19 of the Best Personalized Metal Signs

Updated on January 15, 2022 by Eds Alvarez

What better way to delight him than to complete his man cave or personal space with a personalized metal sign.

Nothing looks better than seeing his name stamped on the door or the entrance area of the place where he can have his best buddies over for a party or a quick drink. Personalized metal signs can be a gift for almost any occasion, be that his anniversary or just your way of letting him know you are all for the sport he loves the most.  It's a well thought-of gift that tells him how you value him and the things that matter to him the most. 

Here are 19 of the best personalized metal signs you can choose from:  

19. Dad's Garage

This Dad's Garage will definitely make him smile. It is made out of aluminum, so its light weight and easy to hang and it wont rust. It is powder coated in flat black. It's one gift he will proudly show off to his friends. 

18. The Family Metal Sign 

The Family Metal Sign is made of steel and is carefully laser cut so that your personalization is made to perfection. Hang this on a wall so that everyone can see that this space is a man cave. He and his family will be truly proud with this awesome gift! 

17. Personalized BBQ Sign

This Personalized BBQ Sign is a great way to decorate his BBQ Zone and Yard. It brings the mood to his patio or porch. The clean and classic design is what makes this Metal BBQ sign stand out. It is universal for any design style, such as: modern, traditional, rustic, industrial, country, etc. A beautiful gift that can be set outside the house. It will make the perfect spring and summer birthday gift! 

16. Metal Gym Sign

This Metal Gym Sign is made of steel material making sure it will last for years to come. This gym sign is perfect for his outdoor hangout space, where he and his friends can sit back with some protein. This sign is laser engraved to perfection so that his personalization can be shown for all to see. 

15. Personalized Man Cave Metal Sign

This Personalized Man Cave Metal Sign is letting your man know that his man cave is legit. Get this personalized metal sign to hang over his space. It is a sturdy metal sign that can be hung up on the wall very easily. When his friends come over to drink or play a game or two of poker, they'll know exactly where to go to have a good time.

    14. Personalized Football Sign 

    This Personalized Football Sign is one good football memorabilia that will  always be appreciated no matter what time of year. As a gift to your boy for his special day, get him his very own personalized football sign to celebrate his love for the game. You can be sure he will have this on his wall so that he can see it every day.

    13. Infinity Love Metal Sign 

    This Infinity Metal Sign will definitely show him how much his love means to you! Now whenever any of his friends come to visit, they'll know exactly what infinity love looks like. This sign is made of steel and is carefully laser cut so that your personalization is made to perfection. 

    12. 3D Custom Backlit Sign

    This 3D Custom Backlit Sign is a custom made LED Sign for your business - our signs can be built for interior or exterior use. It's a sign with your logo or anything that your imagination can come up with. Each sign is hand crafted with high quality materials then custom packed/crated prior to delivery. Best part is it's delivered for free worldwide and including mounting hardware! 

    11. Personalized Soccer Sign

    This Personalized Soccer Sign is handmade and the design is laser cut to perfection. He will proudly show off this sign to all his friends. Make this sign as special as possible by placing his name on it. It's one gift he will always remember you by. 

        10. Personalized Boxing Metal Sign

        This Personalized Boxing Metal Sign will make his home gym set up complete. It is handmade and the design is lasered to perfection so that you know you have a high-quality piece hanging on the wall of his gym. Complete the look of this sign by placing his name on it and you have in your hand a gorgeous gift he will always remember you by. 

        9. Guy's Garage Sign

        This Guy's Garage Sign is a metal sign in perfect edition to make his man space complete. He will be reminded of your thoughtfulness with this unique idea every time he walks by it. All his friends will be wondering where he got this masterpiece so they can spruce up their own man space. Personalizing this would mean the world to him. 

        8. Personalized Baseball Metal Sign

        This Personalized Baseball Metal Sign is perfect for your future ballplayer. It is a metal sign that has a  unique etched design. Get this for your boy's special day or just as a special treat for his hard work on the field. You will truly hit a home run with this gift.

        7. A Man's Best Friend Metal Sign

        This A Man's Best Friend Sign can be placed over his dog's water bowl or somewhere where he likes to keep his most prized possessions so that he can always look back to it whenever he needs a good smile. This metal sign is handmade and the design is lasered to perfection making it extra special. 

        6. Custom Cigar Sign

        This Custom Cigar Sign is a humidor sign meant to commemorate his cigar collection. Make the man cave official by hanging up this metal sign. It is handmade and the details are etched to perfection. He will be delighted with the thoughtfulness you put into this gift. Have it personalized to make it extra special.

          5. Couple In Love Personalized Metal Sign

          What better way to greet him happy anniversary than this Anniversary Personalized Sign. Get him something that you both can enjoy for years to come. This couple's metal sign is the perfect gift for an anniversary or a Valentine's Day where you want to show him how much he means to you.

          4. Custom Retirement Sign 

          This Custom Retirement Sign is handmade and is laser cut to perfection making it possible for him to spend all his time admiring how beautiful this custom art piece is. Plus, that is exactly how he pictures retirement - just having his own sweet time. 

          3. Metal Customized Love Sign

          This Metal Customized Love Sign comes with hanging tools included. The hanging parts thickness are 0.75 inches (2cm) . So There will be 0,75 inches (2cm) gap between wall and metal wall art that looks like 3D. The material used i smetal and is available in Matte Black, Matte Gold, Matte Silver or Shiny Gold, Shiny Silver options. 

          2. Personalized Metal Campfire Sign

          This Personalized Metal Campfire Sign is handmade. It is made using 16Ga steel and powder coated for maximum durability. (With the exception of the Raw Steel option which will rust naturally for a more rustic look!). The Copper color is a power coat finish over steel, the sign IS NOT made of copper and will not turn "green" like copper over time. These signs can be used inside and out and will last a lifetime! 

          1. Custom Garage Sign

          This Custom Garage Sign is a personal gift that lets him know you're thinking of him. It is designed in 2 mm thick black. It comes with a wall hanging bracket behind and is very easy to install. This product is made of 100% aluminum and is both light and durable. It never rusts and its surface integrates with the paint.

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