50 Gifts For Dad To Suit Every Occasion

Updated on October 12, 2020 by Chris Bajda

It doesn’t matter if it’s Father’s Day or a regular day; every man likes to know they’re appreciated. One of the best ways to express your appreciation is through some thoughtful gifts for dad! 

However, combing through the thousands of potential gift ideas can be really tiring – that’s why we’ve rounded up 50 of the best gifts that have been independently selected and dad-tested for maximum paternal approval. 

If you have a techy dad, a sporty dad, or a dad that just likes to hang out, we’ve got something for him. Read on to find fifty great gifts dads will love! 

1. For The Dad Who Can’t Live Without Hot Coffee -Rumbling Tumbler

This 30 oz Rumbling Tumbler has double-wall insulation, so it’s one of the best gifts for dads who like to take their morning cup of joe with them – iced or otherwise! This spiffy little number can keep drinks hot or cold for hours on end, so every sip feels fresh from home. 

2. The Punctual Papa -Sandalwood Watch With Leather Straps

Time is money, but a good gift is priceless. This classy timepiece is the perfect present for the punctual pops in your life. With its masterful combination of wood and leather coupled with a customized message over this watch’s backplate, this watch will be his daily ensemble’s pièce de résistance.

3. The Dad Who Forgets To Charge His Phone -Personalized Power Bank

If your dad still forgets to charge his phone before heading out, then this is a great dad gift for him! This customizable battery pack has both wireless and wired charging capabilities so he can hook his phone up and toss it in a bag while he’s on the road or in a meeting – easy-peasy. 

4. The Financially Savvy Dad -Sleek And Slim Wallet

Not-so-fun fact: bulky, beaten-up wallets can causemajor back pain from sitting on them! That’s why this slim wallet is one of our favorite gifts for dad. This slim minimalist wallet combines functionality and style with its many card slots and military-grade RFID protection to protect your dad’s back and credit card details. 

5. The Liquor Connoisseur -Gentleman’s Decanter

After a long day of work, your pops deserves something to take the edge off! His nightly kick-backs with his favorite bottle of bourbon or whiskey will never be the same after you serve up his liquor in this one-of-a-kind decanter. This impeccably crafted personalized set includes two matching glasses that complete the experience of drinking in luxury.Cheers! 

6. The Weekend Warrior -Military-Style Bag

Some dads live for vacations, and this stylish military-inspired cotton duffle bag is specifically designed for beach trips and weekend getaways. It can be monogrammed and customized, making it a unique gift dad will be happy to take everywhere.  

7. The Cheery Beer-y Dad -Laser-Engraved Beer Glass 

Is your dad ahoot at parties? Does he love starting get-togethers with a little bit of beer and chips? If this sounds like your dad, these laser-engraved beer glasses will make a great gift for him. These quirky glasses will earn chuckles from his co-fathers and are a great talking piece that will put a big smile on your dad’s face. 

8. The Dad Who Hates Wires -Wireless Charging Pad

Your dad might insist that he doesn’t need a wireless charging pad, but when he sets his phone down on the desk and lights up to charge, he’ll never go back. Even if he’s a little bit of a traditionalist, this charger’s classic chestnut vegan leather finish will fit in with even the most conservative office set-ups. 

9. The Lord Of The Grill - Grill Master Set

Manning the grill at the family cookout is a true test of being a dad. Arm your pop with these exquisitely constructed tools so he can get prodding and slicing his choice cuts to charred and seasoned perfection. However, what makes this one of the best gifts for dad is how it's packaged! This beauty is presented in a personalized wooden case with his initials laser-engraved on the front. 

10. The Dad Who Loves The (Golf) Club -Personalized Golf Towel

If your dad’s a serious golfer, he’s already armed to the teeth with clubs and balls. This gift idea keeps it simple with an embroidered golf towel that can attach itself to your dad’s golf bag so that he can head out onto the green in style. 

