Bad Santa 2.0 Golf Ball Marker

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Santa's feeling a little mischievous this year, and he's delivered a gift that HR might frown upon – the Bad Santa 2.0 Golf Ball Marker. Get ready to mark your territory on the course in the most socially acceptable (yet slightly naughty) way possible:

Premium Feel, Premium Rebellion: Crafted from heavy metal with iron/nickel plating, our ball markers give you a premium feel that matches the rebellious spirit of Bad Santa himself. Elevate your game with a marker that's as bold as your swings.

🎅 Naughty, Yet Nice Designs: Bad Santa is making a statement on the course, and you can too. Mark your territory with these unique ball markers featuring Santa's mischievous side. It's the perfect blend of holiday cheer and a touch of rebellious humor.

🌟 Enamel Designs for Unrivaled Durability: The marker designs are made with enamel, ensuring they can handle the rough and tumble of the course. Unlike your buddy after missing a gimme putt, these markers won't crumble under pressure. They're built to last, just like your commitment to a good game.

🏌️‍♂️ Mark Your Territory with Attitude: Make a bold statement on the course with the Bad Santa 2.0 Golf Ball Marker. It's not just a marker; it's a declaration that you're here to have fun, break a few rules, and leave your mark with style.

😂 More Reliable Than a Buddy's Putt: Unlike your friend's putting skills on that gimme putt, the Bad Santa 2.0 Golf Ball Marker won't let you down. It's the perfect companion for a round filled with laughter, mischief, and memorable moments.


  • Premium Feel - Heavy metal ball marker
  • Iron/Nickel plating
  • Soft enamel cured
  • Sticks to any magnetic clip
Trusted Quality

Trusted Quality

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