There are stereotypes that women love bags. Don't be fooled, men love bags just as much. Whether you get him a personalized weekend bag or toiletry bag, he will love getting a bag as a gift. Browse our assortment of personalized men's travel bags below..

A gift he can carry anywhere and serves its good purpose too. A bag for your man will always be a well-appreciated gift, one that he will thank you for every time he uses his bag.  Finding the right bag for him will take more than just what looks great or is trending on shops. You will have to take time to know what activities he has. Is he more of the outdoor adventurous type or one who would rather stay indoors or at the office most of the time. You need to also think of the design and style he would go for. Needless to say, you need to know your man well in order to get the right bag for him. And what more can represent the depth of knowing the recipient of your gift than handing him a bag as a gift.

Here's a simple guide to help you choose the best bag for him: 


You must consider why he will be using his bag. Are you buying it for office, school, sports or travel use? From there you can start streamlining what to buy whether a duffel bag for that weekend travel, a satchel or messenger bag for school or daily use, or a tote bag for the office.  Although bags may be used for different purposes, it is still nice for him to have a particular bag he can use for a distinct purpose.


Design can be an issue in searching for a bag as each design fits certain usability most of the time. The duffel, weekend, over overnight bags are designed either for long weekend bag packing or gym clothes for a workout day. The designs and built of these bags may not necessarily be a perfect fit for formal and professional places. Just the same, the design and look of a briefcase, a tote bag, or even a folio will not fit the gym environment or a weekend getaway on a beach or nature. The compartments and pockets even the way it should be carried, bags’ designs go side by side with function and purpose. Your choice of bag to give will now be narrowed down based on design.


A men’s style may look simple but if you dig in in all its totality, it can sometimes be more complicated than women’s. That mentioned, bags are essential parts of the style so choosing the right one is not merely an embellishment issue but an actual necessity for their fashion. If you are giving a bag to a man who works a blue collar job and whose wardrobe is always formal, you may want to match it with tote, briefcase, or folio bags. A satchel is a dainty match for a professional outfit but if a man is very particular in keeping his ironed shirt free from crumple, you may just want to stick on handheld bags. Recent fashion suggests that even professionals can wear backpacks given that the design still looks formal.


Gone are the days of bags made of sackcloth. Depending on the purpose, design,  and personal style of the wearer, bags are made with different materials. Some are made with leather, vegan leather, cotton canvas, nylon, Cordura, denim, straw, neoprene or synthetic rubbers, or mesh. All these materials serve certain purposes and fit certain designs that may abide by particular styles.

Each has advantages and disadvantages as well. For example, cotton canvas bags are affordable, light, and easy to clean.  However, light-colored cotton canvas bags tend to get dirtier easily. They also wear down faster than other materials. In comparison, leather bags are more durable and will look more refined with age. This material gives any bag a more sophisticated look even with backpacks.  However, leather bags are heavier, more expensive, and require more care and personal treatment to maintain its quality over time.

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Take a closer look at our best selling personalized duffel bag: The Muscle Duffel:

17 of the Best Personalized Duffel Bags for Men

They may not be visually appealing but he sure can use this gift in many ways. Giving him a duffel bag will let him know you care about his travels. As carry-on luggage, duffels are flexible enough to fit overhead bins and have space-enough for souvenirs. This duffel can also be a gym bag where he can stash workout clothes, water bottles, sports gear, and towels. It can also be used as a beach bag, as gear storage to hold camping gear, clothing, or other miscellaneous items and even for moving homes or switching apartments.   

Above you will find our selection of the best in personalized duffle bags, custom messenger bags, embroidered gym bags and personalized overnight bags.  However we understand we are not the only shop that has bags so we have put together a round up of the favorite personalized travel bags.  Here are 17 of the best personalized duffel bags:

17. The North Face Berkeley Duffel

Keep his hiking and camp gear safe and organized with The North Face Berkeley Duffel. This bag features a 49-liter main compartment, two side compartments, and a zippered end-cap for shoes. It comes with padded straps that are removable and easy to carry. It's a gift perfect for his daily use and outdoor adventures! 

    16. Champion Men's Elect Duffel

    This Champion Men's Elect Duffel is made from 100% polyester. It comes with a 25" shoulder drop, 2 slip pockets, 1 zip pocket, and 1 exterior pocket. It also has a polyester lining.  It's one reliable gift that he will be able to use for a long time. 

      15. Nike Brasilia Small Duffel-9.0


      This Nike Brasilia Small Duffel-9.0 has a spacious main compartment and specialized pockets to get him through his day from the gym to the office and home. This bag is made from 100%  polyester including the lining and interior and exterior pockets. Handles and a shoulder strap gives him carrying options.

