Cool Gift Ideas for Your Beer Drinking Man

Updated on April 23, 2020 by Chris Bajda

It's OK!  You can admit it.  Your guy loves his suds, as most men do.  There are a ton of gift options out there for the beer aficionado in your life, but it takes time and effort to scour the Internet and find them.  We took the pain out of the process by compiling a list of some great guy gifts for the hops and barley fans in your world.  These gifts all come with personalization, so the special man in your life can make more of a connection to them.  

When it comes to beer gifts, most people think Man Cave bar.  The place guys go to unwind with their buddies and watch the big game or talk about current events.  Each man wants his home bar to be unique and offer the best accessories.  Trying to top each other is definitely a guy thing, so help your man get a leg up on the competition by presenting him with some great beer gifts. 


Hopped Out Horn   

To drink like a true Viking, one must be equipped with a suitable vessel.  To be welcome at the grandest tables of Valhalla, it would be unacceptable to be without the proper goblet. Fill your man with testosterone as he takes a gulp out of this Viking horn that groans with muscle.  Be forewarned, as getting your guy one of these bad boys leads to an urge to sack and conquer. 

The Hopped Out Horn is 16 ounces of drinking muscle, featuring a classic Viking horn shape and a rustic, sturdy wooden stand.  It comes with a leather strap for a tight grip and engraved with a classic Viking knot.  This hammer is a unique men's gift idea that adds diversity to any Man Cave.  And when you personalize it for him, he'll feel as proud as Erik the Red after pillaging a small village for their gold. 

The stand sizes at 5.75” L x 4.25” W x 7.75” and horn at 9” L x 3.25” W/ 16 oz.  This item can be laser engraved with one initial.


Angry Amber Growler     

The more opaque version of our classic growler, this gentleman's karaffe will serve your party with a spark of testosterone. Nothing says groomsmen enjoying their cold and frosty beermore so than when poured out of this classic container. This is the type of beer tote the free mason's would bring to their man cave poker game.  

This cool growler can be personalized with up to 2 lines 15 characters per line and measures: 8" x 3 3/4" 1 1/2"

You can enter your personalization in the Personalization box that appears above the Add to Cart button. If you scroll up you will see it. Once you find the Personalization Box enter your personalization there and click Add to Cart.


Brew Bearer

It seems inadequate to simply show up to a party with a store bought six pack in its cardboard carrier.  Have your man arrive in style by sliding his craft beers in a Brew Bearer!  In this day of beer aficionados, a brew lover isn't complete without a stylish way of transporting his six pack.  Give your man this awesome gift that will be the talk of the festivities.  

Whether it's slotting in a unique assortment or just toting along his favorite six pack, this personalized carrier is quality beerluggage.  Grace your chugger with a gift that will further his affection for the suds.  Personalize it for him and it will transform this cool gift to flat out epic!  Laser engrave his name and he will make an immediate connection to this fabulous six pack carrier.  

The Brew Bearer is constructed of fir wood, with a rustic look, and engraved with a cool deer antler design.  It comes complete with attached bottle opener, beveled edges, and a steel handle. The carrier sizes at 9” L x 5.63” W x 11” H and holds up to 6 bottles.   

It can be engraved with three lines, a name (8 character limit), a custom line (11 character limit), and a date (8 character limit).


Personalized Growler Set


What might go better with a classic serving vessel than an even more classic symbol? Like a good wine paired with its most appropriate meal, the growler and the mustache go together like ebony and ivory. While there is no song for it quite yet, the void does not undermine this beautiful tandem.  Hopefully, any groomsman receiving of this good looking server will then be filtering his magical brew from a mustache of his own, or in the least inspiring. If you haven’t heard, the mustache is in. 

The personalized growler set (includes 4 printed pint glasses) is perfect for any craft beer. It’s size is 64 oz and comes with 4 16 oz Pint Glasses. 

You can personalize this great groomsmen gift with a last name and a year.  We will take the first letter of the last name and make it the large letter above the name.  When entering your personalization, please enter it like it appears below:


Cap Catcher

What blends equal parts cool and equal parts functional in such a way that magic happens when given as a groomsmen gift? That would be an authentic, one of a kind cap snagger. This masculine apparatus brings ultimate manly convenience with a twist of unique personalizations that will bring a smile to any one of your groomsmen. Whether it's mounted in a home bar, in a man cave, or even a garage, The Intercaptor will be appreciated, fawned upon and most importantly, bring an extra layer of excitement to each beer drank in it's perimeter. As if drinking beer wasn't fun enough. If you're looking for a groomsmen gift that has slam dunk all over it, look no further.  

The CapCatcher measures 3" x 10", and comes with a mega magnet. The magnet easily attaches to a refrigerator (door or side), or any metal surface that will take a magnet. It also comes pre-drilled for optional wall-mounting, the screws are included. Easy to remove, but solid as a rock when you need to pop a cold one. Works on twist offs as well as standard bottles.  

