17 Best Tactical Pens for your Man

Updated on October 26, 2020 by Tyler Carter

Don’t just give him another branded writing tool. Get him something more functional than that. Not just something he can write with but one that he can find handy for safety or emergency situations – a tactical pen. He’s not the type who will be happy just staying on the office and signing documents. He loves outdoor adventures and yes even the kind where he could be saving lives. Give him a tactical pen that is durable, sturdy and reliable. These pens are sure to take him to places and situations where he can actually turn out to be the hero.     

Here are 17 of the best tactical pens you can choose from:

17. The Most Loaded 6-in-1 Tactical Pen

The Most Loaded 6-in-1 Tactical Pen is made of ultra-strong aircraft aluminum for self-defense. It features a patented thread design at the handle and thumb head that allows a better thumb grip. It's the optimal way to fully transfer your power to the target. You can be sure you're giving him one durable gift as this one won't break and won't rust.

    16. Moikin 10 in 1 Tactical Pen

    Giving him the Moikin 10 in 1 Tactical Pen means combining the most needed EDC tools in one sturdy, well designed, well crafted compact tactical pen. It features an LED tactical flashlight, a premium glass breaking head, a rope cutter, a great writing ballpoint pen and 6 multi-tool heads. It also includes an emergency whistle, magnesium rod firing, bottle opener, cross screwdriver, straight screwdriver, 2 black ink refills, and 2 sets of batteries.

    15. 2 Pack Military Tactical Pen Set

    It's sure to help him out when needed. This 2 Pack Military Tactical Pen Set features aerospace grade aluminum body with a glass breaker tip made of tungsten steel. This means it is strong and durable to break window glass. It also comes with 6 ballpoint refills with black ink for these two tactical pens. 

      14. MTP-6 Tactical Pen

      The MTP-6 Tactical Pen is said to be the world's most loaded pen. It features the most-needed EDC tools in one sturdy, well-designed tactical pen. He'll feel confidently equipped with a multi-mode LED tactical flashlight, a premium glass breaker, a multi tool and smooth writing ballpoint pen. It also comes with 3 black ink cartridges, 4 sets of batteries, and online self defense class.

        13. Werkzeug Tactical Pen (10-in-1)

        The Werkzeug Tactical Pen (10-in-1) is made of high quality aluminum alloy. It features anti-oxidation, high toughness, and good corrosion resistance. It is strong, durable, and suitable for outdoor and daily carrying. It also comes with an exquisite black gift case ready to be handed to your man. 

          12. The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen

          It's one badass weapon that flies under the radar. The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen writes smoothly and evenly and appears harmless until deployed. It has a powerful glass breaking tip and includes 2 ink cartridges. It's also compatible with Atomic Bear ink refills, Parker, Fisher Space, Rite in the Rain, and many more. It's one pen he will truly appreciate as it is made for the long haul. 

            11. RAK Multi-Tool 2Pc Pen Set 

            It's a multi-functional 2 piece pen set. The  RAK Multi-Tool 2Pc Pen Set has 8 combined features - super bright LED light, stylus top, standard and metric rulers, bubble leveler, bottle opener, flathead and Phillips screwdriver, and a ballpoint pen . Plus, it comes with 2 ink refills and heavy duty aluminum metal body for endless tough projects - perfect for home improvement, construction, electrical, and DIY.

            10. Tactical Pen (8-in-1)

            The Tactical Pen (8-in-1) is a stocking stuffer, well crafted compact tactical pen. It combines the most needed EDC tools, and is very sturdy. It features a  multifunctional head (can be used to open bottle, etc), fire starter, emergency whistle, premium glass breaking head, compass, great writing ballpoint pen. It also comes with a gift box ready to be handed to your man. 

              9. Tactical Pen with 6 ink refill - 4 in 1

              This Tactical Pen with 6 ink refill - 4 in 1 is made from aircraft grade aluminum for superior strength & portability. It's lightweight and can break the window and provide escape in an emergency situation. It's also a comfortable pen with rounded pen tip. Definitely suitable for everyday use or situations that call for emergency. 

                8. Sminiker Professional Defender Tactical Pen

                It's made from aircraft grade aluminum for superior strength and portability. The Sminiker Professional Defender Tactical Pen can be used window breaking and escape as well as a safeguard against attackers in emergency situations. It features thread design at the handle, excellent anti-skid ability and good grip, and a sense of smooth, continuous, effortless and even ink transfer. This is a must-have as his personal survival gear.

                7. Tactical Pen Engraved"LUCKY FOREVER"

                This cool and unique gift is sure to impress him. The Tactical Pen Engraved"LUCKY FOREVER" brings more convenience for him to work at home, in the field or daily driving. It is engraved “LUCKY FOREVER”, which not only expresses your love. Various functions are integrated into a compact, solid pen. It features a flash light, fire starter, premium glass breaking head multifunctional head (can be used to open bottle, unscrew the nut, etc), and a great writing ballpoint pen. 

                  6. CRKT Williams Tactical Pen

                  It has a strong and lightweight feature that he will definitely love. The CRKT Williams Tactical Pen minimizes reflectivity. It has a bead blast finish that reduces reflection. This low profile but convenient pen has a one-year limited warranty against defects in material or manufacturing so you are sure you're giving him a gift that can last for a long time. 

                  5. DeltaHalo Ultimate Tactical Pen with LED Flashlight

                  The DeltaHalo Ultimate Tactical Pen with LED Flashlight is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. These pens are tough enough to handle any tactical or survival situation. It includes an LED flashlight, 2 pen refills, a glass breaker, whistle, rope safety cutter, and 2 screw drivers. It's one gift he will surely treasure for life.

                    4. Tactical Pen Self Defense Survival Gadget 

                    It's a survival multi-tool. The Tactical Pen Self Defense Survival Gadget is an ultimate emergency tool that can be discretely stored and carried everywhere to protect and assist in accidental or critical situations. This personal protection pen comes with a variety of useful and practical self defense tools: window breaker tip; multitool with a screwdriver, bottle opener and hex key; LED flashlight, ballpoint pen with ink cartridge. Plus, two extra sets of LR44 batteries and 3 extra cartridge refills. 

                    3. Tactical Pen (9 In 1)

                    As a multitool tool, the GREENEVER Tactical Pen (9 In 1) is the perfect tool for safety and emergency situations. This tactical pen is made of strong materials, and is a perfect  gift for police officers, emergency responders, or simply as a day-to-day safety tool. It includes a multifunctional head (can be used to open the bottle, tighten the screw), emergency whistle, premium glass breaking head, compass, and a great writing ballpoint pen. The small size makes it possible to carry it anywhere, anytime.

                    2. Tungsten Steel Tactical Pen

                    It's one durable and sturdy multi-tool. The Tungsten Steel Tactical Pen functions as a tool for writing, self-defense and glass breaker. It also comes with an LED light and a skid-proof design(Tactical Pen Body), that gives him a very comfortable grip. This perfectly made tools are packed in a wonderful gift box that is sure to impress him. 

                    1. Carimee Titanium Tactical Pen

                    The Carimee Titanium Tactical Pen is made of full TC4 Titanium which makes the pen very solid. Its length is about 5 inch and weight is 1.5oz, which is very suitable as an EDC pen. One end has a powerful glass breaking tip and the other end can be used to write. The rolling gadget cap and push switch also makes it very convenient to use. 

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