21 Best Gifts for Police and Law Enforcement Officers

March 16, 2024 by Melissa Bajda

Police officers put their lives on the line every day to serve and protect their communities. They work long hours, face dangerous situations, and often go above and beyond the call of duty. It's important to show our appreciation for their dedication and sacrifice, especially during the holiday season.

But what do you get for the law enforcement officer in your life? Fear not, because in this blog post, we'll be sharing some thoughtful and practical gifts for police officers that will show them how much they are valued and appreciated. So, if you're struggling to find the perfect gift for the law enforcement hero in your life, keep reading for some great ideas for police gifts!

1. Custom Ammo Can

Crafted from durable carbon steel and available in classic black or military green, an Ammo Can is a practical yet thoughtful gift for any police officer. These personalized police gifts are perfect for storing ammunition safely and securely but can also be repurposed for various storage needs.

Personalizing it with the officer's name adds a unique touch and shows a level of thoughtfulness and appreciation for their dedication and service.

2. Thin Blue Line Wooden Flag Sign

This Thin Blue Line Wooden Flag stands as a symbol of respect and support for law enforcement officers, making it an ideal gift.

This thin blue line custom sign is meticulously hand-made, with the wood carefully torched to enhance its natural grain and knots, creating a piece with unique character. Vibrant colors against the backdrop of the wooden texture offer a visually striking display. Available in unfinished, gloss, or satin finish, it can be tailored to personal taste.

Pre-installed hardware ensures easy hanging, and the option to engrave a name adds a personalized touch, reinforcing the flag’s significance as a mark of honor and appreciation.

3. 50-Cal Bottle Opener

50-Cal Bottle Opener

For those seeking unique gifts for police officers, consider the 50-Cal Bottle Opener. Crafted from a once-fired .50 caliber military bullet, these bottle openers have been rendered inactive and are completely safe for use.

Proudly made in the USA, they offer a nod to the officer's service and dedication. Each Bottle Bullet can be personalized with custom text, allowing you to add a name, badge number, or a special message.

4. Custom Concealed Carry Bag

Custom Concealed Carry Bag

Finding gifts for police officers that cater to the tactical and practical aspects of their career can be a thoughtful way to show appreciation.

The Custom Concealed Carry Bag is meticulously designed with the officer's duty in mind. Its rear zippered concealed carry compartment, equipped with a hook and loop attachment, safely holsters most handguns, epitomizing preparedness and responsibility.

The main compartment's U-shaped dual-zippered flap allows easy access, while side-zippered pouches enhanced with exterior MOLLE attachments offer additional storage options.

5. Law Enforcement Name Art

Law Enforcement Name Art

The Law Enforcement Name Art offers a creative and thoughtful way to personalize a gift for police officers.

Utilizing a complete alphabet comprised of images associated with law enforcement, this police officer art allows you to spell out a name, badge number, or meaningful word. Each letter is carefully crafted from themed photos, incorporating elements of the profession, including the iconic thin blue line flag.

This unique piece of art not only celebrates the police officer's career but also adds a distinctive touch to any space, making it a memorable and cherished gift.

6. Tactical Glass Breaker Pen

Tactical Glass Breaker Pen

If you're searching for gifts for police officers that combine functionality with a touch of personalization, this is the right gift.

A Tactical Glass Breaker Pen offers more than just the ability to jot down notes during a patrol. This pen for a police officer exudes professionalism and readiness and is available in sleek Black or Gun Metal finishes. Designed with a twist-action ballpoint style, it also features a robust pocket clip for easy access.

The highlight, a glass breaker defence tip, ensures officers on the police force have an extra tool at their disposal in emergencies.

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7. Police Gear Rack

Police Gear Rack

The Personalized Police Gear Rack is an essential item for any officer’s home or locker, providing a dedicated space for a duty belt, vest holder, and more.

Adorned with a blue stripe USA flag, these unique gifts for law enforcement officers offer a special touch of patriotism. The option to customize it with a name or text makes it a heartfelt and nice gift for your officer, symbolizing appreciation and support from their loved ones.

This practical and personalized storage solution helps keep essential gear organized and ready for the next shift, showcasing care in every detail.

8. Personalized Bullet Whiskey Glass

Personalized Bullet Whiskey Glass

Elevate their evening unwind with a Personalized Bullet Whiskey Glass.

