50 Caliber Shot Glasses Set

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Introducing the 50 Caliber Shot Glasses Set, a unique and impressive collection of shot glasses shaped like 50 caliber bullets. Crafted by The Wine Savant, this set of 4 shot glasses is the perfect addition to your glassware collection, adding a touch of novelty and excitement to your drinking experience.

Each shot glass in this set is shaped like a 50 caliber bullet, adding a bold and adventurous element to your cocktail drinking. They are not only ideal for serving shots of your favorite spirits like whiskey, vodka, beer, or wine but also make for fantastic conversation starters at parties or gatherings.

Each shot glass has a capacity of 1.5 oz (45 ML), providing a perfect pour for your preferred shots. Whether you're enjoying a shot of whiskey with friends or sipping a vodka shot on a special occasion, these unique shot glasses are sure to impress.

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