Monogrammed Whiskey Balls

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The perfect gadget for the whiskey lover that has everything.  These jumbo ice ball trays impress a monogram of your choice into the ice - guaranteed to get oohs and aahs from your guests.  

  • Includes 2 spherical ice molds
  • Ice ball tray impresses a giant monogram letter of choice into the ice ball
  • Unique features include water-fill line and no-leak seal
  • Produces 2.5" ice ball- the largest in its class
  • Flexible silicone tray makes it effortless to remove ice ball

What is a Whiskey Ball?  The Original Whiskey Ball was the first spherical ice mold to hit the market in 2009, bringing the artesian science of round ice balls to households all over the world. The Whiskey Ball features a patented elastic silicone rubber design, a smaller water inlet and unique seal to ensure that your ice ball is formed perfectly round- free of bumps and jagged edges.  The Whiskey Ball produces a jumbo 2.5" ice ball that melts slower and outlasts the competition.  Often replicated, but never duplicated. 


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