Should You Get a Personalized Gift For Your Guy?

Updated on January 14, 2022 by Chris Bajda

Why Get a Personalized Gift For Your Guy

With so many gifts available in the market today, it is so easy to just buy any gift and assume that it will be treasured by your guy. While it’s true that it is the thought that counts, there surely are ways to make your man feel more valued and special. Seeing their name, initials, a personal message or their favorite quote on your gift doesn’t just bring a smile on their face but lets them know you have taken the time to choose a gift with them in mind. Don’t just give a generic gift. Make it a personalized gift. Why? Here are 4 reasons why: 

It makes your recipient feel more connected to you.Choosing a personalized gift is like telling your men that the friendship or connection you have with them is very special and that you intend to make that bond even stronger over time. It is your way of saying you want to celebrate the beautiful relationship you share with them each time they see your personalized gift.

It is perfect for any occasion.You never have to worry about what the celebration is about when giving a personalized gift. Whether it’s a Father's Day, a birthday, a graduation or no occasion at all, a personalized gift speaks of how you went out of your way and placed a lot of thought into the gift just to make the recipient know how special he or she is.

It instantly says you are thinking about them. Your gift instantly becomes one of a kind and extra special as you personalize it. You as the giver have taken time not just to choose the kind of gift you will give but have chosen to go the extra mile by choosing how to personalize that gift. And that speaks so much of how you truly value your friend or loved one.

It works for everyone.Free yourself of overthinking if your guy will or will not like your personalized gift. Personalized gifts are sure to work for everyone. Who won’t be delighted to see their name or a special message written out for them on their gift? You can be sure that your gift will be well received no matter what it is as long as it is personalized.    

You can find here some of the best-personalized gifts for your men that they will truly treasure for a long time: 


Decanters have a way of leveling up the way your man presents his favorite alcoholic drink to family and friends.  Keep his wine fresh all the time as you present him with these beautiful decanters.  Let your gift be an additional accessory for his home bar that embodies polish and good taste with a sleek alcohol decanter that can show-off the quality of the spirits. Enhance the beauty of liquors like whiskey, dark rum, and gold tequila by transferring them to a carafe or crystal bottle.

Let your guy truly enjoy his favorite alcoholic drink as decanting liquor opens up the flavor of the wine. Choosing a personalized decanter will definitely adorn his home bar with elegance and sophistication. Here are some of our favorite decanters:

 Anywhere can be your man's favorite watering hole with this special gift. Let him have the luxury of serving draft beers, cocktail drinks or even all kinds of spirit with this personalized whiskey decanter. This gift comes complete with a bamboo serving tray, a decanter and 2 whiskey glasses. Make your guy proud by adding his name as each piece can be personalized. 


Let him level up on his drinking essentials with this luxurious decanter set. This gift comes with a decanter that can contain up to 1 liter, a whiskey glass that can hold up to 8oz and steel ice cubes. All placed in a beautiful box which can also be personalized up to 3 initials as is with all the items inside.  Make his cross over from the koozy and bud light so much easier with this amazing and sophisticated gift. This is one gift your man will truly appreciate.

This handsome decanter set will be the highlight of any guy's desktop or bar top. With a symmetrical and intricate design, this set gets it right from form to function. Add in a personalized touch and you have a conversation piece for your whiskey lover. This set of the hand-carved twisted spiral glacier-shaped Decanter and glasses includes 4 glasses and a wood serving tray all with a personalized decanter.


There are tons of gifts to choose from when it comes to gifts for him. However, it’s very rare to find a gift that will constantly remind them of you and how special he is to you.  A personalized knife gift simply does that. It is the kind of gift that allows them to remember you as they use this functional gift again and again. It is definitely the perfect gift to express your gratitude to your man for all he does for you. Here are some of our favorite knife gifts:

Not only is this personalized knife affordable, but this gift is also sure to bring that smile of satisfaction on his face.  Let your man add this to his collection. This Altered Carbon is a spring-assisted multi-purpose folding knife with a smooth handle that comfortably fits his hand. The handles can also be personalized and can be engraved with his name. 

Let them know how much you appreciate them by giving this gift box with a handy not to small not to big folding knife.  It’s placed in an antique style wooden box for ready to go gifting. You can have your guy's initials engraved on the box and the knife.

This personalized gift is armed with 13 tools that come handy in a sleek tin box. The One Too Many knife is made from high-quality stainless steel and comes complete with a bottle opener, corkscrew, scissors, nail file, a knife and many more. Your handy dandy guy will truly appreciate this one of a kind gift that can also be personalized with 2 lines up t 12 characters per line.  

Travel and Gym

Traveling and going to the gym has a way of allowing him to get rejuvenated and refreshed. Let him know you’re thinking of him by giving something he can bring with him each time he travels or goes to the gym. Give him a gift that is useful, sentimental and practical, one that he’ll surely remember you by. Don’t miss the chance to make him feel special and valued. Give your man a gift that will arm him with everything he will need for all his travel escapades. Here are some of our favorite travel and gym gifts:

Your man would love this military-style duffel backpack! This canvas bag with complementing details will be a favorite item. Functioning both as a duffel bag and a backpack, he can easily fill it with almost every stuff he might need and so much more as he packs for his next adventure. Let this be a thank you gift he won’t forget as you present him with this backpack personalized with his initials. Surely, you will always be remembered in every adventure he will pursue.     