11. For The Sharp Dad -Carbon Fiber Knife

You never know when your dad will need a pocket knife – good thing you’ve got him covered. Maybe he’s opening packages all day or he just likes to feel armed and ready. Whatever it is, your dad will be beaming with delight when he sees this customized carbon fiber knife. 

12. For The Roaming Dad -Combat Cooler

If your old man loves hanging out with his favorite people while cracking open a cold one, then this combat cooler tops our list of the best gifts for him. This magnificent specimen of a cooler can hold up to 12 bottles of beer or 18 cans, so that everyone at the party can treat themselves to an ice-cold beer. 

13. For The Polite Golfer -Magnetic Golf Ball Markers


Things can get chaotic when your dad’s golfing with his buddies. Clear the course from obstruction with these thoughtful little golf ball markers engraved with dad-level golf puns. He’ll be chuckling every time he gets out on the green. 

14. For The Armed And Dad-ly -Hammer Multitool

How many dads does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Just one, but why not make his life easier with this 14-in-1 multitool that has everything his handy heart could desire? Gift your father this do-it-all doohickey and saysayonara to the days of giant toolboxes. 

15. The Dad With A Plan -Heist Bag

Maybe your old man isn’t a criminal mastermind (we hope not), but that doesn’t mean he needs to live his life without this suave heist bag. Whether his mission is another day at the office or a fun weekend at the beach, your ‘pa deserves the best carry-on there is. 

16. The Dapper Dad -Suit Accessory Set

Stylish suit? Check. Perfectly coiffed hair? Check. The devil is in the details, and this suit accessory set has it all with its custom cufflinks, tie clip, and engraved money holder. Elevate your dad’s style with these pieces and he’ll be living his “shaken, not stirred” fantasy every time he puts them on. 

17. The Classy Chimney -Midnight Smoker

There’s something very classy andnoir about smoking cigars – and chances are your dad thinks so too! This smoker’s kit has options that include a flask, cigar cutter, lighter, and leather cigar case to light up his conversations and celebrations for years to come. 

18. The Father Who Loves His Lager -Frost In Translation

Nothing says, “this is my beer” like your dad’s face plastered over a frosted pint glass. The other dads at his get-togethers will chuckle and know that your pop has the best kid in the world! 

19. For The Dad That Takes Vacations Seriously -Weekender Duffel Bag

Is your dad a planner? Every single vacation you’ve ever taken has been completely accounted for with leather-bound itineraries. With this personalizable duffel bag, your favorite old guy will have space for everything he needs on his latest tactical retreat, complete with water resistance and a detachable shoulder strap to mix things up. 

20. For The Dad That Packs Light -Combat Backpack

What are the best gifts for dad who loves adventure? This rugged combat backpack pulls out all the stops so that your dad can tame the wildernesshis way. (Machete not included.) 

21. The Globetrotting Poppa -Traveler’s Toiletry Bag

Getting organized is the first step to mastering the on-the-go lifestyle. These spiffy little toiletry pouches are the perfect way to keep your old man’s secret potions and pomades safe and orderly while still evoking the debonair dad lifestyle he loves. 

22. The Whiskey Wizard -Personalized Whiskey Stones

Few things hit the spot like a cold glass of whiskey at the end of a long day ofdad stuff. Get your ‘pa a set of these personalized whiskey stones so he can enjoy his favorite nightcap without watering down its exquisitely aged flavor. 

23. For The Dad Who Loves Cooking -Sous Vide Precision Cooker 

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than preparing a feast for the family to find out the main dish is undercooked. Lucky for your dad, you were thoughtful enough to get him the Sous Vide Precision Cooker that always serves up a perfectly cooked dish. 

24. For The Darth Vader In Your Life -The Art Of Star Wars Limited Edition

Does your dadlove Star Wars? Was he one of those Facebook dads that posted a million baby Yoda memes after bingingThe Mandalorian? This limited edition Star Wars artbook can be one of the best gifts for dad without breaking the bank! 

