Indonesia Sumatra

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Fulfilled by our friends at Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters

Get your cup ready for a full bodied, earthy, and rich flavorful coffee with a tangy finish that will make you roar with excitement. From the natural wonder of the Sumatran rainforest, this coffee embodies the majestic diversity and complexity of its birthplace. 

This exemplary coffee is produced by Gayo Mandiri, a group made up of 1000 local producers. The group is directed by Mr. Amin, a 2nd generation coffee producer that has a mission of ensuring greater earnings for the coffee producers through direct trade relationships.  Each of the producers operates their own farm, with milling and final preparation done at a central mill in Takengon. The captivating and unique flavor of this coffee is the result of beingprocessed with great attention to detailin the traditional Sumatra wet-hull method an Indonesian staple enjoyed all over the world.

Elevation: 1100 masl 
Varietals: Catimor, Timtim
Milling Process: Wet Hulled
Drying Process: Patio and solar dried machine

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