26 of the Best Personalized Gifts For Him

June 22, 2018

26 of the Best Personalized Gifts For Him

Whether it’s a gift for your boyfriend, birthday present for your father, token of appreciation for your best guy friend or any other special dude in your life - let the stress of gift searching quite literally melt away with these hot commodities!  Below are 26 of the best personalized gifts for him.

26) Personalized Flask in a Wooden Box

Metal, rustic wood and a touch of personalization - what could be better? This personalized gift shows you put in some effort and attention to detail with the cool engraving and creative gift assembly, yet it also doesn’t scream try hard with its cool and relaxed design. Every guy can appreciate a nice flask to have at any moment’s notice. Simple, useful and personalized = the perfect gift.


25) Leather Phone Case for the Win

Everyone owns a cellphone...duh! You immediately can trust this polished gift will come to great use. This nifty case gives you the option to leave an engraving on the outside like initials or a short name. You can add extra spunk by putting in a longer quote/note/whatever fits your liking on the inside of leather case. Maybe a sweet father-daughter quote for your dad or short lyrics from you and your husband’s favorite song.

24) Travel Bag for Any Adventure

Your guy will not feel embarrassed carrying this man-bag. It has tons of compartments for him to stay organized (or pretend he is). This travel bag is great for a weekend trip! It’s not too big but not too small so it fits all the necessities perfectly. This side-bag also works great for the gym or even for work to bring a laptop or files from the office to home and back. Oh! And this travel bag is available in tan OR black. You simply can’t go wrong.


23) Amazing Wooden Watch
Tell time with style. This wooden watch is a draw-dropper for sure. A watch is a typical gift, but this personalized wooden watch truly stands out with at wood-grain face, durable mineral glass and unique coloring. It definitely is a unique and quality gift. Dad’s love a class gift and will really enjoy this special present.

22) Master Griller Gear

The top chef in your life will greatly appreciate some master griller gear. This personalized grill master apron is fit for the best grill champion. The apron really shows a guys manliness and his expertise with a spatula and a grill. Let him cook meat and look great too with this exquisite apron to fit all the important grill gear to have close at any moment notice. Grilling hamburgers and steaks is a MAJOR responsibility!

21) Personalized Football

An engraved football will truly bring back the glory days of scoring touchdowns and beating the team rivalry. Your an man will love seeing his name on stamped on his very own one-of-a-kind ball. It’s truly a showcase of a gift. His eyes will light-up at the sight of this gift as he reminisces on some of his most beloved memories playing ball with the boys.

20) Leather Belt Just for Him

This gift is perfect for two reasons….first off it looks fantastic! Whether it’s worn with a causal outfit of jeans and and a t-shirt or even with a nice button-down for work. This personalized leather belt is extremely versatile. Reason number two...it’s actually useful! Gift-giving is hard because no one wants to give a present that will sit on a shelf or forgotten about. However, a nice leather belt will be worn allllll the time!

19) Custom Pocket-Knife

Quality and beautify unify with this custom-pocket knife. Any type of guy will appreciate how manly they feel holding this engraved engrave blade with a wooden overlay. He doesn’t have to be a wilderness guy to appreciate this custom engraved gift.

18) Stainless Steel Tumbler

 This one is a real winner! Coffee, soda, protein shake on-the-go, heck even water, this stainless steel tumbler is great for ANY type of guy no matter what he drinks. With a double-wall it will keep cold drinks cool for up to 24 hours. So even when temperatures are boiling, your guys drink will still stay chilled.

17) Combat Cooler

Your guy will never have to lug around an ugly plastic cooler again once you give him this rugged Combat Cooler. Plus, he will never mix it up with anyone else’s cooler (not that anyone else would have such an awesome one as this) because it’s personalized with his initials. He can keep his beers cool and look even cooler doing it with this awesome personalized cooler.


16) “Do-It-All” Gadget

This multifunctional gadget can do just about anything! Need a bottle opener? What about a money clip? Need to measure something, well it can do that too. The best part is that this “Do-It-All” Gadget is small enough to fit in your wallet or pocket!  

