The 15 Best Personalized Gifts Made From Wood

February 12, 2020

It's that sentimental feeling that we get that makes a wood gift extra special. It's the smell of it, the homey vibe and that distinct character of the wood that makes it a fine present for any occasion. It's elegant but it also makes you feel so much closer to nature. The stability and durability of wood are reflective of the bond between you and him and how through the years, nothing has come between the two of you. Surprise him with a wood gift that is both thoughtful and practical and watch how that bond even becomes stronger.   

Here are 15 best-personalized wood gifts you can choose from:

15. Dungeon Master Beer Mug

While glassware for beers abounds as possible gifts for beer lovers, this one stands out as the mug uses natural wood oak and copper plaque. The inner portion of the mug is made up of stainless steel keeping your beer cold even after hours. It can contain up to 22 ounces of your drink. Have it personalized by placing your beer buddies name right in the middle of this artistically designed wooden mug.

14. Personalized Pen

    He can be very busy signing tons of paper in the office. And being busy can sometimes get in the way of not being able to communicate as often as you want to. Let him know you’re thinking about him no matter how busy life gets as you give him this personalized pen. The close-grained hardwood of this pen makes him look very professional and can even be customized with 2 lines up to 15 characters per line.     

    13. Personalized Wood Stand

    He can use it on his desk at work or near his gaming console at home. This headphone hanger is perfect for keeping his favorite headphones in perfect condition. Made from Birch plywood and plexiglass, it provides a stable foundation for his headphones. This gift is easy to assemble and can be personalized with his name or initials. 

    12. Wooden Baseball & Glove Puzzle

    Celebrate his favorite sport with this unique 3D interlocking puzzle. This wooden baseball jigsaw is made of the lacquer finished Asian rosewood, a lasting and memorable gift mounted on a display base. He is going to love this delightful display in his room. 

    11. Personalized Wall Mount Bottle Opener

    Practical and functional he would really love this Personalized Wall Mount Bottle Opener. This natural walnut wood and iron bottle opener with cap catcher come handy every time he reaches for that ice-cold beer. Have it as is or personalize it by engraving his name on it.  

    10. Personalized Guitar Pick

    Make his thoughts be directed back to you as he plays that guitar. Give him this personalized hardwood guitar pick. You can even choose the kind of wood that will be used. Choose from oak, walnut or mahogany. This guitar pick is carefully sanded and treated with natural oil. It’s even placed in a box that can be engraved with his name or initials. You’re all set to giving him a tiny but memorable gift he will treasure forever.

    9. Personalized Golfer’s Pen and Divot Tool Set

      The golf fanatic in him will definitely be delighted with this functional gift. This pen and divot tool gift set features a smooth writing ballpoint pen with a  detailed golf ball at the end of the cap. Also included is a pocket clip shaped like a golf club. The divot tool is made from rosewood and steel and is ready to repair even the most difficult divots out on the links. This gift is packaged in a rosewood box with foam inlay. You may also have the lid of the box customized. This is one gift that will truly be treasured for a long time.   

      8. Beer Cap Holder  

      Give him this beer cap holder and turn this cap collection into a contest amongst your beer buddies! This beer cap holder comes with a free bottle opener/wine cork holder. It’s made of stained pine wood and can hold 800 beer bottle caps or 150 wine corks. 

      7. Brew Bearer

        Don’t you find it awkward, especially on more formal occasions when you place those six-packs on the table complete with its cardboard carrier? Why not give him this beer holder as a gift. This quality beer luggage is a gift that allows him to arrive with his six packs in a trendy way, no matter the occasion. This brew bearer is made up of fir wood and delicately engraved with a deer antler design complete with an attached bottle opener. Personalize it by having his name laser engraved on it and he’s sure to carry it proud and in a stylish way.

        6. Personalized Grill Tool 

        He may be out in the woods on a camping site but who can keep him from doing his favorite thing in the world when he’s got this personalized multi-barbeque tool to aid him in his grilling.  This grillbuster comes with a 5 piece multi-tool including a spatula, basting brush, grill fork, corkscrew and bottle opener all set in one single wood-handled utensil which can be personalized especially for him. 

        5. Personalized Beverage Cooler


        Whether he’s holding a back deck barbeque or heading somewhere for a weekend getaway with family and friends, this wine cooler is perfect for keeping his favorite beverage ice cold. This cooler is made of tough yet light fir wood and can hold up to 3 gallons. It even has a metal insert to insulate ice. What makes this gift even cooler is that you can have it engraved with the family name. Simply perfect as a gift for him!  

        4. Personalized Mini Wood Speaker 

        This Personalized Mini Wood Speaker will surely fit his personality. Some may like to party with friends while others party on their own. This Bluetooth speaker will benefit both types. It has an enhanced sub-woofer that offers clear, clean, crisp and complete stereo system sound that ensures an enjoyable movie watching or sound tripping time for him. Offering two color options: Cherry or bamboo, this speaker has a work time of 6 to 8 hours and charge time of 2 hours. 

        3. Personalized Docking Station

        He would usually have a long tiring work day meeting deadlines, building connections, and closing deals. He will truly appreciate your effort to get his stuff organized the moment he’s home. This personalized docking station is a wooden organizer for his small things like phone, keys, tablet, watch, flash drives, coins and the like. Personalize it by having his initials engraved on this holder. 

        2. Custom Engraved Blue Burl Wood Two-Tone Watch

        Talk about a unique and smart gift.  Your friend is a real family man. This one is for him.  This Custom Engraved Blue Burl Wood Two-Tone Watch can be given to anyone who wants to wear something classy and sentimental. Crafted from a stunning two-tone black sandalwood and zebra wood band and a unique burl wood dial, this stylish wood watch is the perfect accessory for any occasion.

        1. Personalized Wooden Music Box

        While he may have just one or many hobbies, this would be a perfect time to let him know that you do appreciate him and that it's okay, from time to time to be really engrossed with his hobbies. Does he collect superhero stuff? Then appreciate even his childlike love for Star Wars and add to his collection this personalized wooden music box

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