Damascus Steel Chef Kitchen Knife Set

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An heirloom to pass down for generations!

We all want to own something that is unique, special, and offers utility in our lives and for future generations.  Imagine the memories you’ll create as you prepare special meals for all your family and friends with this custom set of kitchen knives. There’s no denying that this beautiful 7 piece damascus steel chef/kitchen knife set is a chef or food enthusiast’s dream! The Damascus steel blades make for an exquisite display of craftsmanship and detail that will capture the attention of your guests as you serve up your favorite dish! 


  • Largest knife; Overall length = 15.25'' Inches
  • 2nd; Overall length = 13.00'' Inches   
  • 3rd ; Overall length = 12.50'' Inches    
  • 4th; Overall length = 11.00'' Inches      
  • 5th; Overall length = 9.50'' Inches      
  • 6th; Overall length 8.50'' Inches
  • Chopper; Overall length = 11.00'' Inch
  • Blade Material: 1095&15n20 STEEL (Twist Pattern) Hand Forged


Care Instructions:

These are high carbon steel knives and require extra care to ensure that rust or corrosion does not appear on the knives. We recommend cleaning off and drying the blades after each use.  We also recommend applying a thin layer of vegetable oil, mineral oil, or other appropriate lubricants after each use as further protection against rust. Do not use in the dishwasher. 


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