This unique 10-ounce glass, handcrafted to include a faux 50 50-calibre bullet, exudes a blend of sophistication and edge, making it an ideal gift for police officers. It’s not just a glass but a statement piece that adds character to any drink.

The personalization aspect allows for the officer's name, making it a deeply personal and memorable gift.

9. Personalized Knife with Engraved Handle

Personalized Knife with Engraved Handle

A Personalized Knife with an Engraved Handle offers a blend of functionality and sentimentality that's hard to match.

Featuring a 7.5" overall length and a razor-sharp stainless steel blade, this knife for a law enforcement officer meets various needs. The smooth Pakkawood handle ensures a comfortable grip, while the quick flip thumb rocker allows easy one-handed opening. A belt clip adds convenience, and the liner lock safety system ensures the blade stays in place.

Personalizing the wooden handle with the officer's name transforms this practical tool into a cherished keepsake.

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10. Police Officer Pocket Keepsake

Police Officer Pocket Keepsake

This uniquely crafted solid brushed Pewter Pocket Coin is a constant reminder of appreciation and love. It's elegantly designed with a custom heart, complemented by the option to personalize with a name at the bottom.

The custom text feature allows for a special message or date, making this keepsake a profoundly personal gift. Its compact size makes it easy for officers to carry daily, offering comfort and a touch of home wherever duty might take them.

This perfect gift embodies a simple yet powerful gesture of support for our dedicated police officers.

11. Pistol Whiskey Decanter On Rack

Pistol Whiskey Decanter On Rack

The Pistol Whiskey Decanter On Rack is a salute to the best police officers, celebrating their service with a touch of honor.

This perfect gift for a police officer in your life is shaped like a pistol and crafted from lead-free glass, holds 300ml of their preferred spirit. The accompanying American flag wall rack is not just a display piece but a symbol of honor, embodying the values and sacrifices inherent in law enforcement.

This unique combination makes for a gift that goes beyond the ordinary, offering a practical and profoundly respectful nod to the officer's dedication.

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12. Funny Thin Blue Line Beer Glasses Set

Funny Thin Blue Line Beer Glasses Set

Elevate the moment with laughter and a cold brew using the Funny Thin Blue Line Beer Glasses Set.

Each 10 oz glass is emblazoned with a humorous saying that plays a pun twist to the word "bust". This set is not only a quirky way to enjoy a favorite beverage but also makes the perfect birthday gift for a police officer.

This great gift for law enforcement officers is a lighthearted addition to any collection, ensuring each sip brings a smile, all the while honoring their commitment with the iconic thin blue line.

13. Thin Blue Line USA Flag Dad Hat

Thin Blue Line USA Flag Dad Hat

Celebrate the spirit of law enforcement with the Thin Blue Line USA Flag Dad Hat, a stylish and thoughtful way to show support for those who have graduated from the police academy or are actively serving.

This 100% cotton cap is not only comfortable but also practical, protecting the wearer from harmful UV rays. The embroidered Thin Blue Line USA Flag design on the front is a powerful symbol of their bravery and dedication.

As one of the best gifts for police officers, it is a daily reminder of their commitment and the community's appreciation for their service.

14. Law-Enforcement Patrol Bag

Crafted from durable 900D Oxford fabric, the Heavy-Duty Patrol Bag is engineered for the rigorous demands of law enforcement and fieldwork.

Its versatile main compartment features removable dividers, allowing officers to customize the storage space according to their specific gear and documents. Additionally, the patrol bag incorporates a built-in MOLLE webbing system, enhancing accessibility and organization.

This great gift for a police academy graduate is designed to withstand the challenges of daily use in various professions, ensuring reliability and efficiency in any situation.

15. American Flag Wine Rack Holder

American Flag Wine Rack Holder

The American Flag Wooden Bottle Holder Set, crafted from solid mahogany wood, serves as one of the best police officer gifts, seamlessly blending function with patriotism.

Its dimensions (15.7" in height, 10.2" in length, and 4" in width) and capacity to elegantly display 2 wine glasses and a bottle, make it an ideal addition to any home.

Perfect for any occasion, this gift for police officer honors the hard work and dedication of police officers by creating a stylish space to unwind.