25. The Programming Parent -Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If he’s a programmer or just a guy that likes to sit in front of his computer all day, your pop’s probably experiencing some kind of eye strain. Protect his peepers with these suave and stylish glasses that filter out blue light so he can spend a thousandmorehours on the computer. 

26. For The Spiciest Dad Alive -California Reaper Hot Sauce

No one can handle spicy food like your dad can. With his steel stomach and taste for danger, there has to besomething that can set his palate on fire. This California Reaper hot sauce is the spiciest on the market and will liven up any dish in a New York minute. This is definitely one of the easiest gifts for dad. 

27. The Dad Who Lives Digital -Oculus Rift


Virtual reality is a geek culture staple. With the Oculus Rift, your dad can live hisTronfantasy and step into thousands of digital worlds spread over games specially designed for virtual reality. Just be sure he doesn’t gettoo caught up inThe Matrix

28. The Playoff Papa -Wall Mounted Basketball Bottle Opener

This wall-mounted basketball-themed bottle opener puts the “fun” in functionality. Unleash your dad’s inner Larry Bird from the comfort of his favorite chair as he sinks the basket (or bottle cap) every time he cracks open a cold beer. Game night has never beenthis fun. 

29. For The Buff Dad -Adjustable Weight Lifting Set

These adjustable dumbbells are in our top gift ideas for dads that love to pump iron and getswole. A fully functioning gym doesn’t always involve thirty different machines, and this compact muscle building wonder is solid proof that chiseled bodies can happen at home. 

30. The Dad Who Just Wants A Smartwatch -Samsung Galaxy Watch

The future is here, so why not upgrade your dad’s traditional timepiece for a smartwatch? This wearable powerhouse is stylish yet rugged to suit all kinds of dads, from the homebody to the early morning hiker. 

31. The Couch King - Couch Side Table

There comes a time when all your dad really wants to do is kick back with his favorite drink or snack and lounge on the couch. After all, he’s earned it. Get him this acacia side table that clamps onto your couch’s arm, keeping his choice refreshments safe and stable in time for his favorite show. 

32. The Old-School Athlete -Deep Tissue Massager

Young or old, everybody gets bogged down with body pain after a day of vigorous exercise. This handy tool helps break down the body’s trouble spots so your dad can get right back on the court after a relaxing massage from the Aduro muscle massage gun. 

33. The Old School Gamer -DIY Game Console Kit

Some guys like to collect old video game consoles and put them on display, but what do you get your dad if he has every console known to man? This DIY console kit gives your dad the chance to make his own handheld gaming system to complete his assemblage with a personal touch. 

34. The Dad That Dreams Of A Home Theatre -ViewSonic 3600 Projector

Right now, all of us are cooped up indoors, and that means no movies, no mall adventures, and no restaurant runs. But if your dad’s a cinephile itching for that theater experience, this ViewSonic projector comes pretty close to replicating it. Dim the lights and put on your dad’s favorite movie and settle in for some great family bonding time. 

35. The Sucker For Socks -The Best Socks In The Business

Ever asked your old man what he wanted only to get a response of “socks”? You’re not alone. Because your dad deserves the best gifts, we recommend grabbing a pair (or three) of these men’s cushion socks for your pop. These socks are designed to belived in and not just worn. 

36. The Insomniac -Manta Sleep Mask

The gift of a good night’s rest is invaluable and definitely one of the best gifts you can ever give your dad. This Manta Sleep Mask is designed for the wearer’s maximum comfort, and that means zero pressure on the eyes while also allowing for lots of nose space and complete darkness. Make sure to remind your dad to set his alarm, because sleeping will bejust that good. 

37. The Bearded Dad -Everyday Shaver

Shaving is an everyday part of a man’s life, but sometimes beard maintenance can be tedious and time-consuming. Enter the Philips Norelco 6880, an electric shaver that can be used on wet or dry skin so your dad can get his whiskers under control anytime he wants! 

38. The Dad Who Cooks -Pasta Machine

There’s nothing like homemade meals, and your favorite pasta dish is no exception. Enhance your home chef’s (also known as your dad) arsenal with this pasta machine that pushes out fresh sheets of dough, ready to be cooked and transformed into any pasta dish he can imagine. 

