34 Best Divot Tools for Golf Fanatics

Updated on September 18, 2020 by Chris Bajda

A great divot tool is a must have for any golfer that hits the green in regulation.

Repairing ball divots on the putting green is the primary reason why every golfer should have a divot tool. It helps repair of the golf course by speeding up the healing process of the turf.

Make your golf lover the talk of the golf course as you get him a custom divot tool that he can add to his golf tool bag. It is one of the many golf products every guy needs, so why not get him one that he will love to use. What's even better is that a golf divot tool is one functional yet very affordable gift. It may be small in size but definitely a basic piece of equipment every golfer must own and use.

Since a divot tool is the one accessory a golfer always needs, having it personalized is the best way to go. Here are 34 of the best golf divot tools:


34. Switchblade Divot Repair Tool 

This stainless steel  switchblade divot repair tool will instantly become your golf lovers favorite accessory. This tool comes with two personalized ball markers, stainless steel switch blade and two magnetic removable engraved nickel silver golf markers. The divot fixer blade opens with a push button device. This simple, solid, lightweight, portable and durable gift is simply perfect for the golf aficionado.   

33. Personalized Divot Tool & Golf Marker

Personalized Divot Tool Marker

He will certainly love this Personalzied Divot Tool & Ball Marker. Each time he struts his putt, he is sure to remember you with this thoughtful gift. This 2-in-1 gift has a  high-quality divot tool base. It makes use of real mahogany wood and has a durable hematite finish. The best part is you can have his name or initials engraved on this stylish gift.

32. Callaway 4 in 1 Golf Divot Tool

The Callaway 4-in-1 Divot Repair Toolprovides a multitude of functions during on-course play in one convenient tool. Its zinc alloy construction is durable and very sturdy, allowing you to fix a green divot with extreme ease. It also features a magnetic ball marker, nylon club brush, and metal grooves for removing tough dirt. A great gift for the avid golfer in your life.

What makes it unique is the lightweight engineered plastic design. The Insta Golf Spider Mini Divot Tool marks are always properly repaired that brings amazing results with no skill. It has no sharp ends nor does it leave dirt in his pocket. 

30. DivPro 6-in-1 Golf Tool in Blister Pack

The DivPro 6-in-1 Golf Tool in Blister Pack is a 6 golf tool in 1 that features golf ball marker, divot tool, cigar holder, club head cleaner, golf grip saver, shotgun can opener. It's the perfect multi-functional pocket organizer for the golf course and comes in a durable blister pack.

29. Do-It-All Divot Tool

Ultimate 4 in 1 accessory tool. The patented design is a Cigar Caddy, Club Caddy, Putter Holder, and a Divot Tool. Unique design keeps your cigar clean, lit, and dry - high wind tested. Easily fits on your golf bag or slides on your belt buckle. Servers as a cigar caddy keeps your cigars dry and free of chemicals. Putter Holder - Easily fits on your golf bag and holds any size putter for easy access. Divot Tool - Easily slides on your belt buckle for convenience. Great gift for golf corporate outings, family, and friends.

28. Switchblade Divot Repair Tool 

This Switchblade Divot Repair Tool will keep his pockets dirt-free and prevent the prongs from poking holes. It is one convenient gift that can save him time searching other pockets for his ball marker. This lightweight tool will allow him to swing freely without distraction.

27. Foldable Switchblade Divot Tool

Silver Golf Divot Tool

Let him complete his golf accessories with this Foldable Switch Blade Divot Tool that comes with a high-quality silicon ball marker with a stronger magnet for a long life. The balance and design of this divot tool make fixing ball marks so much easier. You even have seven colors to choose from depending on his mood and attitude. This divot tool is made from the highest quality metal construction for maximum green maintenance. This is one tool that will truly delight a golf lover.  

26. All-Metal Switchblade-Style Divot Repair Tools

This All-Metal Switchblade-Style Divot Repair Tool has a premium all-metal construction, which makes the golf accessory durable and resistant. This magnetic marker strength has been increased 4X for divot tools. The pop-up button allows the folding of the accessory. It's also suitable for pockets and any type of bag. 

25. Divot Repair Tool 

Your search for the perfect gift for golf lovers ends here. This solid sterling silver Divot Repair Tool is made from a thick piece of solid silver and stamped with your text. This tool features a block font with a bright satin finish. It's a gift that is sure to impress any golfer. 

