18 Best Hunting Fathers Day Gifts

Updated on April 18, 2022 by Chris Bajda

He is the one who  nurtured your passion for the outdoors and hunting. Dad would always know the best locations to go. He will put in hours prepping food plots, scouting, setting blinds and stands just to make it the best experience there could be. He is the one in charge of helping set the expectation, eliminate some frustration, and also recognize the importance of teaching that hunting isn’t easy. What better way to reward him for all he does, than to give a Fathers Day gift he will be able to use during his hunting adventures with you or his hunting buddies. 

Here are 18 of the best hunting father's day gifts you can choose from:

18. The Tough Dad

fathers day gift knife


Perfect for the hunting dad, this personalized damascus blade knife is one gift any dad will love to have by his side in any situation.  Whether he's cutting up boxes from Amazon or out hunting, he will be happy to have this awesome personalized knife by his side.  

17. Personalized Hunting Journal

This Personalized Hunting Journal is a perfect addition to dad's hunting accessories - a thick, waxed, rustic leather journal! It's a subtle mix of brown with a hint of Forest Green, stitched with a contrasting linen thread.  A silhouette shooting image is engraved onto the front cover. You may also add up to 3 initials underneath for a lovely personalized touch.

16. Personalized Cooler

Hunting shouldn’t keep him from enjoying a cool beer with friends. This Personalized Cooler is highly portable and comes with a sturdy and durable leather top handle with adjustable straps. It is leak-resistant and comes with a convenient bottle opener. Simply perfect for dad's hunting, sporting events and outdoor adventures.

15. Dad's Survival Set

fathers day survival set

It comes naturally for him to protect his family. This awesome survival kit will keep dad ready for any situation. Whatever life throws his way, this kit has got him covered. It comes with 14 tools in one durable easy to carry case. Definitely the ultimate set perfect for father's day.

14. Personalized Water Bottle

Fathers personalized water bottle

This personalized water bottle will help dad stay hydrated. It's one gift he will be proud to carry around, wherever he goes.  With double insulated technology that will keep his beverages cold and from sweating, dad will be happy to show off this water bottle that makes his name look so cool.

13. Mr. Fix It  

It's the do it all tool. This Mr. Fix It tool will serve dad well whether he spends his weekends in the garage or out in the woods. It comes equipped with all the tools he could possibly need. The best part is it can be easily personalized to make it an extra special gift for dad.

12. Hunting Decor

This Hunting Decor contain custom photos printed directly onto beautiful, rustic basswood with bark. The photograph becomes an integral part of the wood, ensuring that it will stand the test of time. The natural wood shows through the photo for a beautiful, rustic, and "worn" look. Bring the balance to dad's space and life with this wood gift. 

11. Hunting Themed Vinyl Record Clock

This Hunting Themed Vinyl Record Clock has over 200 designs. This is made with authentic 12 inch vinyl LP's (albums) with a new decorative label applied in the center and a clock that is completely silent! It is battery operated and takes only one AA battery. A built in hanger on the back of the clock mechanism makes it as simple as possible to hang.

10. Engraved Folding Knife

Fathers Day Engraved Knife

This handsome custom engraved pocket knife places a sweet reminder in dads pocket. He will feel so good whipping this out any chance he gets especially when he's out hunting.  Sharp silver lettering on the blade adds style to a Fathers Day gift that he will surely love.

9. Personalized Classic Cap

This Personalized Classic Cap is constructed with 100% premium polyester that’s lightweight for maximum comfort and breath-ability. Add style and personality to dad's hat collection with this custom printed classic cap.
This will definitely offer great protection from the sun and will be perfect for his hunting activity. 

8. Handyman’s Dream

best dad tool for Fathers Day

This 9 in 1 multi-tool is a compact and convenient carry. Whether camping with the kids or hunting, dad will appreciate this thoughtful gift. Remind him that he really is the worlds best dad. He would be delighted to receive this Father's Day gift!

7. Wild Game Gift Basket

This Wild Game Gift Basket will let dad build the flavor package for any hunting, fishing, or bush-crafting dream. From finding the perfect box, arrangement, and packaging along with a custom written letter, this gift is all set, ready to be handed to dad. 

6. Survival Set

Personalized Survival Set Gift

Both the flashlight and knife can be personalized for a great father's day gift. This survival set is the ultimate set for the dad that's ready for adventure. Whether he's out camping, hunting, patrolling, or just protecting the home front dad will feel the testosterone in his hands with this gift set. 

5. Bro'ster Holster

Dad loves the Wild West! Hand him this Bro'ster Holster as the perfect gift for father's day. He would love to use this while hunting, tailgating, grilling or just hanging with his pals. It is made with 100% veg-tanned leather and handmade. Edges are finished and all have a clear protective coat for added protection. 

4. Ultimate Man Gift Box Set

This Ultimate Man Gift Box Set will let him see 2 great tools each with a personalized reminder of how awesome he is. This 9 in 1 multi-tool is a compact and convenient carry. Whether hunting or working around the house dad will appreciate this handy tool. It's the ultimate gift for him.

3. Essentials Survival Kit

The hunter in him deserves this Adventure Essentials Survival Kit. It contains the safety supplies he will need for hunting adventures, cleverly stashed in a military-grade aluminum LED flashlight. The impeccably crafted items that include water purification tablets, a compass, a wire saw, reflective trail markers, and waterproof matches are packed in small canisters that fit perfectly into the flashlight tube. He can easily place them in his bag or glove box.  

2. Axe of Love 

Remind him how special he is to you with this sentimental personalized axe. This Axe of Love will be perfect for his hunting adventures. From tending the fire pit to camping trips with the boys he will always know he's loved. Each hatchet comes with a nylon sheath to protect its sharp blade. Dad will certainly treasure and use this gift for years to come.

1. BEAR IN WILD Belt Buckle

This BEAR IN WILD Belt Buckle is a solid brass buckle in original packaging and excellent condition. Made in USA by Basic Tool Supply (BTS). This vintage 1970s themed solid belt buckle is perfect for the hunter and antique collector in him. Dad will be delighted to have this gift on father's day. 

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