ChillGuard Beer Sleeve

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Named after the legendary Frank Sinatra, one of the pioneers that made drinking on the course integral to the game.   

This sleeve can be discreetly slotted straight into most standard size golf bags to keep your swing tonic cold and crisp during your round.  It also comes with 5 custom ice discs to place between cans and keep them cooler for even longer.

Just keep it on the down low when the cart rolls past.

 Whats included:

  • Beer sleeve that holds 6 beer cans
  • 5 custom sized ice discs
  • An ice disc freezer bag for easy storage

Freezing directions for the ice discs:  

Insert the discs inside the freezer bag provided, and place into your freezer at least 3 hours before you intend to use them.


Sleeve:  100% nylon

Ice Discs: PVC outer, Gel inner

Freezer Bag: 100% Jute

As Seen on

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