17 Thoughtful Memorial Gifts

Updated on March 09, 2022 by Ria Estrada

Losing a person dear to us is truly painful and the agony is inevitable knowing that we can no longer turn back the hands of time and we cannot be with them as much as we wanted to. Yet the memories and the love they bestowed while we have them will always remain. With these 17 Thoughtful Memorial Gifts they will never be forgotten and though grief is part of coping and moving on process, these will always remind us that no distance and time can erase their big place in our hearts.

17. Memorial Charm

Make them feel close to the heart even if their loved ones are now in heaven with Memorial Charm. They can open doors for the new endeavors in life holding the memory of the person they keep in their heart even after their gone. An antique silver photo charm with an embellishment of either birthstone or pearl coined with keychain clip heart-shaped lobster clasp and white satin ribbon, packaged in a white organza bag and box so your gift is ready for giving.

16. Handwriting Leather Bracelet

Past has passed but this band will remind them of the bond they once had. You can wrap their wrist with this Handwriting Leather Bracelet. Sentimental and personalized based on loved one’s handwriting. Made from genuine cowhide premium leather and a chunky magnetic stainless steel sliding clasp is available in a variety of colors. All engraving will appear in a silver engraved bracelet by using a traditional diamond-tipped engraving machine and not a laser. Its difference from the rest is that the engraving technique used that made the engraving stand out and sparkle, even on silver clasps.

15. Remembrance Picture Frame Shadow Box

“Your wings were ready but our hearts were not” Remembrance Picture Frame Shadow Box is one best keepsake to give in remembrance of our passed loved ones. The wooden decorative vintage frame look complements any interior décor. It comes with two metal sawtooth hanging hooks on the back for easy wall mounting and has a drawer divider that can separate different items, or the divider can also be removed to accommodate longer items to commemorate the departed ones. This is way better to upgrade in keeping memories than putting in old photo albums.

14. In Loving Memory Photo Throw Pillow

We surely miss them and In Loving Memory Photo Throw Pillow will let us hug them dearly. We can see the smile on their faces, and we can embrace them together will all those memories left. This custom pillow is made from a high-quality Simplex knit fabric and with 100% polyester pillows is soft and wrinkle-free. The heavyweight stretch material provides a beautiful color definition for your design and will perfectly complement your house theme and couch.

13. Personalized Memorial Bird Feeder

“In Loving Memory” Personalized Memorial Bird Feeder will let their memories and legacy live particularly for those who like nature, freedom of birds, and to pay tribute to animal lovers. The bird feeder will remind us that life still goes on to those who are left behind.  This aromatic cedar wood bird feeder includes your choice of memorial theme design on the front panel. It will be so invigorating and blissful to reminisce beloved ones as we see birds visiting in the porch or garden.

12. Sympathy Photo Wind Chimes

Sympathy Photo Wind Chimes is one of the best ways to remember our beloved ones as they passed away. The tranquility of the sound produced will definitely soothe our minds and emotions as we recollect the memories we shared. The wind chime material is made from metal tubes are made from anodized aluminum, corrosion-resistant, and thickened to make comforting soothing tones. It is elegantly customed made so you can place the picture of the person who will be missed forever.

11. Grief Comfort Doll

We can look back on the time they are strong and sturdy as we rely on them and now, we can only embrace them with the Grief Comfort Doll. Make it appear that they still exist and are with us. This is suitable for first responders, security forces, and deployed mom and dad and called huggable “Deployment Bear”. The act of hugging your body doll or pillow can improve both your mental and physical health because it calms the mind and eases physical aches and pains. Hence, you can take it to your car, bring it for an outing or camping or will just be with you and feel at home.

10. Mourning Jewelry Keepsake

This Mourning Jewelry Keepsake is an amazing gift to give to commemorate our dearest. This minimalist heart necklace can be customized with their picture on it that we can see how we remember them. The heart charm features a see-through lens so you can see the photo of your choice inside the pendant or when exposed to light it can project your photo on a wall. Made from gold plated, silver, rose gold plated, and 925 sterling silver and available in 3 different colors.

