17 Perfect Pokemon Gifts for Boys to Catch Them All

January 09, 2024 by Melissa Bajda

If you want the perfect gift for a Pokemon fan, look at this list of unique Pokemon gifts for boys!

Whether they are looking to catch them all or show off their love for the popular franchise, these gifts will surely be a hit with any boy who loves the world of Pokemon.

From custom portraits and figurines to clothing and games, there's something here for every Pokemon lover. So, without further ado, let's look at the top 17 Pokemon gifts for boys!

 Pokemon Gift Ideas for Boys: Catch 'Em All with These Awesome Presents

1. Pokemon Terrarium

If your boy is a Pokemon fan, then a Pokemon Terrarium would make an excellent gift for him. 

These best gifts for boys feature your boy's favorite Pokemon characters, such as Pikachu, Squirtle, Eevee, Charmander, and Bulbasaur.

The Terrarium is designed to light up, adding an extra magic touch to Pokemon fans' rooms.

2. Pokemon Advent Calendar

The Pokemon Advent Calendar is perfect for children of all ages and is an excellent way to spark their creativity and imagination.

This Pokemon gift includes twenty-four surprises, including mini Pokemon figurines, stickers, and other Pokemon-themed items.

The advent calendar is an exciting way to add festive cheer to the holidays while introducing children to Pokemon.

3. Custom Picture Frame

Pokemon Picture Frame can be a perfect addition to any fan's room. It is an affordable and personalized gift that your boy would love.

These Pokemon gifts for boys can feature any of their favorite Pokemon. Whether it is Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, or any other Pokemon they love.

These great gift ideas are a great way to showcase your boy's love for Pokemon. They are decoration pieces that can also hold their cherished memories.

4. Charmander Pokemon 3D Lamp

If your little one is a fan of Charmander, then this Charmander 3D Lamp will make the perfect gift!

Its remote control allows you to switch it on and off easily. Plus, it is energy efficient, so you won't have to worry about electricity bills.

You can also personalize this Pokemon gift with your child's name. Your child will feel special knowing that their name is displayed alongside their favorite Pokemon character.

5. Funko Pop! Mewtwo Figure

If your boy is a Pokemon lover, he probably already has a Pokemon plush or figurines around his room. But why not add the Pokemon Funko Pop! Mewtwo Vinyl Figure to his collection?

This great gift idea stands 5 inches tall and is made of high-quality vinyl material.

Mewtwo is a fan favorite and a powerful psychic-type Pokémon. Your boy will love the intricate details of this Pokemon gift.

6. My Best Catch Keychain

The My Best Catch Keychain is one of the cutest and most affordable Pokemon gifts for boys.

These stainless steel gift ideas feature a Pokemon logo with custom initials inside the heart, making it perfect for Pokemon fans.

This is a Pokemon gift that's not only practical but also sentimental. Every time he looks at the keychain, he will remember you!

7. Pokémon Clip & Carry Belt

Are you seeking the perfect Pokemon accessory to complete your boy's trainer outfit? The Pokemon Clip & Carry Belt is an excellent addition to any young trainer's wardrobe.

The Pokemon clip and belt come with a Poke Ball that pops open with the button, making it easy for kids to pretend they are catching and training their own Pokemon.

The belt set is adjustable, making it suitable for various waist sizes.

8. Custom Pokemon Portrait

If you want to give a truly personalized gift to a Pokemon-loving boy, consider getting them a Custom Pokemon Portrait.

Whether a digital or physical portrait, these best Pokemon gifts will delight any Pokemon fan and give them a unique piece of art to hang up in their room or show off to their friends.

9. Pokémon Building Toys Set

The Pokemon Toys Set is a fantastic gift for budding architects and engineers. With 130 pieces, thisBuilding Set will keep him entertained for hours.

This best gift set includes your favorite Pokemon characters, featuring Pikachu to Squirtle, Charmander, and beyond.

It is an affordable option that provides hours of fun and encourages imagination and skill development.

10. Wooden Music Box 

If you want a unique and thoughtful gift for a Pokemon-loving boy, consider the Pokemon Music Box.

