is sure to impress! 

14. Minimalist Wallet

Personalized Wallet Man

Once he tries using this minimalist wallet, he will wonder why he hasn't been using one all along.  This wallet can be personalized with his name or initials and can fit up to 12 credit cards.  He will thank you, and think of you, every time he takes a bill out of his new wallet.  

13. Leather Minimalist

Wallets - Mangaroo

No, those men in your life are most likely carrying their spending power in card form, and while that may not hold quite the same thrill as a stack of cold, hard Benjamins… at least you can know that he’s carrying up to six cards, and reasonable cache of cash, in comfort and style. A style all his own for that matter, with this brilliantly put together, American full-grain Leather Minimalist

12. Engraved Wood Wallet

He deserves a wallet that is extra-ordinary when it comes to quality. Give your man this Engraved Wood Wallet that is made from stainless steel, solid walnut wood, and extra-strong rubber band. Built-in with RFID blocking technology, it’s the perfect blend of style and security. With a nice personal touch of custom engraving, this identity protection wallet will surely make a great gift!

11. Trifold Men's Wallet 

It's a great keepsake he will definitely appreciate. This Trifold Men's Wallet is made of slim and soft genuine top grain cowhide leather with RFID blocking material. Every pocket is shielded, protecting your identity even when open.
Toffee. This model trifold wallet is presented in the following colors: Black, Toffee, Black/Toffee, Indigo/Antique Saddle.

10. Travel Leather Wallet

You will be on his mind wherever he travels. This Travel Leather Wallet is simple and elegant. It's made from premium quality leather with a wide range of colors and fittings available. Perfect for organizing his stuff, this long bifold wallet features a snap closure, slots for credit cards, snap pocket for coins and 2 sections to store bills.

9. Custom Engraved Wallet 

This Custom Engraved Wallet is the perfect choice for a bifold wallet that is truly made for him. From the inside out, it will speak so much of how special he is to you. This wallet comes with a gift box that can also be personalized with a name so all that's really left is to hand this amazing gift to him.       

8. Personalized Leather iPhone Case

Being in the work arena would mean they keep up on being super cool and stylish. Let him enjoy this split-leather iPhone 6 case engraved with his initials. This iPhone case doubles up as a wallet that can keep the things important to him. This gift is available in all iPhone sizes so just choose the ones that will fit in his phone. You can have this gift personalized with 2 initials. 

7. Bifold Wallet

There's no better way to let him know how special he is than this Bifold Wallet. Aside from his name on it, you can even have a special message engraved on the inside. It comes in four colors he will definitely love - gray, rustic, brown, and black. It's one gift he will always remember you by.  

6. Personalized Money Clip Wallet

Made from genuine leather, this Personalized Money Clip Wallet premium cowhide leather called Crazy Horse naturally features markings and variations in tone. In turn, it gives his wallet a rustic look that will only look better with time. These money clips are hand-made and no two money-clips are alike so you can be sure you're giving him a unique gift. 

5. Buckeroo

Brown Mens Wallet

Some guys prefer the bi-fold wallet.  If he is one of those, upgrade him to a personalized wallet to one that does it in style.  The Buckeroo will wow him when you hand it over to him. The personalization on this wallet will impress him, and the inside has all the compartments to help him stay organized with his cards.  

4. Engraved Leather Wallet

Who wouldn’t be impressed with this art-deco inspired monogramming in genuine leather? This Engraved Leather Wallet has room enough to carry all those cards and cash and stay in style. Personalize it by placing his initials on this fabulous looking gift.   

3. Personalized Leather Wallet

Literally, have him keep something from you, the back pocket to be exact, of his ripped jeans. Made of American leather, this Personalized Leather Wallet has enough slotted receptacles that can organize his essentials like cash, credit card, and the like. It can hold up to 8 cards and also has 2 pocket sleeves. Simple and classy, you can even add his name or initials on this amazing gift.    

2. Personalized Leather Wallet

    This is not just another wallet gift for him. He will be delighted to know that this tri-fold wallet is personalized and uses RFID blocking material. It is made of soft and genuine top grade cowhide leather. This Personalized Leather Wallet is very slim and comes in a variety of colors to choose from: brown, black, toffee, indigo and antique saddle. The wallet has provision for driver’s license, 7 slots for cards, 2 slots for keys, and 2 compartments for receipts, cash, and checks. This is one gift he will treasure for life!

    1. Photo Engraved Wallet

    Here is one wallet you can be sure he will treasure for life. This Photo Engraved Wallet can contain photos and/or text on the front as well as inside in full color. It features 6 card slots, 2 note pockets, and 2 internal key/change pockets. It is built to last and have reinforced corners and double strength stitching. What's more, this gift comes with a luxury gift box and bag at no extra cost!

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