This gift gives you a chance to choose a one-of-a-kind divot tool. The Spartan Divot Tool is a unique golf tool that is also a club rest and key chain. It's one gift that can easily be attached to his golf bag. Definitely a practical and functional gift every golf lover will treasure for life.  

23. 7 Function Stainless Steel Golf Tool Keychain

Not your ordinary golf multi-tool! This custom multi-function tool has everything you could possibly need when hitting the links or stuck on the fairway. The 7-in-1 all-purpose tool has a sleek stainless steel design that will be appealing to players of all levels. A wonderful promotion for golf courses, sports shops, ranges, and more! Features a domed ball marker, heavy-duty scrub brush, divot repair tool, groove cleaner, spike wrench, knife, ballpoint pen, and keychain.

22. NFL Divot Tool

Perfect for showing off your team spirit while on the green. Features include a unique and patented lightweight aluminum double prong design which causes less damage to greens & a soft grooved handle for easy gripping. Set includes: switchblade divot tool & double-sided removable magnetic ball marker

21. Golf Divot Tool Marker 

Have this Golf Divot Tool Marker personalized with his name or initials? This gift includes a magnet to secure the included custom ball marker. You are sure to give him a high quality silver divot tool with this gift.  

20. Golf Head Divot Tool

This Golf Head Divot Tool has perfectly engineered legs that promote optimal divot healing. Fill the hole with the club you made the hole with. Available in gunmetal and stainless steel.

19. Extendable Golf Divot Tool

He loves golf. And there’s no better gift than completing his golf accessories with this Extendable Golf Divot Tool.  It is designed to add a unique style to any golfer's game. This tool is for the golfer who is to far into their came to bend down and fix the divot. Why bend when you can extend and fix your divot with your pro golf tool

This unique Grandpa Golf Divot Tool has a removable magnetic ball marker and a clip on the back. It is in a gold finish and is personalized especially for grandpa. This is one golf accessory he will surely remember you by.

17. Popping Bottles Divot Tool

The Hat Trick6 In 1 Golf Divot Tool is a quality golf accessory that includes a bottle and can opener so you are never caught without an opener. A quality piece of Golf and Beer Gear that is fun to use and sure to be a conversation starter


This Insta Golf Spider Divot Tool will truly bring a big smile on his face. This tool comes with a durable milled aluminum case and a magnetic ball marker. You can never go wrong with this gift given the unique and innovative design. It is simply the perfect gift for the golf aficionado.   


15. Gentleman's Vice 5 in 1 Cigar Cutter with Divot Repair Tool 

This 5-in-1 golf gadget is the only item a practical golfer like him would need on the course. It’s sleek and heavy-duty and is housed in an aluminum body. It can come in several colors too. The 5 functions of this item are club prop, magnetic ball marker, cigar rest, guillotine-style cigar cutter and the retractable divot repair tool. You can choose to have the ball marker engraved with initials, dates or logos. The handle can also be engraved with full names, dates, logos or quotes. What’s more is that this item

14. Custom Divot Tool with Photo Ball Marker

Make him the talk of the golf course as you add this custom golf divot tool to his golf accessories. It is made of heavy-duty metal and measures 1 1/2” x 3” with a silver finish. Each clip is equipped with a built-in clip so you can easily attach the divot tool on your belt, pocket or hat brim. It also has a 1” area provision for his photo, monogram, name or logo.   

13. Engraved Cutter & Buck Tour 3 in 1 Divot Tool

He will definitely love this multi-functional tool. This 3-in-1 personalized divot tool can be used to mark his spot in golf, pop his favorite drink and placed back to his belt easily with an attached clip. It’s one gift that is not only stylish and functional but one that can be engraved with his initials or a special date. A gift he will always show off to his golf buddies for sure. This is definitely one gift he’ll remember you by. 

12. Personalized Golf Ball Marker Divot Tool

He will certainly love this custom engraved and the polished 3-in-1 golf ball marker and divot tool. Each time he struts his putt, he is sure to remember you with this thoughtful gift. This gift is a high-quality hematite finished divot tool. You may choose from black metal, walnut wood and oak wood material for the ball marker. The best part is you can have his name or initials engraved on this stylish gift.

