Golden Boy

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Ignite your passion for cigars with the Golden Boy Butane Cigar Torch Lighter, a blend of elegance and functionality in a black and gold finish. This windproof torch flame lighter is designed to withstand any conditions, making it an ideal companion for cigar aficionados whether enjoying a smoke during camping, fishing, or in the comfort of your daily life.

🔥The jet blue flame ensures a reliable light every time, and its refillable feature means you're always ready for the next cigar. This lighter is not just a tool; it's a statement of style and durability.

 🚬The Golden Boy lighter is more than just its good looks; it's about performance and reliability. The windproof torch flame adapts to various environments, ensuring a perfect light in any condition. Its use of butane gas offers convenience and efficiency, complementing its robust and manly design.

🌟This exquisite lighter, requiring a simple butane refill, offers a seamless experience for every cigar enthusiast. It's an embodiment of quality and an essential accessory for anyone who appreciates the art of a fine cigar. 


  • Windproof Torch Flame
  • Jet Blue Flame Torch Lighter
  • Needs to be filled with Butane Gas
Trusted Quality

Trusted Quality

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