29 Best Weed Smoker Gifts For Your Favorite Stoner

Updated on August 30, 2022 by Chris Bajda

Now that Marijuana is slowly becoming legal in most states, more and more people are also going to appreciate presents and tokens in this theme. Whether your stoner friend or family likes to admit it or not, a simple weed-inspired gift from you is something they have long been looking forward to. Take a peek at some of the most purchased and well-loved gifts and be amazed at how creative and innovative people can be. Well, considering legalities and all.

So here are the 29 Best Weed Smoker Gifts For Your Favorite Stoner. Enjoy choosing!

29. Cannabis Gift Box

This Cannabis Gift Box includes one 9 oz candle with the sayings that are pictured in option 1 or option 2. The back of the candle can be personalized with a message to the recipient on the back label. Also included in the box is one glass storage jar with an airtight bamboo lid, size: (with lid) 3.12’ height and 2.56’ opening, 7oz, decorated with a vinyl leaf sticker. The storage jar can also be personalized on the back with a name.Choose your favorite fragrance for this unique gift box.

28. Glass Joint Case

This Glass Joint Case will help keep his stash safe, fresh and dry. The top lid gives secure closure. The case is filled with tasty hand rolled joint cones, rolled with love. His friends will be super jealous of this awesome custom weed case. It's a great gift for your favorite stoner.

27. Cannabis Table Lighter

This Cannabis Table Lighter is a conversation piece that will stand out in his home and make everyone envious. It is made from Sapele wood (African Mahogany) with a lighter that can be taken out of the base to easily light his favorite tobacco or herb! As an option, you can have it carved on both sides so that when the in-laws are in town, you have a beautiful geometric design face up. Then when your friends visit, you can flip it over and put the cannabis leaf sunny side up! The piece is 6.5" by 4.75" by 2" thick.

26. Emergency Smoke Kit

This Emergency Smoke Kit is perfect for his lunch box. This little kit is filled with the basics that you can tuck away in your pocket, purse, or glove compartment. It is very handy for him who is on the go so he can blaze anytime, anywhere. It’s a cute little present for your fave stoner. 

25. Marijuana Leaf LED Desk Lamp

This Marijuana Leaf LED Desk Lamp features a marijuana leaf illuminated with green LED lights. It is made of high quality cast acrylic with a custom designed base crafted from birch wood and acrylic. This base is painted green and the bottom is lined with felt which makes the perfect finishing touch. It can be plugged into any USB port or power outlet, and makes a perfect night light or desk lamp.

24. Marijuana Wine Glass

This Marijuana Wine Glass is the perfect gift idea for stoner gifts. It includes: one (1) 21 ounce stemless wine glass, with “Plant Manager” cut from permanent high quality green vinyl and applied to glass. It is made with high grade outdoor permanent vinyl that is meant to last ( as long as you properly care for your glass).

23. Light When Lit Candle Gift

This Light When Lit Candle Gift is the best gift to relax body and mind with a soothing aromatherapy. It is made from vegan soy coconut wax and is hand-poured. It also comes with a permanent adhesive label. You can choose between ambrosial fragrances of Cinnamon Stick and Vanilla.

22. Stoner Gift Set

This Stoner Gift Set is a perfect accessory to add to his collection or to start one! Upgrade his rolling kit with this special custom smoke tray each carefully hand-painted and great not just for show but for keeping your rolling papers safe and keeping mess to a minimum, includes multiple compartments, a grinder holder and joint holders. A totally unique accessory for the weed smoker. 

21. Custom Stash Box

This Custom Stash Box is perfect for his stash. Stickers on this jar are kawaii stoner style stickers. The stickers are sealed in epoxy. This is one gift that he will always remember you by. 

20. Marijuana Socks

These Marijuana Socks are extra comfortable thanks to their cushioned bottom. The foot is black with artwork printed along the leg with crisp, bold colors that won't fade. It is made with 60% nylon, 22% cotton, 18% spandex, crew length
with cushioned bottom and ribbed leg. 

