11 of The Best Gift Ideas for Outdoor Lovers

Updated on December 18, 2021 by Joe Cornelio

When we are talking about outdoor lovers, we mean adventure enthusiasts. The ones that have a trekking or hiking trip planned for every month, the ones that spend most of their Sundays gardening out in the backyard, the ones that love being surrounded by nature.

Given that outdoor activities need essential gear, it becomes pretty tricky to decide what you can gift an outdoor lover, especially ones who already have everything sorted.

Don’t worry though, because this article is going to guide you with just that. From helping you pick the right gift option to understand the significance behind it, we have got your back.

Personal Water Filter

When it comes to outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, and camping, clean water becomes the most common issue that people struggle with. If you want to gift a helpful item, a personal water filter is a good choice.

Not only do they come in a convenient and portable design, but they are also powerful enough to get rid of unwanted germs and bacteria from the water and make them fit for drinking and other uses.

They are designed with a microbiological filter that filters up to 100 gallons of water, so you can use it for extended periods.

1. Survival Kits

Being outdoors can be extremely challenging and unpredictable. People can end up being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no primary access to needful items. This is where survival kits come into play. They come in a handy case and include survival knives, wire saw, carabiners, etc.

Instead of nit-picking one or two items, carrying the entire kit helps outdoor lovers brave through any and every kind of situation that they are faced with.

2. Wool Baselayers

Ideally, outdoor and adventure enthusiasts who tend to stick around in the altitudes in the mountains, they will appreciate wool base layers to keep them warm. This is one of the most practical outdoor gifts that you can surprise your friends or family with.

Also, the current developments have brought along moisture-wicking products and made with high-quality threading for long-lasting usage.

3. High-quality and Portable Camera

When it comes to outdoor exploring, your friend won’t appreciate carrying a heavy DSLR camera with them. Instead, get them a smaller and portable camera choice like a GoPro. It is on the expensive end, no doubt, but the quality does make up for the price you pay.

Ideally, for an outdoor lover, you want a waterproof camera and supports high-quality 4K or 5K quality photos and videos. It will help them capture their favorite moments when high up in the mountains and nature trails.

4. Head Lamp

If you choose a gift for your outdoorsy friend or family member, they would appreciate getting a headlamp. It protects them in unexpected situations and moments; this gadget helps with nighttime navigation too. This is an ideal gift for a hiker or camper who plans overnight adventure trips.

However, when choosing a headlamp, you need to ensure that it’s of premium quality with a comfortable cushioning around the band.

5. Solar Powered Lantern

Wouldn’t it be amazing to give the “gift of light” to your friend? If you are stuck here thinking, what could you possibly get them in that realm, a solar-powered lantern is ideally a good choice. Some fantastic products support up to 35 hours of runtime once the solar panels are fully charged.

Also, they are backed with a range of varying design options, some even supporting the “crushable” design that makes them highly portable.

6. Portable Speaker

Outdoor adventures aren’t just about the physical strain and the exertion of climbing to the top of the mountain. Instead, it is all about the fun that comes after. Being out in groups calls for bonfire and dance parties and just a chill night under the stars. Gifting them a portable speaker will simply augment the whole experience further.

However, when choosing a portable speaker, ensure that you stick to high-quality products with long-lasting battery life and a rugged and water-resistant design.

7. Multipurpose Backpack

Backpacks are a must in every outdoor adventurist’s gear. If you want to gift a worthy one, stick to the multipurpose backpacks with many pockets and secure chains and design. This comes in handy, especially when carrying essentials, food, and clothing items for challenging trips.

Gifting a good-quality and well-designed backpack reduces the strain on the back and evenly distributes the weight to ensure the person carrying it is comfortable.

8. Energy Bars

If your friend has an adventure or outdoor trip planned soon in the future, one of the best gifts you could get them are packs of energy bars. Instead of giving them junk foods that won’t support them through the ride, give them something they’ll appreciate.

Energy bars available now are rich in protein and nutrients, enabling the backpacker to get the right energy level they need to power through their hiking expeditions.

9. Quick Dry Towel

There’s nothing worse than carrying a wet towel in the bag, especially when you are out on an adventure in the middle of nowhere. If you are getting a gift for an outdoor lover, surprise them with a quick-dry towel. They are handy, compact and they dry out in a few minutes or an hour. So, it won’t matter if they use it to dry their sweat or even just to jump into a waterfall for a quick swim; these towels will have their back.

Try sticking to the ones with high-quality microfiber fabric because those are soft on the skin, and they dry out quickly too.

10. Shelter Tent

Although there are chances that your outdoor lover friend already has a shelter tent in their gear, there’s nothing wrong in getting them a spanking brand new one. These portable and durable quality tents are designed to support the adventurists when they are out in the middle of the woods in lousy weather conditions.

Most of these survival tents come with a foldable design that makes them easy to store around. Also, they are spacious enough to fit more than one person, which is always a benefit.

11. Socks

As dull as it sounds, socks are great protectors of the feet. They keep them warm and prevent them from harm’s way. However, when picking out socks, try to pick the ones with a unique fabric that is moisture-wicking and will dry out quickly if one steps on a water puddle and gets it wet.

However, at the same time, look into features that will keep the feet warm and well-cushioned throughout the ride. Your friend is going to appreciate quirky and funky designs and colors too.

Take Away

When choosing a valuable gift for an outdoor lover, you want to think practically. Picking out useful gifts is vital in this prospect. We have tried to list out some of the best choices of gifts that are not just unique but highly recommended too. In case you were confused about what to get, we hope this article gives you a quick guide into the best gifting choice in the process.

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