These best Pokemon gifts for boys are crafted from high-quality wood and feature an engraved design of Pikachu and friends.

When the crank on the side of the box is turned, it plays the beloved Pokémon theme song. It is a perfect gift for a birthday or any special occasion, and it's sure to delight any Pokemon fan.

11. Pokemon Battle Academy 2

The Battle Academy 2 Pokemon Game is perfect for boys who love strategy games and Pokemon battles.

These Pokemon gifts for boys come with three complete TCG decks, each with 60 Pokemon cards and an instruction sheet to guide you through the game.

Players take turns choosing which Pokemon cards to play and how to use their attacks and abilities. The objective is to defeat all of your opponent's Pokemon and be the last player standing.

12. Pokemon Boys' Underwear

Who says practical gifts can't be fun? This Pokemon-themed Underwear is a great way to bring excitement to everyday items.

Made from 100% cotton, these best Pokemon gifts for boys are comfortable and breathable, perfect for boys of all ages.

Plus, with various Pokemon designs available, there's sure to be a favorite for everyone.

13. Pokemon Game Shirt

If you have a young Pokemon enthusiast, chances are they'd love a Pokemon Game Shirt featuring Pokemon characters!

Perfect for playing Pokemon Go or simply showing off their love for the franchise, this shirt will surely be a huge hit with any young Pokemon fan.

Whether they are battling it out with their friends or simply hanging out at home, a Pokemon shirt is an excellent addition to any young Pokemon fan's wardrobe.

14. Custom Pokemon Sign 

Consider a Custom Pokemon Sign featuring your boy's name and a Pokemon Pikachu design for a truly personalized and unique gift.

These birthday gifts for boys who love Pokemon will surely add a touch of magic to their bedroom or play area, and with a remote control, they can change the color to suit their mood or preferences.

It is perfect for Pokemon lovers who want to show off their fandom in a fun and creative way.

15. Bulbasaur Embroidered Hat

If you have a boy who is a fan of the Pokemon series, you can never go wrong with a Pokemon character hat.

This Leaf Green Bulbasaur Embroidered Hat is perfect for your little boy who wants to be like Ash Ketchum, the famous Pokemon trainer.

The hat is designed with Bulbasaur's signature leaf on the front, and the green color will make him feel like he's genuinely part of the Pokemon world.

16. Pokedex Nintendo Switch Cartridge Case

For the ultimate Pokemon fan who has a Nintendo Switch, the Pokedex Nintendo Switch Cartridge Case is a perfect gift.

It is designed like a miniature Pokedex with up to 16 game cartridges. It is a fun way to store games and practical for keeping them organized and easy to find.

These Pokemon gifts for boys are perfect for someone with Nintendo Switch who loves Pokemon games.

17. Custom Pokemon Card

If your boy loves everything Pokemon, getting him a Custom Face Pokemon card will surely bring a huge smile to his face!

You can choose any picture of your child, which will be added to these Pokemon cards. This is an excellent way to get your kid excited about playing Pokemon and to show off their favorite picture.

This best Pokemon gift is made of metal and comes with an acrylic cover which protects the card and adds durability.


1. What is the coolest Pokemon toy to gift to a boy?

    We recommend getting a custom-made Pokemon card if you want something unique. You can choose the Pokemon and its attacks and add your child's name to the card. It's a one-of-a-kind gift that your child will cherish.

    2. Where can I get Pokemon gifts?

      Many stores sell Pokemon merchandise, including Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, and Amazon. You can find unique Pokemon gifts on Etsy or local comic book shops.

      3. What Pokemon clothing and accessories would make great gifts?

        Some great Pokemon clothing and accessories include Pikachu or Charmander socks, hoodies, or a Pikachu or Eevee backpack.

        4. What Pokemon party supplies can I use for a Pokemon-themed birthday party?

          You can find Pokemon party supplies like cups, plates, napkins, and decorations at party stores or online.

          You can also add a personal touch by making Pokemon-themed decorations or treats. Some ideas include Pikachu cupcakes or a Pokemon pinata.


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