19. Customizable Stash Box Combo 

 This Customizable Stash Box Combo is all customizable from box to grinder to jar. It's the perfect gift you find nowhere. It's a premium quality jewelry epoxy with a doming effect. It's one functional gift he can use for a long time. 

18. Elevated Thoughts Journal

This Elevated Thoughts Journal is the perfect gift for someone who understands the true power of writing ones thoughts down. This journal is the start of a sacred connection between him and his inner self. The soft matte cover has a luxurious buttery feel that wraps around 75 lined pages just waiting for him to fill them. 

17. Golden Boy

What better way to get the pot party-starting but by lighting the roll with the Golden Boy. This powerful torch flame lighter features a smooth strong handle that feels good in the hand and an easy ignition button that helps make the flame easy to light. It produces a jet blue flame which makes lighting a roll stylish.

16. Glass Fruit Pipes

For the weed smoker who'd like their high with a side of fruitiness, this Glass Fruit Pipes is a cool must-have. Made of borosilicate glass, these pipes can very much be offered to guests as a post-meal snack or in place of a desert, with the weed on the side of the course. The recipient can display all these pipes together for the ultimate high-concept fruit bowl or for an impactful guest welcoming moment for a grass party.

15. Mint Chocolate Scented Candle

Whoever thought of this Mint Chocolate Scented Candle is a true genius. No one will ever be the wiser—and your stoner friend will get a whiff of something delicious. All candles are hand-crafted in small batches to ensure that each product is given the care and attention needed for a beautifully smelling, smooth-burning product. One light of this candle and the rest of the upcoming unexpected visitors will not have a clue that a pot session just took place.

14. Weed Coaster


Your favorite stoner will probably not want runaway flower littering their tabletops. They also would not love the sight of wet glass rings, either. An art-deco solution on both fronts, this Weed Coaster. Measuring 4” in diameter and approximately 1/2” in height, this tabletop must have is heat resisted up to 120 degrees. Hence, hot drinks may be placed on them but directly placing them in an oven should be out of the picture.

13. As A Kite Mug


Fill in the blank. Come on! We all know that after taking in a reefer, your stoner friend will be high as a kite. So this As A Kite Mug will be a clever way of letting him or her know that you are aware of his or her need to be hydrated after so many puffs. Made of ceramic, this mug is microwave and dishwasher-safe. The prints are double-sided and the artwork is permanently heat-pressed into the surface of the mug.  

12. Weed Cutting Board


For those high times in the kitchen moments, let this Weed Cutting Board be a part of the fun. It is a chopping board designed with a nice weed visual in the center for a clever and thematic feel. This product is available in several wood species including walnut (darker color), cherry (a light color with a slight red tint), maple (lighter color), & bamboo. The design is fully engraved into the wood, ensuring that it becomes an integral part of the piece. So for your weed-related chopping needs, this one here will do the job. 

11. Electric Herb Grinder


If you are a stoner, you know that it is not fun to smoke a whole weed. This Electric Herb Grinder is a one-hand-operable grinder that is as affordable as it is neat at slicing, dicing, and dispensing weed. Pretty convenient for an instant smoking delight or for putting it in brownies, cookies, or meals. Just alternate the Rocker Switch in both forward and reverse directions for texture and consistency, and it also prevents jams or clogging. It works without strain or cramp, so he or she can gain therapeutic benefits for infirm hands with limited mobility and strength.

10. Plumb Weed Blanket


Level up couch potato mode from seasonal depression to seasonal expression with this Plumb Weed Blanket. The artist designed the checkerboard pattern with flowers and woozy, are-they-or-aren’t-they pot leaves in a cozy color palette for that stylish and fun visual. Made of 100% cotton, this 54” x 72” blanket is reversible. So after a dope session, the resting part will be cozier and stylish. If an unexpected visitor comes, your stoner favorite can simply wrap this blanket around them and go to the door. The guest will know exactly what kind of night he or she just had.