39. The Dad Who Loves Music -Crosley Lancaster 3-Speed Turntable

There’s something special about listening to music on vinyl that’s unlike any other medium, be it the lossless audio playback or the experience of going out and physically choosing your favorite record out of a box of hundreds. Whatever it is, your audiophile dadlives for it. Get him this Crosley Lancaster turntable to spice up his listening room and claim your crown of “best son/daughter ever.” 

40. The Home Barista -Breville Espresso Maker

Is your dad the type that not onlyloves coffee, but also understands the intricacies of how temperature, bean type, and roast all work together? Put down the big bucks and consider getting him this stainless-steel espresso machine with a 15-bar thermoblock pump, and he’ll be happy playing home barista for years to come. 

41. The Thirsty Papa -Teakwood Water Bottle


Summer rolls in, and the days get hotter, but that doesn’t mean your dad has to be caught outside without a refreshing gulp of icy water. This insulated water bottle can keep your dad’s drink cold for 41 hours and hot for 18 while also being fashionable with its teakwood finish. 

42. The Dad Who Hates Slow Wifi -Google WiFi Mesh

Is your dad constantly complaining about your home’s spotty wifi? This Google router replacement makes ever-buffering videos and slow downloads a thing of the past with its larger-than-usual wifi coverage, home dead spots begone! He’ll never miss another game (sports or otherwise) because of wifi ever again.

43. The Dadliest Of Them All -Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

Wearing Birkenstocks has somehow become a time-honored dad tradition, and your dad isn’t about to break that cycle. Upgrade his father fashion sense with these Arizona Sandals that are designed for comfort and durability, and he’ll never need another pair of sandals again. 

44. For The Dad Who Hasn’t Gone Wireless -Apple Airpods Pro

Is your pop stubbornly sticking to his wired earphones? Does he insist on dongles and gizmos that just get tangled or lost? Gift him a pair of the Apple Airpod Pros, and the streamlined listening experience might just make him see the light and toss out his wired headphones altogether. 

45. The Beach Boy -Speedo Water Shoes

Some dads relish being indoors, but not your dad. If he tells you stories about how he used to ride the waves and spend his summers on the beach, this tops the best gifts for dad you can give. Get him these speedo water shoes so he can strap them on and tear it up on the open sea! 

46. The Skincare Savvy Dad -Weleda Skin Food

Maybe soap and water counted as a full skincare regime once, but that won’t cut it for the main man in your life. This comprehensive skincare package is chock-full that will revitalize your dad’s skin while keeping him fresh and smelling great, making it one of the best gifts for dad. 

47. The Sentimental Patriarch -Digital Picture Frame

If your dad spends a lot of time away from home, he probably has a desk full of photos of you and the rest of the family. Thankfully, home can be just a glance away with this digital picture frame! This space saving device showcases all his favorite pictures from weddings, birthdays, or graduations. This is definitely one of the best gifts for a secret softy like your dad.(We won’t tell.) 

48. The Desk Job Dad -Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow

Your dad’s 9-5 grind has him sitting at a screen all day, and it’s starting to take a toll on his back. This memory foam lumbar cushion is designed to relieve back pain almost instantly while supporting your old man's needs. Nothing says, “I love you, dad” like a comfortable chair. 

49. The Frustrated Musician -DIY Ukulele Kit

It doesn’t get more dad-ly than building something for himself. If your dad is a frustrated Jason Mraz and dreams of expressing himself through song, then this nifty DIY ukulele kit might do the trick. Sure, youcould just buy him a ukulele, but this is just more fun. 

50. The Man Who Hates Flossing -Rechargeable Waterpik

Dentist visits always end with the same reminder: floss. But it can be so tedious, and even dads aren’t immune to floss fatigue. This rechargeable waterpik is an easy-breezy way of busting through the dreariness of thorough oral hygiene while still making our list of great gifts for dad. 

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