15) Personalized Magnetic Capcatcher

If a simple bottle opener isn’t enough, invest in this personalized magnetic captcatcher…wow that’s a tongue twister.  Simply slap this magnetic bottle opener to the front of your refrigerator, pop off your beer cap and relax. Plus, no need to worry about your beer caps weighing this puppy down. The personalized magnetic capcatcher can hold up to thirty caps!

14) Personalized Beer Bucket

Such a simple gift, yet SO incredibly useful. Never drink a cold beer again with this personalized beer bucket. It’s extra cool because it’s personalized. You can put your guy’s nickname or write something connecting to the event your giving the gift for! Either way this bucket will be treasured for years.

13) Change Holder

Does your guy friend need a place to store all his loose change and random nick nacks that start to collect everywhere else. From the kitchen table, counter, dresser, car, and everywhere else small random items don’t belong. This personalized change holder is perfect to keep him organized! It’s super classy with its fancy engraved design.

12) Whisky Decanter

Sophisticated and manly. This Whisky Decanter is engraved too. It’s meant as a groomsmen gift because you can label it with the guy’s name, position in the wedding and the wedding date. Or you can label it with whatever other engravings you wish! Either way this glass stunner is sure to be appreciated.


11) Pocket Watch

Need a present more fit for a father? This nifty engraved pocket watch is a real winner for dad’s, birthday gifts, Father’s Day or just because! Choose which initials you want etched in this monogrammed watch and you’re good to go!

10) Engraved Leather Boomark

Have someone that loves to read? Encourage the leisure and love of reading with a set of 3 personalized find leather bookmarks. Your dad, boyfriend, husband or guy friend will never lose their page again!


9) Jack Daniels Whisky Barrel Pen

Hit the bullseye with this fantastic pen! It’s a Jack Daniels Whisky Barrel Pen 30 Caliber Gun and it comes with a leather sleeve to keep it nice and new. This is a true conversation piece because it is made of wooden white oak barrels from Jack Daniels whisky. It’s a truly gorgeous gift!

8) .50 Caliber Bullet Coat Rack

Everyone can use a coat rack....but not everyone gets to hang their jacket on one this legit! This .50 Caliber Bullet Coat Rack is true prestige. It’s handmade which makes it an extremely authentic and meaningful gift.

7) Bourbon Hat

This super versatile hat will take a rough hair day into a great one! Choose from green, camo or light blue. All these colors are fairly neutral so they can match just about anything. Day playing ball, going hiking or cooking at the girl - this hat is great to shade his eyes from the sun and still look fantastic!

6) “Love Note” Watch

Take the your run-of-the-mill watch and turn it up a notch. This time keeper is truly gorgeous as you get to add your own secret personalization. You get to leave a special message on the inner wrist of the watch! How special!


5) Cigar Box

This gift is hot, hot, hot! Gorgeous personally engraved wood makes this cigar box truly one-of-a-kind. Even if your guy doesn’t smoke cigars, this is a true work of art to sit out on display and appreciate its beauty!

4) Special Message Leather Wallet

Every guy uses a wallet, you may as well add a special message he can carry with him everywhere he goes. This genuine leather looks amazing. The wallet has a personalized front and inner message to let you add your own special touch.

3) Personalized Coffee Mug

Keeps things super simple with this quality personalized coffee mug. Make the mug your loved ones favorite color and label with their name, nickname or whatever you’re feeling! They will enjoy sipping their morning cup of Joe a bit more each time they look at this thoughtful present.

2) Engraved Beer Can Glass

Deer, anchor, laurus, palm trees, EMT, firefighter or mustache...the list goes on with the different types of themed engraved beer can glasses. Drinking a beer is extra fun with this personalized glass that is in the same shape as a normal beer can but in glass form!

1) Personalized Black Tumbler

Give your guy something nice to pour his morning coffee inside. Keep it nice and hot all the way to the office with this personalized black tumbler. It’s a great gift for any occasion whether it’s an anniversary, birthday or holiday!



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