17 of the Best Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Updated on November 21, 2021 by Eds Alvarez

Picking the best gift for him does not require a special occasion. Let him feel loved and thought about a lot by surprising him with a gift that will show him how you really feel. Remind him how special he is to you and that you are willing to go the extra mile to find a gift he would really love. You don’t have to wait for his birthday or your anniversary to make him feel special and cherished. He will definitely appreciate a gift coming form you. At work, at play or even for the moments he just wants to pamper himself and relax, you of all people know exactly what he would need or want. 

Here are 17 of the best gifts for your boyfriend you can choose from: 


17. Engraved Bracelet for Men

This Engraved Bracelet for Men features an adjustable closure. The listing is for one or two engraved bracelets with an inspirational card of your choice (see available cards in our shop). This is a great gift for your boyfriend. Imagine his surprise when he see's the special message. How sweet is that!

16. Personalized Book of Love

Keep it on your coffee table to showcase to your guests how special your love is, or keep it handy so that you can read it from time to time to showcase your love to each other. Make your fairytale come to life with this personalized illustration book. The book is completely personal and includes the title with both of your name's on it.

15. Baseball Charging Station

It has everything he needs in one place as he leaves for the office and as he comes home each day. Let this personalized charging station welcome him each time he gets home. It will be called “home” for all the stuff that’s important to him - car keys, phone, watch and other essentials. This gift is not only functional but one that reminds him of his love for baseball. 

14. Lock Down Love Mug

 pandemic love mug

From loud zoom meetings to never changing out of his sweats your love survived and thrived. This Lock Down Love Mug signifies how you and your guy made it through a pandemic together. It's proof enough that you can tackle whatever life throws at you. This gift will definitely speak of how the bond of love remained strong in spite of a global pandemic.

13. 52 Date Night Ideas

Let him not run out of date ideas again. This 52 Date Night Ideas will save him from ill-planned dates as it stocks your date night ideas in one time capsule. Write all the crazy, fun, or simple date ideas you can think of and hand it to your man. You can almost be sure the date idea will be something you truly like.

12. Minimalist Wallet with Custom Message

Anniversary Gift for 1 Year for Men

It can carry 12 cards without bending them and it can be engraved with your boyfriend’s 3 initials. This Minimalist Wallet can hold quite a number of paper bills in it without bulging his pocket or crowding his bag. More importantly, this unique gift comes with a military-grade RFID blocking technology that helps stop thieves from stealing your man’s identity. It's a simple and functional gift he will surely love. 

11. Baseball Fan Skinny Tie

Ties are his thing. This sharp and timeless Baseball Skinny Tie will certainly become his go-to tie for any occasion. Made with premium stitching and lining, and an impressive 1200 needle count, this tie is the perfect way to showcase his love of the game.  

10. Personalized Leather Phone Case

Give him something that says I love you while being incredibly useful. Make it convenient for him while he facetimes or watches Netflix. You can  also choose from different color options. This Vegan leather phone wallet doubles as a phone stand the love of your life will be so thankful for. 

9. Flyon Baseball Lamp

It has red, blue, green, cyan, yellow, white, purple gradually changing colors and is powered by 3-AA batteries or 5V USB cable connected to a PC or your home adaptor. Light up his bedside with this Flyon Sea Baseball Lamp. This simple and stylish gift is perfect for your boyfriend who loves baseball. 

8. Gadget Travel Bag 

This full grain leather has 7 slots of different sizes to hold the smaller items, a dedicated Apple Pencil holder and a secret pocket for money. Handcrafted and made with premium materials, this gadget travel bag has a functional minimalist design that is perfect for him.   You may choose from linen or leather interior for that luxurious touch. 

7. I Love You Most Pen

He will not be disappointed with this sweet gift. Each time he holds this pen, he hears your voice while reading the words written on it. There is no better way to remind him than this I Love You Most Pen. This black pen with gold highlights comes in a ready to go gift box. 

6. Cuff Guy Bracelet  

Show him how much you love him with this gift for him. It can be hard to find a gift for a guy that expresses your love for him and also pleasing to the eye. This bracelet does both.  Available in brown or black leather this bracelet can be worn with pride knowing how much you mean to him. 

5. Personalized Leather Valet Tray Box

Amazon.com: Personalized Leather Valet Tray Box - Custom ...

He can have this placed on his office desk or that perfect spot in your home where he can leave all his valuables neatly and securely. Specially made for that one special person closest to your heart. Let this Personalized Leather Valet Tray Box help him get organized with all his stuff.  It's one gift he will surely love. 

4. The Protector

valentines day gift knife

Give him a present he would be proud to show his friends. This personalized pocket knife is perfect for your guy to use daily while being reminded of your love for him. Whether its your husband or boyfriend, he will be feeling the love with this gift. 

3. Bottle Cap Baseball Map

Give your guy the ability to do that and make each six-pack chugged an opportunity to hold a memory. He would love to show off this Bottle Cap Baseball Map.  In today's world of exotic craft brews, the corresponding caps aren’t just for lying around your man cave anymore, they're for collecting and conversation.

2. De Cube Brass Compass with Engraved Photo

It's the perfect choice for a boyfriend gift. The De Cube Brass Compass with Engraved Photo is a compass sundial made with finest quality materials, a combination of heavy duty metal brass with a gorgeous antique finish and a superb leather case which protects your compass from scratches or dust, while allowing for a gorgeous display.

1. Gift Basket for Him

It's one awesome gift he will surely love. This Gift Basket for Him comes with a pair of slides (Nike or Adidas (color based on availability)), pair of socks, dove for men (deodorant and body wash), beard oil, pair of basketball shorts or pants (color based on availability) (Nike or Adidas). The exact color, brand and size are based on availability. The personalization section is for the brand (Nike or Adidas). 

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