For the man whose always traveling whether, for work or leisure, this duffle bag will really be one functional and good looking gift. Send him thoughts that you are thinking of him as he explores places and pursues adventures across the globe. This duffle bag comes with a shoulder strap and durable carry handles .

Help your guy get his toiletries organized for his travels for the holidays by giving him this Dapper Dopp. Made of 100% vegan leather, this dopp kit’s interior is waterproof and made of nylon cotton blended fabric lining. Get this item personalized with your man's name or initials for that extra special touch.      


Your guy loves sports and you love your guy so what better gift for him then a personalized sports gift. Whether your man shares a love for a particular sport or you want to customize your gift depending on their preferred sport, your personalized sport gift will always be a welcome addition to their collection.  

Your guy may have their own preference as to what sport they are a fan of. One may be into golf, baseball, basketball, soccer, football or even hockey. Whatever sport they may be interested in, it would be very thoughtful of you to thank them with a gift that is intended to put a guaranteed smile on their faces as you hand them a personalized gift for sports fans. Here are some of our sports gifts: 

Reward the golfer in your life with this personalized golf towel. Anyone with a golfer in their life knows there is no such thing as to many accessories so help your golfer step up his game with this high quality golf towel. Equipped with a hook making for easy attachment we can't guarantee his game will improve but his style points will.

Present this personalized baseball bat to your man and take him out to the ball game. He will definitely appreciate this personalized piece that is meant to be treasured by him for a very long time. The full-size bat is only available in natural wood color. While you can choose the color you want for the mini bats. This awesome personalized mini bat will make a great gift for any guy. 

Cigars and Lighters

A time to relax, indulge and be stress-free, that’s the ideal picture you want for your man after all the hard work they have put in. Your guy deserves a special gift that speaks of how grateful and appreciative you are for all his efforts. Let him have the time to indulge and let the cigar lover in him be totally free to relax and enjoy.

Cigar smoking is said to bring relaxation, great satisfaction, and peace of mind. Cigar lovers find cigar smoking meditative and beneficial especially when it comes to relieving stress. It has a way to calm the body and mind, to a point that it brings healing, allowing people to think clearly, get creative and even sleep well. It is a state inducer, making it possible for cigar smokers to see things in a different perspective-one that is clearer and places one in a better state of mind. Not to mention, there are also several benefits that communal bonding brings with other stogie lovers.

So what better way to make your men feel special than giving him one of these personalized gifts:

Every cigar loving guy needs a good quality lighter. Whether outside in the wind or home in the man cave this lighter will light his stogies up just right. This engraved torch lighter is a triple torch flame with a retractable built in cutter. Your guy will be proud to whip this butane lighter out at a moments notice and will impress his friends for years to come.

This great travel cigar set comes with everything your aficionado needs for a night out. This handsome personalized set comes with a cigar case that fits up to three cigars, a personalized lighter, and a cutter. Your guy will truly appreciate the quality and thought of this gift.



For the beer lover, here’s your chance to let him know you truly appreciate them. They are your beer buddies who show up at the end of a long day and care to listen to all your stories, good or bad. You’ve shared a drink or two with them watching that favorite sport while cheering together for your favorite team.  They celebrated with you through life’s good times in almost every occasion you can think of and mourn with you through the bad.

And so, there’s no better way to communicate to your beer buddies how important they are by giving them something they can add to their barware collectionlike this one:


It’s not every day that you receive a gift that makes you want to portray what it’s like to drink like a true Viking. This vessel is shaped like a horn and can contain up to 16 ounces of your favorite beer. It comes with country style and well-made wooden stand complete with a leather strap to grip the horn tightly. Let your man experience what it means to drink like a true Viking with the proper horn vessel. Personalize it for them as you put their initials on each. 

When you want to get your guy something unique for his home bar these whiskey stonesmake a great gift.  These personalized stones will keep his whiskey cold while not diluting it, a pet peeve of any whiskey lover. This special gift are made of clean cut natural stones and designed to be stored in the freezer. Makes a great conversation piece to any drink.


They have been your go-to person for the times you’ve felt down and the ones celebrating with you every time you succeed! Those bonding moments with them are simply unforgettable. There’s no better occasion to let them know how much you appreciate them than adding to their collection as your way of saying thanks for being there on your special day. Show your love for your best buddies and all their hard work balanced with “play” as you give them a personalized flask for their favorite drink like this one:

Placing your man's hand-drawn and digitally printed caricatured face on his very own mug simply speak of how special he is to you. Each time he drinks down that ice-cold beer on a hot day he is refreshed not just with the drink but the thought that you actually remembered him through this flask. But wait there’s more. You also get to receive the digital format of his caricature that you can easily share with him. 


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