16. American Heroes Engraved Decanter

American Heroes Engraved Decanter

The American Heroes Engraved Decanter stands 8.5" tall and holds 26 oz of his favorite spirit, making it one of the best gifts for cops.

With the officer's name and rank exquisitely engraved, it celebrates their service with pride and elegance. The decanter's unique design features a deeply sand-carved background, creating a striking 3D effect that leaves the lettering and emblem raised from the glass surface.

This decanter for a police officer is not just a way to recognize their dedication but also a sophisticated token of appreciation, perfect for retirement celebrations or as a means to honor their commitment.

17. Personalized Police Officer Cartoon Portrait

Personalized Police Officer Cartoon Portrait

For a truly unique and playful present, the Personalized Police Officer Cartoon Portrait turns a standard photograph into an animated and spirited depiction of your favorite officer. These police officer gifts capture the essence of the individual in a fun, exaggerated style, artistically spotlighting their personality and profession.

Perfect for hanging in their home, office, or locker, this portrait is a constant reminder of the joy and laughter they bring to those around them.

18. The Muscle Duffle

The Muscle Duffle

The Muscle Duffle is the epitome of durability and functionality, making it a good gift for a cop who balances the demands of patrol and personal life.

Designed to handle the rigors of the job, this police officer gift features a spacious main compartment for gear and other essentials, with a large exterior pocket and two zipped side pockets. With its robust leather accents, brass closures, and personalized touch of two initials embroidered, this bag embodies a blend of practicality and personal pride.

The adjustable shoulder strap and leather zipper pulls enhance comfort and accessibility, proving indispensable for the everyday challenges police officers face.

19. Odor Eliminating Spray

For those in search of practical law enforcement gifts, the Odor Eliminating Spray featuring Odor Absorbing Molecule (OAM) technology is a standout choice.

This gift for a police officer is specifically formulated to tackle the challenging smells police and sheriff officers encounter, including vomit, urine, smoke, and body odor. Its effectiveness in removing stubborn scents makes it an essential item for any officer, ensuring their gear and vehicles remain fresh.

20. Police Badge Necklace

The Police Badge Necklace stands out as the best gift idea for a cop, offering a deeply personal touch to their everyday wear.

Each police badge can be personalized by specifying the police department name and the officer's badge number, making it a unique emblem of their dedication. Available in 3 sizes, the necklaces come in solid sterling silver, gold-plated options, or the luxurious choice of solid 14k yellow & white gold.

These best police officer gifts reflect the honor and commitment of law enforcement, serving as a constant reminder of their invaluable service and the respect it commands.

21. Thin Blue Line Bullet Clock

Thin Blue Line Bullet Clock

The Thin Blue Line Bullet Clock is a distinctive and meaningful tribute to law enforcement.

This appreciation gift for the officer in your life comes with a dial about 12 inches in diameter, is adorned with nickel-plated casings. The hours are ingeniously marked by .223 dummy rounds, while 9mm dummy rounds denote the minutes. Beyond its functional purpose, it can be personalized to honor an individual's rank, badge number, or name, making it an exceptionally thoughtful gift.

Equipped with brackets on the back to protect the clock mechanism, this thin blue line flag clock for your police officer marries craftsmanship with homage.

Police Officer Gift Etiquettes: How to Present Your Gift?

When choosing gifts for police officers, understanding and respecting gift-giving etiquette is essential. Here are a few guidelines to consider:

1. Know the Department Policy

Before purchasing a gift for a police officer, ensure it aligns with the department's policies on gift acceptance to avoid any potential conflicts of interest or ethical issues.

2. Consider the Officer's Preferences

Personalize your gift by considering the officer's hobbies, needs, or personal style. This thoughtful approach demonstrates your genuine appreciation for them as an individual.

3. Opt for Practicality Over Flashiness

Practical gifts that enhance an officer's daily life or work routine are often more appreciated than extravagant items that may not be as useful.

4. Maintain Professionalism

When selecting a gift, especially if it's for a police officer you're not closely acquainted with, choose items that maintain a professional tone to show respect for their position.

5. Include a Personal Note

Adding a heartfelt note expressing your gratitude and respect for their service can make any gift more meaningful. It’s the thought and recognition of their dedication that often holds the most value.

Adhering to these simple etiquette tips can help ensure your gift is both appropriate and cherished by the receiving police officer.


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