Good Cop, Bad Cop
Good Cop, Bad Cop
Good Cop, Bad Cop

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Good Cop, Bad Cop

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There’s a little good and a little bad in every man… I’m sure that you’ve figured that out by now.

So give him a gift that nurtures both sides.  Let him know that while you honor that side of him that likes to hit the streets with “a little warm-me-up” tucked away in his pocket… When the morning after comes around, it’s time to have good shave, clean yourself up, and get down to business.

That’s why this little duo is such a brilliant gift… (sort of a yin/yang thing)

While the stainless-steel flask, cradled in customized full-grain American leather, brings out his “Dirty Harry,” rest assured that in the morning he’ll have all the essentials he needs to clean that face up and bring out his inner Denzel.

The customized Dopp-kit features two handy zippered compartments inside a heavyweight canvas shell; and plenty of room for razors, your favorite aftershave, etc. – Maybe even his gun and badge too.

It’s the gift that interrogates him with cleanliness, but lets him know that you like to let it loose too.

The toiletry bag is made of heavyweight cotton canvas with 2 zippered compartments. It measures at 9 x 5 x 6 inches. The flask is made in the USA of Full Grain Leather and holds 11.2 ounces. 

You can enter up to 3 initials for the toiletry bag and up to 10 characters for the flask. When placing your order.  When entering your personalization, please enter it like it appears below:

Toiletry Bag: JP
Flask: Justin

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