17 Must-Have Two Groovy Birthday Decoration Supplies

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Are you looking for decoration supplies that are just as groovy as your little one's Two Groovy Birthday party? Look no further! We've compiled a list of 17 fun and funky decoration picks that will bring on the fun.

From neon disco balls to banners, these groovy birthday party supplies will transport your guests back to the age of bell-bottoms and platform shoes.

Let's dive in and discover the perfect decorations for your little one's Two Groovy Birthday bash.

 Two Groovy Birthday Supplies to Make Your Celebration Pop!

1. Two Groovy Invitation

Let's start the countdown to a two-groovy birthday party with a Creative Invitation that sets the tone for your celebration.

You can create a two-groovy invitation for a retro birthday party theme with bold and colorful designs, funky fonts, and catchy phrases for kids.

Ensure to include all the essential details like the date, time, location, RSVP instructions, and any dress code or gift suggestions.

2. Happy Birthday Sign

Happy Birthday Sign is a must-have for a groovy vibe for kids. It adds to the festive atmosphere and lets guests know what they celebrate.

For a two-groovy birthday party, consider a retro hippie-inspired design. A garland-style sign that says "Happy Birthday" in colorful letters, funky flowers, and peace signs would be the perfect touch.

Hang these birthday party decorations above the dessert table or photo booth for a fun and groovy decoration.

3. Groovy Party Water Labels

The next item on our list of Two Groovy Birthday Party Supplies is water labels! It is all about the details; these Water Labels are a great way to add fun and personality to your celebration.

We love the "Stay Trippy Little Hippie" water labels, perfect for any boho or psychedelic-themed party. They feature colorful flowers, peace signs, and trippy text. Peel and stick these groovy party labels onto water bottles for a personalized touch.

4. Two Groovy Balloon Banner 

Nothing screams party quite like balloons! A Two Groovy-themed party is no exception.

The Balloon Banner is made from shiny foil balloons decorated with rainbows, stars, and daisies. The perfect combination for a two-groovy party atmosphere.

These party decorations will add some groovy flair to your celebration and make for a great photo opportunity for your guests to capture memories of the fun-filled occasion.

5. Groovy Balloon Bouquet

No groovy birthday party is complete without balloons! And when it comes to a Two-Groovy birthday celebration, balloons are so much fun.

We recommend the Groovy Balloon Bouquet, a set of 5 Mylar balloons featuring funky and colorful designs for kids.

You can use it as a groovy centerpiece for your birthday party or tie it to the back of the birthday boy or girl's chair as a special throne. You can use it as a backdrop for fun and groovy party pictures!

6. Personalized Cutlery Pouches

Personalized Cutlery Pouches can be perfect for your two groovy-themed birthday parties.

Not only do they add an extra touch of customization to your event, but they are also practical. Your guests will love having their personalized pouches to keep their utensils organized.

These party supplies will not only make your guests feel extra special, but it will also keep your party looking neat and organized.

7. Retro Groovy Cookies

No party is complete without some sweet treats! And what better way to bring in the groovy vibes than with some Retro-inspired Cookies?

Whether you opt for a classic chocolate chip or get creative with a unique flavor, customizing these party decorations with groovy designs and colors will make your celebration pop.

Feel free to mix and match different shapes and sizes to create a fun, eclectic display that will impress your guests.

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8. Balloon Garland Kit 

The Two-Groovy Balloon Garland Kit is perfect for your retro-themed birthday party.

These groovy birthday party supplies include daisy-colored latex balloons and a balloon garland strip. The kit makes adding a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to your birthday celebration easy.

To use the kit, inflate the balloons and thread them onto the strip. The daisy colors add a playful and groovy feel to your decorations, and the garland can be hung anywhere in the birthday party space.

9. Groovy Temporary Tattoos

These Groovy Temporary Tattoos are incredible if you want to add some temporary flair to your party-goers!

With 48 colorful tie-dye groovy birthday tattoos, you are sure to find designs matching your birthday theme.

These party supplies are water-resistant, so your guests can keep the fun going even if they accidentally spill their drink.

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10. Party Table Toppers

To complete your Two-Groovy birthday party theme, remember to set the mood with some vibrant table toppers!

Our Two Groovy birthday party Table Toppers come in 24 pieces of double-sided card stock in six different designs, adding a playful touch to your party table.

These table toppers are the perfect way to enhance your party's decor without breaking the bank.

11. Disco Ball for Retro Party

For those who love the retro disco vibe, a Mirror Disco Ball is a must-have birthday party decoration.

These shiny disco balls come in sizes ranging from two to eight inches, adding the perfect touch of glitter and shine to your Two-Groovy celebration.

Plus, with a pink color option, you can make a statement with these groovy birthday party decorations.

12. 168 Pcs Groovy Supplies Set

Are you looking for a comprehensive birthday party supply package? Look no further than the 168 Pcs Two-Groovy Party Supplies Set, the Ultimate Package to start the birthday party.

This party supplies set includes everything you need to create the ultimate retro disco-themed celebration for up to 24 people.

The set includes groovy dinner and dessert plates, cups, pink knives, spoons, and forks in packs of 24 each.

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13. Two Groovy Backdrop Banner

Another great Two-Groovy birthday supply that can help make your celebration pop is the Backdrop Banner.

This two-groovy banner features colorful, psychedelic patterns and graphics reminiscent of the groovy era, creating a perfect backdrop for taking pictures with friends and family.

This groovy banner measures 6.5ft x 3.7ft, making it an excellent table centerpiece for your party.

14. Groovy Party Hanging Swirls

These Two-Groovy Party Hanging Swirls have 24 double-sided cutouts featuring 12 hippie designs.

These swirls in pastel color scheme are perfect for any hippie or flower child-themed birthday party and add grooviness to your decorations. Your guests will love them!

Hang these party supplies from the ceiling to add color and movement to your two-groovy party space.

15. Two Groovy Cake Toppers

The happy birthday party is incomplete without a cake; a groovy two-year-old birthday party is no exception. Consider using these Two Groovy Cake Toppers to top off your cake and cupcakes.

The Two Groovy Wood Cake Toppers are versatile enough to match any color scheme or party theme, so you can easily incorporate them into your party decor.

They are also sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the cake, making them a reliable choice for your kids' party.

16. Two Groovy Tablecloth

Complete your Two Groovy party theme with this Daisy Flower-Designed Tablecloth.

It is stylish and practical since it is waterproof and disposable. Say goodbye to the hassle of washing and ironing tablecloths after your two groovy party!

These birthday party decorations protect your table from spills and stains while adding a colorful and retro vibe to your party setting.

17. Groovy Bus Photo Booth

Take your birthday party guests down memory lane with this Two-GroovyBus Photo Booth.

Measuring 59" x 39.4", this cardboard cutout will add retro fun to your kids' celebration. The design features a brightly colored VW bus with a peace sign and flower power patterns.

Your guests will love taking photos with their friends inside the photo booth and taking fun pictures to remember the day.

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