Washington Watch

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Let's talk watches! I have the perfect gift for your sweetheart. The Washington Watch is absolutely delicious to wear, sleek and lightweight with comfortable straps that go well on any arm size - even if you're wearing them exclusively as an added bonus because they make such fashionable styles too; but wait there is more: these timepieces come complete in a pillow-sized box handmade from natural materials like rawhide leather or oak leaves pressed together until hard enough beneath pressure so we can't dent it anymore. When opening this little bundle up (or giving one away) be aware of how each individual component was handcrafted specifically for you.

Measurements: The inside face measures 1 3/8" or 34mm. the band is 3/4" wide or 24mm. The thickness of the watch is 1cm.

Personalize your gift with a sentiment of your choice for no cost, no limit on characters, it just needs to fit.

Trusted Quality

Trusted Quality

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