Evil Doctor Divot Tool w/ Mini Clone Ball Marker

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The original and still the best.

Step onto the green with a touch of movie magic with this classic and hilarious Evil Villian Divot tool and mini clone ball marker. This unique set is a must-have for golf lovers and film fans alike.

Designed with passion and a nod to cinematic golf culture, this set features a specially designed divot tool showcasing everyone’s favorite evil villian. aired with it is a distinct ball marker in the shape of his iconic clone, with easy attachment and removal from the divot tool.

Be the hero of your local course by repairing your ball marks and marking your putts with this completely custom-designed 'PuttBuddy.

Each divot tool and ball marker is made from strong durable metal and the prongs are just slightly slanted for easy divot tool repair. Every ball marker attaches onto to the divot tool and comes in a protective tin. Ball markers can also be attached to the hat clip which is also included

Presented in a cute gift tin, this set is a truly unique gift for the golfing mad Dad, husband or Grandad in your life. Give them something will cherish forever!


Puttbuddies Divot Tool: Robust and durable, with just slightly slanted prongs for effortless divot repair.
Attachable Ball Marker: Designed to connect to the divot tool securely, ensuring you'll never lose track of your marker on the green.
Hat Clip: This handy accessory provides an alternative place to keep your ball marker, always within easy reach.
A Protective Tin: Keep your divot tool and ball marker safe and scratch-free in this custom-fit tin.


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Trusted Quality


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