      14. Leather Canvas Travel Overnight Carry on Bag

      Separate his shoes from his personal hygiene belongings. This Leather Canvas Travel Overnight Carry on Bag comes with a 6-month hassle-free guarantee against defects in workmanship or breakage in normal use. The sturdy thick canvas, genuine top cowhide leather, and strong metal hardware make this a great travel bag. It comes with a front zipped pockets that can be opened and closed by magnetic poppers and zippers, keeping his belongings safe and well.

        13. Travel Luggage Duffel Bag

        This large rectangular-shaped Travel Luggage Duffel Bag comes with a roomy interior (over 6,000+ cubic inches). It is ideal for travel or storage and is made from 100-percent nylon. This bag is lightweight, yet durable and can contain up to 50-pound weight capacity. It comes with a zippered interior pocket and an exterior pocket for quick access to smaller items like keys or tickets. 

          12. Totes Magotes 

          The Totes Magotes is large enough to pack for a week-long camp yet compact enough for a quick overnight adventure. This bag can easily transform to fit his needs. It comes complete with a main compartment, inside zipper pocket, and adjustable strap. Plus it has outside pockets and a bottom zippered compartment to store a sizeable amount of snacks. This functional and stylish bag will definitely be a personal favorite.   

          11. The Muscle Duffle

          Personalized Mens Duffel Bag

          He needs a nice bag that he can use for weekend trips. This personalized duffel bag is a perfect choice.  A great gift is one that someone wants but does not want to spend their own money on. This bag will certainly fit into that category. He will surely use this for many years to come. 

          10. Vegan Transport Duffle 


          He will stand out from the crowd with this Vegan Transport Duffle.  You can be sure he will carry his bag proudly and confidently. It features Vegan leather, Argyle lining, antique golden zippers, adjustable straps, complete with a luggage tag. It can also be personalized with his name or initials. 

          9. Combat Backpack

            He would love this Combat Backpack! This canvas bag with complementing details will definitely be a favorite item. Functioning both as a duffel bag and a backpack, he can easily fill it with almost every stuff he might need and so much more as he packs for his next adventure. Let this be a gift he won’t forget as you present him with this backpack personalized with his initials. He will always remember you in every adventure he will pursue.      

            8. Durable Duffel

            This Durable Duffel is perfect for him who loves to make trips to the court or the gym. It has plenty of room to carry all that he needs complete with two zippered side pockets with one covered in see-through mesh for easy access and added convenience. This duffel bag has leather-wrapped handles or padded shoulder strap. Personalize it by placing his initials or name on it to let him know how special he is.

            7. Weekender Duffel

            Empower him with this manliest Weekender Duffel that holds more than you’ll ever know. This bag is modeled after the military bag and re-purposed for the modern-day man. This duffel bag yields ridiculous amounts of room for whatever adventures tickle his fancy. With side zippers and all that extra space, it’s easy for him to pack all he needs in this bag. 

            6. Personalized Weekend Bag 

            Personalized Weekend Bag

            He is both classy and stylish. This Personalized Weekend Bag is built for war and gifted with love. This bag measures 23″ x 11″ x 14″. It has 2 front zippered pockets and 1 back zippered pocket on the outside. Also, it comes with additional pockets for ample storage inside the bag. It has a removable and adjustable shoulder strap and durable carry handles. A gift that will surely put a smile on his face.

            5. Rucksack Vintage Duffel Bag

            The Classic WITZMAN Men Travel Backpack Canvas Rucksac is a convertible backpack that comes in a small package but doesn't let the size fool you. Made of PU leather and premium quality cotton canvas, this sturdy bag has pockets that will fit more items than you ever thought possible. There are 2 front zipper pockets, a laptop compartment, a side pocket, pen pockets, and several smaller pockets inside so you don't lose your keys, coins, and passport. The straps are adjustable and removable so you can use the bag as a tote bag or a shoulder bag. Talk about versatility! 

            4. Combat Travel Bag

            Not too big, not too small, not too bulky. This Combat Travel Bag can fit everything you need for a quick getaway.This super satchel strikes the kind of balance that would win awards at a duffel pageant. Perfectly sized with all the necessary novelties. 

            3. Bug Out Pack

            Embroidered Brown Groomsmen Back Pack

            Let him be prepared with anything! Make sure you give him this Bug Out Pack. This bag is lightweight and roomy enough to store essentials for survival for up to 72 hours.  Perfect to survive any disaster, even with the wildest adventure he gets in to. 

            2. Duff and Tumble 

            The Duff and Tumble bag would be the perfect gift for him. This roomy bag comes with a sleek one compartment design accented with two black handles and a black adjustable and removable shoulder strap. It has a striped interior, along with the outside pocket. He would definitely appreciate a nice bag that he can use for weekend trips.  

            1. Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym Bag


            This Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym Bag uses UA Storm technology that delivers an element battling, highly water-resistant finish. It is made with 88 L polyester and 100% polyester lining. This bag comes with a zipper closure and an 11" shoulder drop. It has a tough, abrasion-resistant bottom & side panels, large front zippered organization pocket, and a padded top grab handle.