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With the kind of quality that makes a cold beer seem even colder,  He’ll be one more step away from that ghoulish, can-toting Herman Munster look.   And headed a little more in the “Interview With a Vampire” direction.  

So “bring him to life,” and give him a decent mug, that isn’t stitched together from spare parts.  In fact, with two lines of custom text at up to 15 characters each, he’ll be downright electrified.

“He’s Alive, he’s Alive!” – You.  After the guy you’re shopping for realizes you finally got him something fun, and useful.

This 12 oz., heavy-glass, customized beer stein will make for its own tales of adventure and intrigue.  It can be personalized with 2 lines of up to 15 characters per line. 

Trusted Quality

Trusted Quality

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