A personalized toiletry bag is a practical gift that he can use for his travel and adventures. Help your guy stay organized as he makes use of your gift to carry his essentials and more. In leather or canvas, having a toiletry bag personalized with his name or monogram will not only identify the owner of this awesome gift but will make him feel extra special too...

Pack his essentials without having to worry about the weight or over packing his suitcase.  Let a carefully selected toiletry bag cover all his grooming and body care needs while he’s jet setting. We have here a list of 5 “S” to remember and more in choosing the best toiletry bag for him.

SHAPE- Male toiletry bags have a certain shape that speaks masculinity on its own. Therefore the choice will be easy considering that you will be looking for a bulky, elongated spacious looking bag for a guy’s toilet essentials. Be vigilant though, ladies toiletry bags may come in almost the same shape with only a hint of femininity. This site will help familiarize everyone in the said shapes.

SKIN- It may come as a surprise to some but most male toiletry bags come in leather. While some come in lightweight waxed canvas cloth and micro fiber fabric, others come in nylon, polyester and cotton. Each skin depends on the design and trend during a season.

SIZE- Although women carry more toiletries in one bag, size still matters for men as their bath essentials usually come in bigger versions. Some men do not prepare nor carry a pocket version or travel size edition of their shampoo, lotion, moisturizer etc. Some men however know the drill already and buys the most travel friendly essentials.

SWAG-In simple terms, the swag is the design and overall look. Needless to say men dopp kits need to speak of their personality should it happen to be exposed in the open. So it is important to know the personality of a man before choosing a design for his toiletry bag. Color is also a part of the swag consideration. Lean towards earth-toned, dark- colored, semi-buckled, seemingly-bulky or belted bags for a generic male toiletry bag. However, the designs will again, depend on the personality of the man you are giving it to.



This bag will only be travelled in the luggage but it will reside longer in the toilet during the rest of his stay.  It may come in handy if the toiletry bag is water resistant. Some stuff in that bag cannot be wet all the time such as the shaver or paper soap. Although some bags focus on the size, it is also important to consider the better use for the purchase.


Surprisingly, compartments are still “to look for” even in a handy bag like this. The more a user can separate his shaving stuff from his bath stuff, the better. It might also be an added bonus if a garter feature or net can hold his toothbrush and shaver more steadily inside the bag. Men have the tendency to be clumsy sometimes so it is best to protect their stuff from their own hands. A feature like this in a dopp kit is really a decision maker for most buyers.


Although toiletry bags need to be water resistant, it is also nice to know if it can be washed and reused again. In this day and age when environmental awareness and recycling is a huge thing, it may also be best to buy something that people know can be recycled on the onset.


Nowadays, anything that can be personalized will be personalized. No one knows whether he will be sharing a bathroom with somebody so it is best to have his name on his bag so no one will dare touch it or get his stuff without his permission.

Next time you find yourself buying some toiletry bags, this guide can come in handy for choosing the best one for him.