Best Pocket Knives

36 Best Pocket Knives For Any Guy

He lives by the principle less is more. No wonder a pocket knife is the most fitting gift you can give him on any occasion. Choosing a pocket knife need not be complicated. You just have to know the difference between single-blade knives, multi-blade knives and multi-tools. Want it to be more than just a knife with blades? Then choose the army knives and multi-tools that come with saws, toothpicks, tweezers, can openers, nail files, scissors, corkscrews and magnifying glasses. It’s perfect for the jack-of-all-trades in your life who needs a whole range of tools handy at all times.
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Best Tactical Knives

17 Best Tactical Knives for the Survival Guy

It’s one practical gift for someone who loves the outdoors. Whether it’s hunting, camping or whatever outdoor adventure he plans in the future, a tactical knife will always be a right fit. Choose one that is of a reputable brand and just the right size that would fit his favorite activities. Keep in mind that choosing a tactical knife would involve a close look at the material of the blade, the handle, the overall weight, design of the tip and even the thickness of the blade. A grippy handle and non-refelctive blade coating are important considerations too.
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Best Damascus Knives

17 Best Damascus Knives for Versatility & Style

Talk about a gift that is both functional and aesthetically designed! Giving him a modern Damascus knife is like letting him hit two birds with one stone. It’s one tool he can use in the kitchen and for his hunting adventures. Choose the type that is of high-quality. Consider its sharpness and its ability to maintain its edge well. Damascus knives are made with inner core of high-carbon specialty hard steel that is protected by a softer stainless steel. You can be sure that the blade will remain sharp because of the hardness of the inner core and will remain protected from chipping because of the softer steel. Forged together, it also produces that distinctive Damascus pattern that he will surely love.    
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Personalized Wooden Gifts

The 16 Best Personalized Wooden Gifts

It's that sentimental feeling that we get that makes a wood gift extra special. It's the smell of it, the homey vibe and that distinct character of the wood that makes it a fine present for any occasion. It's elegant but also makes you feel so much closer to nature. The stability and durability of wood are reflective of the bond between you and him and how through the years, nothing has come between the two of you. Surprise him with a wood gift that is both thoughtful and practical and watch how that bond even becomes stronger.   
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