The Mavericks

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Looking for a pair of sunglasses that are as unique as you are? Look no further than The Mavericks. These stylish shades are made from Zebra Wood for the legs and Steel for the lens frame, meaning they're built to last. And because you can customize the style to your liking, you're guaranteed to find a pair that suits your personality perfectly. They also make a great gift for the special man in your life. So whether you're shopping for your husband, boyfriend, or father, or looking for the perfect wedding gift for your groomsman or best man, The Mavericks has you covered.


Please pick a lens color and design then fill out the personalization box accordingly to the design you picked.

All designs can be changed to fit any occasion for the sunglasses

Frame length: 14.8cm,width:4.8cm
Legs length: 14.2cm
Wood box:16.8*7*5.5CM


Trusted Quality

Trusted Quality


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