11. Customized Golf Divot Repair Tool

Cutter & Buck Personalized Divot Tool & Ball Marker - 18974

Let this aluminum divot repair tool prepare him for easy divot repair. Allow him to hit the links ready to leave the turf as spotless as he found it. Have his name or initials engraved in silver on this awesome gift with 8 characters per line, a maximum of 3 lines.   

10. Personalized Divot Tool and Hat Clip Golf Ball Marker Set

These unique laser-etched ball markers are made from a metal disc with a personalized acrylic insert. It includes 3 golf ball markers, 1 magnetic divot tool, and 1 magnetic hat clip all placed in a high-quality black gift box with a clear front cover. You also get to choose from 3 finishes and 4 distinct styles with black text for all options.

9. Swiss Army Divot Tool


This specialty GolfTool combines the classic Swiss Army Knifefunctions with the essential golfing tools you need for a day on the course. Whether a gift for yourself, your groomsmen, or the avid golfer in your life, there's always a reason to keep this tool within close reach. The divot repair tool, ball marker, tee punch, and groove cleaner make this Swiss Army Knife unique from any other. With all your golf tools housed in one convenient nylon case, you'll never have to waste time rummaging through your bag looking for one specific tool again.


8. Knife & Divot Tool

    This Case Mini Trapper Golf Tool is the ideal pocket knife to take with you out on the golf course plus it is a gift that is always well received. This durable folding knife features a smooth natural bone handle with a Clip blade and divot repair tool. The Clip blade is commonly used as a multi-purpose blade and preferred for detail work. The divot repair tool can be used to cut around a ball mark on the greens and to pry up the divot until it comes to the surface. Additionally, this gift set includes a Case magnetic ball marker. 

    7. Fusion 2.5 Divot 

      The name of the product says it all. With the Fusion line, we have managed to combine the characteristics of the successful Hybrid line with the award-winning pin technology of the Twister 2.0. This is, without doubt, the best divot repair tool Pitchfix has ever produced. ABS handles that are rubberized for the soft touch and grip, colored aluminum trims, shiny painted button trims, black pins and buttons, and an integrated pencil sharpener give you another great and stylish product.

      6. Premier Divot Tool

        Satisfy the golf aficionado in him by giving this greatest purpose golf tool. The golf ball marker and divot tool have two handy tools rolled into one. It functions not only as a repair tool but also a ball marker. The ball marker is made of high-quality hematite finished metal material that is magnetic and can easily be removed and attached to the divot tool. This tool has so many functions you will need all 18 holes to figure out what it does. 

        5. Personalized Golfer’s Pen and Divot Tool Set

          The golf fanatic in him will definitely be delighted with this functional gift. This pen and divot tool gift set features a smooth writing ballpoint pen with a  detailed golf ball on the end of the cap. Also included is a pocket clip shaped like a golf club. The divot tool is made from rosewood and steel and is ready to repair even the most difficult divots out on the links. This gift is packaged in a rosewood box with foam inlay. You may also have the lid of the box customized. This is one gift that will truly be treasured for a long time.   

          4. Ergonomic Divot Repair Tool

            This gift gives you a chance to design a one-of-a-kind product. This chrome-plated metal will comfortably fit the palm of his hand. The ergonomic divot tool repairs golf green and has a clip that can easily be attached to his golf bag. It includes an inlaid magnetic ball marker with your design encased in resin.   

            3. Personalized Black Leather Golf Divot Repair Tool

              This is one perfect gift for golf lovers. This personalized black leather golf divot repair tool has a padded leather grip with steel tool and holds 0.75’ die struck nickel-silver that can be laser engraved. The personalized emblem is permanently attached. It is not a removable ball marker. This gift is packaged in a stylish gift box especially made for him.

              2. Personalized Multi-Function Golf Key Ring

                Allow him to complete his golf accessories with this multi-functional golf key ring that can be engraved with his single, block initial. It features a ball marker and divot tool and is made of silver-plated metal. This is one specially designed gift that will truly delight a golf lover.  

                1. Switchblade Divot Repair Tool

                This stainless steel metal craft switchblade divot repair tool will definitely bring a big smile on his face. This tool comes with two personalized ball markers, a stainless steel switchblade, and magnetic removable engraved nickel white golf markers. The divot fixer blade opens with a push-button device. This simple, solid, lightweight, portable and durable gift is simply perfect for the golf aficionado. Available in a multitude of colors!    


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