9. The Man The Myth The Legend Mug

This The Man The Myth The Legend Mug is a dual-purpose gift as it functions as a mug, but it doubles as an honoring tool to your beloved who just passed on. It can be personalized with the birth and death date, name, and photo of your loved one or it can be customized with any text of choice. Made of ceramic, this mug is available in 11oz and 15 oz sizes and will never fade no matter how many times you wash it, pretty much just like your love for the man in the picture.

8. Remembrance Bro In Heaven Shirts

Men are sentimental human beings too. Maybe they are just less expressive than women, but they put a premium on sweet nothings and mementos when they want to. This Remembrance Bro In Heaven Shirts is a manly way of saying that I lost a brother, but I gained an angel. You may opt to have it made for men, women, youth, or unisex. The design can also be either a T-shirt, V-neck shirt, Long Sleeve, or a Tank Top. Sizes available are from Extra Small to 4 Extra Large.

7. Personalized Pocket Charm

Old folks put a premium on old customs. One of which is pinning some things in their pockets. May it be an image, a totem, or a lucky charm, they always carry whatever they please, with them. This Personalized Pocket Charm will not only make you remember your departed grandparents but will also inspire you to keep the custom alive. This beautiful charm is made of 316L Surgical Steel so it will not tarnish, react or discolor and is designed to last just like your love for them.

6. Actual Handwriting Engraved Cufflinks

The most special occasions require cufflinks, and those moments will be made more special if we somehow make sure that our beloved who passed on are still with us. This Actual Handwriting Engraved Cufflinks adds the perfect personalized touch to any suit as it can be engraved with your choice of handwriting. Think of a message or name, and have it printed with the handwriting of your dearly departed or even with yours. That way, every door you enter, every event you join, and everywhere you may be, you will feel that someone you just lost, is not too far gone.

5. Customed Sympathy Canvas

Our loved ones were the wall that surrounds us with so much security and love. This Customed Sympathy Canvas is a rightful memento placed on the wall as a symbolic reminder that their love and memories will always be with us. It is a premium Canvas is wrapped around a solid wood frame. Pigment-based inks will be used in printing your message for exception fade resistance. Add your beloved’s image and hang it on the wall. That way, he or she will never be truly gone in our lives.

4. Gallery of Eighteen Fleece Photo Blanket

Treat yourself to a warm wrap and a walk on memory lane with this Gallery of Eighteen Fleece Photo Blanket. Personalize it with photos and names of your loved one who just passed away and feel their embrace the minute you use it. It is available in 3 sizes 30x40, 50x60, and 60x80 so you and other loved ones who got left behind can cuddle under this sheet as well for a comforting moment of togetherness.

3. Memory Bear In Cream

Your heart is already full of your dearly departed’s love, so keep their remains in the heart of this Memory Bear In Cream  so you can still embrace them whenever you want to. As your beloved passed on, and once the cremation is done, the ash will be placed in a heart that will then be placed in this bear to bring you comfort when you need it most. The bear will be returned to you with the heart already inside it and a certificate of authenticity for your loved one’s cremation. This gift is a cuddly pound on the message “May love be what you remember most”

2. Loss of Father Memorial Music Box

For some strange but loving reason, Dads, especially when they reach old age, become enticed even more with music. This Loss of Father Memorial Music Box will be a sounding reminder of how the music made your dad more cheerful when he was alive. It features elegant rope trimmed detailing and an area for storing special keepsakes and mementos so you can keep other memorabilia f your dad. Every time you open this box, the tune “Amazing Grace” shall be heard, and this box can be personalized with a nameplate with up to 3 lines of engraving. A maximum of 19 characters per line will be allowed.

1. In Loving Memory Photo Watch With Name

The time you spent with that amazing man in your life will always be precious and treasured. Now that he has passed on, your dad, brother, or buddy deserves to be remembered every single minute of the day. Make that possible with this In Loving Memory Photo Watch With Name that can be customized with full-color printing on the face. It is made of alloy and leather with a buckle closure for a more secure fit. Worry not about accidental spills as this timepiece is water-resistant so you can keep the precious image of your dearly departed in your wrist for long.

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