17 Best Personalized Signs to Show Off Your Name

July 18, 2022 by Eds Alvarez

He's got that personal space that will have to be labeled as his. It could be his man cave, his room or just a specific corner that he wants to call his very own. Give him a gift that will complete that space. Neon or not, metal or wood, something serious or not so, you can be sure he will be having a big smile on his face when he receives a personalized sign with his name on it. Choose a custom sign that is unique and durable. He's really going to have a hard time forgetting about you as he see's your gift hanging on his wall. 

Here are 17 of the best personalized name signs that you can choose from:   

17. Personalized Superhero Name Sign

This Personalized Superhero Name Sign is guaranteed to brighten up his space. What's more, the installation is easy, just peel and stick. It is 100% handmade right in the UK is laser cut from 6 mm thick MDF. This stunning LED wall decor makes a great addition to any room. 

16. The Family Metal Sign 

Hang this on a wall so that everyone can see that this space is a man cave. The Family Metal Sign is made of steel and is carefully laser cut so that your personalization is made to perfection. He and his family will be truly proud with this awesome gift!

15. Metal Gym Sign

This gym sign is perfect for his outdoor hangout space, where he and his friends can sit back with some protein. This Metal Gym Sign is made of steel material making sure it will last for years to come. It is laser engraved to perfection so that his personalization can be shown for all to see. 

14. Personalized Football Sign 

As a gift to your boy for his special day, get him his very own personalized football sign to celebrate his love for the game. This Personalized Football Sign is one good football memorabilia that will  always be appreciated no matter what time of year.  You can be sure he will have this on his wall so that he can see it every day.

13. Personalized Soccer Sign

It's one gift he will always remember you by. This Personalized Soccer Sign is handmade and the design is laser cut to perfection. He will proudly show off this sign to all his friends. Make this sign as special as possible by placing his name on it.  

12. Guy's Garage Sign

 All his friends will be wondering where he got this masterpiece so they can spruce up their own man space. This Guy's Garage Sign is a metal sign in perfect edition to make his man space complete. He will be reminded of your thoughtfulness with this unique idea every time he walks by it. 

11. Personalized Baseball Metal Sign

You will truly hit a home run with this gift. This Personalized Baseball Metal Sign is perfect for your future ballplayer. It is a metal sign that has a  unique etched design. Get this for your boy's special day or just as a special treat for his hard work on the field.

10. Custom Cigar Sign

He will be delighted with the thoughtfulness you put into this gift. This Custom Cigar Sign is a humidor sign meant to commemorate his cigar collection. Make the man cave official by hanging up this metal sign. It is handmade and the details are etched to perfection. Have it personalized to make it extra special.

9. Metal Customized Love Sign

The material used is metal and is available in Matte Black, Matte Gold, Matte Silver or Shiny Gold, Shiny Silver options. This Metal Customized Love Sign comes with hanging tools included. The hanging parts thickness are 0.75 inches (2cm) . So There will be 0,75 inches (2cm) gap between wall and metal wall art that looks like 3D.  

8. Custom Man Cave Sign

Custom Man Cave Sign

It is laser engraved to perfection so that his personalization can be shown for all to see. This custom sign is a great way to make your man feel truly appreciated for being the grill master of the house. It's one gift that will definitely place a big smile on his face. 

7. Home Bar Neon Signs

It is made by hand and is built to last. This Home Bar Neon Signs is a customized neon bar sign. Each sign comes as standard with on/off, dimming and brightening switch as well as multiple pre-set flashing options. It is made from long lasting, durable and environmentally friendly LED neon strip, mounted on a clear acrylic back board - the sign comes standard with a 5 meter clear power cord and black power bank. It will certainly  transform his space. 

6. Personalized Garden Bar Home Bar Sign 

Each one comes with four pre drilled holes in each corner to make mounting to any surface easy! This Personalized Garden Bar Home Bar Sign is printed to meet your specifications. These signs are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.  

5. 14" Personalized Metal Garage Sign

This 14" Personalized Metal Garage Sign have holes on the sides for hanging.
It's available in colors black, red, copper, white, gold, and silver. This sign is made from metal material and available in a variety of sizes. It will definitely transform his space. 

4. Custom Metal Hangar Sign

This Custom Metal Hangar Sign has a rust/worn effect and is printed as part of the design (they are not actually rusty signs). It is a 2D print that is perfect for any living room, home, pub, office, bar, store, coffee shop and anywhere. It's one gift he will truly remember you by. 

3. Personalized Metal Name Plaque

This Personalized Metal Name Plaque is a graffiti style door sign. It comes supplied with sticky pads to stick to a door/wall. It features a vibrant and colorful design professionally printed on to coated aluminum. It is waterproof & weather resistant and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. 

2. Personalized Name License Plate Garage Sign


This Personalized Name License Plate Garage Sign is one unique wall decoration. The authentic license plates have letters/numbers randomly picked. He will be delighted to receive this gift. Perfect for the mechanic in the family. 

1. Custom Motorcycle Metal Wall Art With Led Lights


This Custom Motorcycle Metal Wall Art With Led Lights  is professionally laser cut.  It features 16 gauge steel and a custom text. It is also powder coated to ensure a smooth finish and long term durability. A string of fairy LED lights is attached behind these items to highlight his room. Plus, it has pre designed holes for hanging. He can hang the sign with screws, nails, wall magnets, command strips or whatever he prefers.

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