What Gifts Do Father's Really Want On Father's Day

Updated on January 14, 2022 by Eds Alvarez

Year after year, you get to prepare something that will show your love and appreciation for dad. You’ve tried giving a Father’s day card, treat him on his favorite restaurant, watching a Broadway show with him or a movie that he likes, or even a ticket to a live game for his favorite sport. There comes a point when you’ve given dad almost everything he would enjoy, or at least you thought he enjoyed, and you just don’t want to keep on repeating them. 

This Father’s day it’s high time you finally get a feel of what dad really wants on Father’s Day. It’s time to stop assuming that he’s okay with another pair of socks, another tie or another mug. While there’s nothing wrong with those gifts, and we’re pretty sure anything coming from you will be greatly appreciated by dad, it’s time to give him something that would fit right into his wish list.

Generally speaking, each family may have their own tradition in the way they show appreciation and celebrate Father’s day. Every son or daughter will also have different ideas on what to give their dad. However, it will really help if deciding on what to give dad would have a concrete basis, one that is backed up by facts.

Here are some helpful facts, based on research by digital commerce firm SUMO heavy that will serve as a guide in choosing a gift that your dad will truly treasure on Father’s Day:

Need to Know Fact #1: American consumers spend 29% less for Father’s Day than the average spent on Mother’s Day.

So what does this fact have to do with buying a gift for Father’s day? Well, people spend more on Mother’s day, certainly not because mom is more important. Maybe it’s because it’s easier and less expensive to think of common gifts that we associate Father’s day with. The average spent on Father’s day is about $116. Honestly, at that amount, you can get creative and choose unique gifts for dad, even personalized ones. And while you’re at it, contribute to increasing the percentage of those buying a gift for dad. Why? Currently, 14% are actually more likely to buy a gift for Mother’s Day. 

Need to Know Fact #2: Electronics, Gift Cards, Special Outing, and Clothing are the top 4 gifts purchased for Father’s Day 

Statistics say that consumers spend around a billion dollars on electronics and gift cards. What kind of dad won’t appreciate electronics and gadgets? Let his gadget come with this special iPhone case and a docking place where he can place his keys, phone, and other stuff the moment he reaches home and you’re all set to give dad one of the most amazing gifts. In addition, consumers spend 1.3 billion in clothing as a gift for dad. A new suit coupled with personalized cuff links for his next formal event would be really nice.  Last but not the least, consumers get to spend a whopping 1.9 billion on special outings. A weekend getaway or a special travel package on places that are part of his bucket list would really be an ideal gift for dad.    

Need to Know Fact #3: Department Store, Online, Discount Stores and Specialty Stores are the common source of Father’s Day gifts

Where to get a gift for dad? That question has never been easier to answer than our present time. For those who are not yet into ordering online, department stores come very handily for them. 38% of consumers actually shop in department stores. As for those who are already familiar with online stores, buying and sending dad’s gift has never been more convenient. 29% of consumers shop online with 13% coming from mobile purchases and 24% from mobile devices used during in-store shopping. There are also specialty stores for men online where you can have great finds at really affordable prices. Statistics show that 23% of consumers shop from specialty stores. Discount stores also abound both online and offline and about 25% of consumers shop from them.   

Need to Know Fact #4: Get to know how dad’s see themselves.

It’s really important to know how dads see themselves. This will help you determine and get closer to the kind of gift that dad really wants for Father’s Day.  25% of dads identify themselves as outdoor adventurers. As such, gifts that fall on travel and gym categories will be best for him. Give him a really nice travel bag complete with a luggage tag. 24% of dads see themselves as modern fashionable and gadget lovers. It’s easy to see how this ranks second on how dad’s see themselves as more and more new versions of laptops, tablets, smartphones and even smart watches are out in the market. Furthermore, 21 % of dads see themselves as household organizers. Gift ideas for this type of dad are change trays, a case for his watches and a really good, well-organized shaver set.   

Need to Know Fact #5: The Most Popular Gadgets for Dad

Let’s zero in on the kind of gadgets that places a real big smile on dad’s face. Starting off with the drone. Who wouldn’t love to have one? They are great for deliveries, collecting data, surfing, skateboarding, looking for parking slots, elevating Facebook and Instagram photos and much more. Dad will surely be delighted in owning one.

Next on the list is the smartphone or smartwatches. These gadgets somehow become a part of dad’s extended self, one that reminds him of caring relationship and satisfies the need to produce and reproduce as seen on how dad take pictures, join discussions, manipulate images, reach out to others, curate selfies and many more.

For dad’s who have grown to be health conscious, fitness trackers are their thing when it comes to popular gadgets for Father’s day. These trackers are sure to help dad monitor his health and activity with no effort at all. He can easily keep track of his heart rate, workouts, stress level and a lot more with great accuracy with the best and newest devices out in the market.

Lastly, one gadget that’s a great hit with dads is the VR goggles. With the coming of age of VR technology, there are many affordable and increasingly accessible devices in the market, making it easier for you to get a hold of this special gift for dad.  

Need to Know Fact #6: What Dad’s say they don’t like

Dads have increasingly gotten used to receiving gym memberships, which is at a low 8% in terms of not being liked by dads. Come to think of it, what good is a gym membership when they get to visit just a few times a year? Dads find it way impractical and its money worth spending on other stuff they really want. The second lowest at 7% in terms of not being liked are magazine subscriptions. With every kind of information and reading the material available online, it’s not very practical to spend it on a magazine subscription. Furthermore, dad wouldn’t like the feeling of being pressured to do something he doesn't want in the first place. He will eventually just resent it.

Need to Know Fact #7: What Dad’s say they do like

On top of the list are gift cards at 37%. Gift cards would always allow dads to choose the gift they want for themselves. What matters now is that you be able to give the gift card based on the shops he usually shops in. Or better yet customize it according to his inclinations, hobbies or even his favorite food. Gone are the days when a gift card is a go-to gift when there’s little time left to choose a special gift. Gift cards are the best gifts you can give dad that he really gets to enjoy.

Second, on the list are electronics and gadgets with a share of 29%. With drones, smartphones, smartwatches, fitness trackers and VR goggles out on the market today, online or offline, you will never run out of the best electronics and gadgets to choose from. What’s even better this time is that you can be confident you are giving a gift that you’re sure your dad really wants to have. 

While it’s also a fact that consumers spend $13 billion for Father’s day (which is 38% less than Mother’s day) it’s good to know that this figure will now go to purchases that dad really loves, at least after getting to know the facts above. It’s time to graduate from giving socks, mugs, a gym membership or another magazine subscription. Give yourself time to explore and find out what will really make dad happy this Father’s day. Let him enjoy his own drone, a new fitness tracker, the latest smartphone or smartwatch and the VR goggles he’s been longing to have. Dad will surely be happy with your gift. But he will definitely be happier with the thought that you remembered him on Father’s day.     

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