This groomsmen gift can be personalized with 2 line of up to 20 characters and will be personalized in the spot that shows "Ben's Bar" in the pictures.


Beer Cap States

Put Your Caps on the Map!

From Brooklyn Blondes to Sonoma Saisons, each craft beer bottle cap is a tiny trophy for hoppy triumphs. Crafted from Baltic birch plywood, these state-shaped display boards offer cap collectors an alternative to throwing those little works of art in a plastic cup or cluttered drawer. The openings have small teeth that fit the crimped edges of caps to hold them securely, and the board sports additional holes to hang the whole display on a dorm, game room, or man cave wall. Made in Tampa, Florida.


Beer Chilling Coaster Set

Prepare this stone coaster set in your refrigerator or freezer, and then carry the caddy to the table for a naturally chill round of beer or soda. Handmade from reclaimed New Hampshire granite, the substantial coasters employ the chillable quality of stone to keep your beverage bottles cold and securely upright. Each one is a different variety of granite, so sippers can easily identify their bottles. When you lift your drink, the robust coaster will stay where it belongs instead of sticking to the bottle and the cork-clad bottoms prevent table scratches. The ash wood and aluminum caddy keeps the coasters securely housed and the sea stone handle makes it easy to tote. For every natural stone they gather, makers Arra David and Anne Johnson"replant" a new stone to be tumbled in the ocean over time. Coasters have a 2.5 inch diameter opening that fits most tall 12 ounce bottles. Handmade in Windham, New Hampshire. 

Fits most standard 12 oz beerbottles, cans do not fit. 

Pressurized Craft Beer Growler

Folks in Portland, Oregon have some strong convictions when it comes to beer: They believe that draft is its natural state, and that nothing's quite as sad as a growler half full of flat, warm brew. Fellow beer lovers rejoice as we've created this pressurized, portable tap system to combat these common growler problems. His design is packed with features that keep your favorite brew in optimal conditions down to the last drop. Unlike glass growlers, this one will survive bicycle mishaps, so you can throw it in a basket for draft beer-to-go (how Portland is that?). It's a great way to enjoy craft beer or homebrew with friends—straight from your refrigerator or, well, anywhere. Designed in Portland, Oregon. Made in China. 

Set Includes:

  • The uKeg 64 keeps beer fresh and carbonated for 2 weeks
  • Vacuum insulated 8/18 stainless steel keeps beer cold all day
  • Variable Pressure Regulation Cap (VPR Cap) maintains perfect carbonation
  • Share your beer and homebrew with friends at parties and BBQs
  • 1-year warranty & lifetime customer support



Warm beer. Could there be a bigger buzz-kill? 

You'll never have to knock back another lukewarm bottle when you chill with this clever drinking buddy. Simply store the chiller in your freezer for at least 90 minutes, then when you're ready to have a drink, take a swing and insert one into your bottle. The Chillsner's ingenious design allows you to drink and chill simultaneously, so your beer, soda, or juice will stay crisp and delicious to the final sip. 

Great for impromptu get-togethers, sizzling summer picnics, tailgating, and those times when the fridge just can't fit a six-pack. Made in China. 

Visit our blog to see the Chillsner gift lab!

Sold individually.


Engraved Tap Handle

This custom beer tap handle is great for many applications such as bars, restaurants, personal kegerators, soda makers, home brewers, events, weddings, and much more. The tap handle is very sturdy and made of a solid piece of Walnut/Maple/Cherry.The wood has is coated in polyurethane for long life, and the chrome ferrule on the bottom finishes off the tap handle, fit all standard sized kegerators, beer faucets, and beer towers. These are perfect personalized gift for beer lovers.

Material: Maple, Dark Walnut, Cherry

Tap A: 8"L X 2" W X 1" T
Tap B: 7"L X 1.5" W X 1.5" T
Tap C: 7"L X 1.5" W X 1.5" T
Tap D: 7"L X 1.15" W X 1.15" T
Tap E: 8.3"L X 2.5" W X .8" T
Tap F: 8.3"L X 3.2" W X .8" T

Standard faucet size: 3/8 '' 16 thread


Perfect Pilsner

Put a little tall and slender in your man's drinking experience by presenting him the coolest of drinking glasses.  This classic pilsner glass is tapered in an ideal shape that let's your brew breath just right, as it sits to hit your lips.  Nothing pours quite like the Perfect Pilsner, letting the suds rise in a way that makes a man salivate.  Get this guy gift personalized to enhance this sleek vessel and you've got a present he'll revere for years to come.  

This 24 oz. slim beer glass comes with a super cool rustic wood box and both can be engraved to your liking.  The wood box measures 4″ x 4″ x 11″.  

The box and glass can be personalized with 1 line of up to 10 characters.


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