The Bro-ruck

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What is this thing? A backpack? A Ruck sack? A suitcase with straps? Who cares. It's a sack for you and your friend. Plain and simple - throw your junk in here and get to where you're going. 

You're always going somewhere, but now with the Bro-Ruck, you can look like you know where you're going. You're too old for that traditional backpack with a built-in pencil holder, and you're way too cool to pack your draws in a bag with someone else's initials all over it. You need something that's tough, awesome, personalized, and okay with getting tossed around like a sack of potatoes.

The Bro-Ruck is perfect - padded shoulder straps, breathable mesh, tons of color options, and strong enough to take the punishment that comes from swinging from the chandeliers, or cushioning your butt while you throw back a few around the fire, or from sitting in the hot tub after a day of couples massages. Whatever you're into, this is how you carry around your stuff. 

Be the dude you are and show it. Get slammed and filled up to the max. Get the Bro-Ruck. 

The features of this awesome travel bag include:

Add your name or initials to personalize

Dimensions: 17″ x 10″ x 9″

Adjustable padded shoulder straps

Padded back with breathable mesh

You can personalize The Bro-ruck with 1 line of up to 12 characters. You can pick the thread color that you would like our personalization team to use.