Breakfast Balls

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We’ve all been there.  The alarm didn’t go off so you were in a rush to the 1st tee...the range was closed...practice swings are for chumps.  Whatever your perfectly valid reason, this pack has you covered for the most important shot of the day.

The 3-piece Surlyn ball design has been chosen for the more casual handicap (8-18) to give you a bit more control out there, because if you are here looking at these then you probably need it!

Hit ‘em true

What's included:

  • 6 pack of golf balls for breakfast use only
  • Permission to swing it like you mean it

The Ball specs:

  • 3 piece Surlyn construction
  • Lighter on the spin, heavier on the distance
  • 332 dimple pattern 

As Seen on

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Huffington Post