9. Smoke Eater


Give your stoner favorite the gift of plausible deniability with this Smoke Eater after smoking weed. It breaks down the odor of cigar or smoke without having to wash or rinse. The secret is Tea Tree Oil that naturally and harmlessly breaks down any unwanted aroma at the molecular and enzyme level. Just generously spray Smoke Eater to any surface including the headliner in your car and let Smoke Eater work its magic!

8. Vintage Roses


Who does not want a full kit of this Vintage Roses and go on enjoying. It includes Organic unbleached hemp rolling papers, 15 queen-sized sheets printed with non-toxic vegetable-based colorings, a 15 smart slim ultra-premium + lucky star filters, a Multi-functional packing tool, and a How-to-roll guide. This kit will be appreciated and used by that stoner favorite of yours and you can guarantee he or she will have fun.

7. Crocs Unisex


After getting high, if anyone should get caught wandering around the block to the 7-Eleven to buy food and drinks, they will want to be seen wearing this Crocs Unisex. These Crocs for men and women feature lightweight Iconic Crocs Comfort. Ventilation ports add breathability and help shed water and debris quickly, making these the perfect water shoes. Plus these slip-on shoes are easy to take on and off while being durable. 

6. Weed Out The Bad Vibes Hoodie


If you're not comfortable with buying the smoking apparatuses or the actual "stuff" for your stoner favorites, then maybe some cool stoner-friendly merchandise will do the trick. This Weed Out The Bad Vibes Hoodie is a gift material that stays safely in the cannabis-comfort zone. It will remind you and your friend to get rid of anything that no longer serves you and enjoys the present. Plus 10% of the sales proceeds go to a charity foundation that supports women’s mental health.

5. It's 4:20 Somewhere Light Up Bottle


Your stoner friends are probably used to staying up all night and sticking to the idea that it is 4:40 AM somewhere. So perhaps some peeps are as awake as they are too. This It's 4:20 Somewhere Light Up Bottle is a nice housewarming gift to your weed-loving friends as it lights their room when they are still awake at dawn. It is a green frosted up-cycled liquor bottle decorated with black and green vinyl and hemp twine. Included with this bottle are small battery-operated led lights in a plastic cork.

4. Smell Proof Bags


A funny rule exists even as Marijuana becomes legit, “Just cause it's legal doesn't mean they've got to walk around reeking of it.” Clever and true, this fact is mindful of others around that may not enjoy the scent you so lovingly just sniffed. This Smell Proof Bags is made of durable PU leather and lined with premium activated carbon and filtering non-woven fabric offering superior multi-purpose odor protection. It has Velcro closure provides a complete smell-proof, enclosure for all of your goods. 

3. Gummy Leaf Silicone Candy Mold


Time to get baked. Your reefer-loving buddies can make chocolates, mint cups, peanut butter fudge—just about anything in this Gummy Leaf Silicone Candy Mold. After all, who says they cannot be innovative. A little use of grinder or diffuser and this mold will be filled with goodies that are not just sumptuous but also gives a certain kick and high, of course, you know what it means.

2. Marijuana Leaf Plush


If you aim to give a legal, cute, mushy and safe gift to your stoner favorite, then this Marijuana Leaf Plush is the way to go. Measuring approximately 5” x 5”, this cuddly piece is crafted from high-quality Minky. It may be an added decoration to his or her place or a chill reminder that he or she can love weed and not have weed. Every now and then, this little piece may serve as throwing stuff should a mood after a high gets more, well, intense.

1. Executive Extinguisher

Stoners develop a certain level of endurance but they cannot be holding their weed the entire night. Let them rest it out in this Executive Extinguisher. Whether it’s a night on the porch or hanging with the boys in the man cave this ashtray is a tool any guy would be proud to own. This beautiful wood ashtray can be personalized to make it a one-of-a-kind gift for any hash lover in your life.

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