19 Best Personalized Father Days Gifts

Updated on January 06, 2022 by Eds Alvarez

It won't be the same without having to hand him a special gift on father's day. While you get to tell him you love him every single day, having to say it with a gift that expresses your honor and appreciation for him is the best. Choose a personalized gift that he can wear as an accessory or a shirt that says he's the best dad ever. You can also give him something he can bring when he travels or something that represents his passion for something like cooking or golf. Whatever gift you choose, you can be sure he will treasure it as it comes from no other than you. 

Here are 19 of the best personalized father's day gift that you can choose from:  

19. Case for Watches

He is definitely a watch guy! Give your dad a home for his collection of watches that looks just as good as his pieces of time-immemorial themselves.  Add to that a monogram across the glass display-case-style lid and you're all set to giving him one fine gift.  

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18. Personalized Cigar Case

The inside of the case can be personalized with the text of your choice. You can choose one letter embossing on the outside and a short message embossed on the inside as well. This Personalized Cigar Case  is a folding personalized cigar case with Spanish cedar lining. It can hold 3 cigars and comes with a cigar cutter. It's one Father's day gift he will surely love! 

17. Ready2Go Leather Tech Organizer

Simple and functional, it’s a perfect companion to help him get organized. It can hold charging cords and headphones and can fit an iPhone 5 and 6. This leather tech organizer has a functional minimalist design that is a perfect fit for the dad who loves to travel. 

16. Personalized Mini Wood Speaker 

It has an enhanced sub-woofer that offers clear, clean, crisp and complete stereo system sound that ensures an enjoyable movie watching or sound tripping time for dad. This Personalized Mini Wood Speaker will surely fit his personality. It offers two color options: Cherry or bamboo, this speaker has a work time of 6 to 8 hours and a charge time of 2 hours. 

15. Glass Etched Humidor


 This gift is made of Macintosh Oak with a mahogany walnut finish and a tempered beveled glass top. Give dad this well-designed Glass Etched Humidor. This special gift can hold up to 50 cigars. It properly stores and makes cigars stay fresh all because of the SureSeal Technology. Have this gift personalized and choose from 3 monogram designs to make it extra special.

14. Blazin Brothers

The high-end leather wallet and the matching lighter allows him to do everything in style. Get dad two essentials that he needs inside his pocket when he really wants to have some “me time.” The personalized black leather wallet and black lighter set engraved with his initials equip him perfectly for everything.  It’s simply the ideal father's day gift for him. 

13. Golf Gift Stein

custom golf gift beer stein

It's a unique and fun gift specially made for someone as special and creative as dad. This Golf Beer Stein will greet him each time he gets back from the greens. Ordering is easy and fast and it’s one of those gifts that will be treasured and laughed at for years to come.  

12. Personalized Phone Charger 

Personalized Phone Charger

This Phone Charging Bracelet is a need for dad as he always run out of batteries but not of excuses why he did not charge. Now you have a metal accessory that transforms into a necessity for a gift. You may choose between a lightning cord (Apple) or USB Type C (Generic, Samsung).

11. Personalized Brown Travel Tech Case 

This Personalized Brown Travel Tech Case is perfect for dad. It is one open pouch that has three elastic bands that keeps the wires sturdy; has a brown Argyle lining and antique gold zipper which can be personalized to ensure there will be no switching of gadgets during travel. He will surely love to get and keep this as it can also be easily cleaned and maintained.

10. The Perfect NightCap

Practical, functional, and simply smart. This Perfect NightCap is a cigar glass holder that comes complete with a thick black walnut coaster and a keepsake eco-friendly hardwood box wrapped in ribbon. It’s a gift that will surely be treasured by your cigar aficionado dad! 

9. Nice Shot Dad Golf Markers

This one makes a great fathers day gift for your golf fanatic dad. These Magnetic Golf Ball Markers are stamped with the wording "nice shot Dad!" and "may the course be with you" and comes ready to be handed to your dad as it is placed in a gift-wrapped box. 

8. Bone Thrown Axe

This Bone Thrown Axe is a handsome hatchet perfect for all of his outdoor activities including cracking the skulls of his enemies. The bone handle is perfect for engraving and also comes with its leather sheath for easy transportation. Perfect for the outdoorsy dad!

7. Shaving Kit

It's one gift that he will treasure for a long time. This beautiful vintage and rustic grooming shave kit will give dad the perfect accessories for the modern gentleman. It comes with shave products including a personalized box, razor, brush, bowl shave soap and balm. Make his joy complete with these shaving essentials.

6. Vegan Transport Duffle

This Vegan Transport Duffle will be perfect in the hands of your dad. The bold and modern look of this duffle makes it a standout and a must-have for men. Made with Vegan Leather with Argyle lining, and equipped with Antique golden zippers, this manly weekender includes a luggage tag and comes with free personalization. Choose a name or initials to be placed on the tag or the bag itself to make this cool buddy bag even cooler.

5. Leather Notebook

It is made from genuine leather from Italy with an A5 default paper size. Memories are not only collected through photos but by journaling them. Equip him to do just that by giving this leather notebook. This journal can also be personalized with his name or initials to make it extra special.

4. Personalized Bi Fold Men's Wallet

It has a bill separator and uniquely attached stretch band to hold the wallet tightly together. The wallet will hold at least 9 credit cards and a drivers license. This stylish Personalized Bi Fold Men's Wallet is made of genuine cowhide leather and is laser engraved with initials of your choice. It comes complete with burlap gift package ready to be handed to dad.

3. Personalized Head Chef Slate

This classic rectangular board is made from solid slate and would be a wonderful addition to any home. It's the perfect gift for the head chef! This bespoke Personalized Head Chef Slate is engraved with his personalized details. It's a great gift for the dad who loves to cook. 

2. Personalized Tie Clip 

Wooden Box With Blue TIe, Tie Bar and Cuff links

Give your dad the full arsenal to Clark Kent his way from those sweatpants into a genuine stud muffin with one of our favorite box sets with all the 9's.  Nothing says a classy gift like arming him with a collection that will take his suit to straight-up dapperfection.  A great suit goes a long way, but it's the accessories that really give a guy swag. 

1. Genuine Leather Strap 925 Sterling Silver

This GENUINE Leather Strap 925 Sterling Silver is engraved with kids' names. A perfect gift for dad on Father's day that he is sure to treasure. It is made out of top quality genuine leather and 100% solid 925 sterling silver charms with 18K Gold- plated options.

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