From monogrammed leather to custom canvas toiletry bags, browse our collection of personalized toiletry bags that your guy will love taking on his next traveling adventure.

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29 Unique Personalized Toiletry Bags for Men

He's going to love you even more for getting him this awesome toiletry bag! A personalized gift is perfect because each person has their own things they need in order to stay organized while traveling. You can get these toiletry bags monogrammed with initials, so it will be easy enough when packing up all of these must-haves and always remember it is his.

29. Canvas Dopp Kit

This is the perfect Canvas Dopp Kit for his overnight trips! It has a nice roomy size for his personal hygiene products. Plus it exhibits superior craftsmanship and attention to detail that attracts that admiring glance. You can also personalize this leather case with a custom laser engrave name or initials, or even a word. 

28. Personalized Canvas Toiletry Cosmetic Bag

You can put one name or word on the bag, monogram, or initials. This Personalized Canvas Toiletry Cosmetic Bag laying flat measures about 12 inches wide and 6 inches tall. You can also choose the bag color closest to his liking. It's one gift that he would always remember you by as he carries this dopp kit anywhere he goes. 

27. Dapper Dopp

mens brown vegan leather dopp kit

This handsome vegan leather dopp kit is just what the stylish man in your life needs. This kit can be personalized  with his initials and will keep all his toiletries organized wherever his journeys may take him. It features PU leather and argyle lining with a durable handle.

26. Black Groomsmen Dopp Kit 

This Black Groomsmen Dopp Kit has a sleek and smooth monogram personalization. It is fully lined with a zipper closure and comes with leatherette vinyl accents. It also features double layered wooden textured cardstock gift tag attached with leather cording. It definitely is a  personal way to thank your best man, groomsmen, fathers of the bride and groom, and ushers for their support on your special day. 


25. Custom Leather Dopp Kit

It's one great personalized gift for your beloved husband, friend, dad or granddad! This Custom Leather Dopp Kit is made with distressed top grain cowhide thick leather without lining. It comes in antique cherry color or one of the colors from the palette. Also, it comes with high-quality zipper with easy pull leather tassel. It's one gift he will use for a long time. 

24. Canvas And Leather Custom Dopp Kit

canvas and leather personalized mens dopp kit

This is one dopp kit that performs as good as it looks. The Vault Dopp Kitt comes in four color options for the different men in your life. Made from durable canvas and leather on the outside the inside is lined with nylon and can handle whatever your guy throws at it. This dopp kits leather will look even better with age allowing years of use for your guy.

23. Personalized Mens Leather Dopp Kit

This laser engraved Personalized Mens Leather Dopp Kit is the perfect men’s gift. Personalized with the name of your choice, this custom travel bag will be displayed with pride for years to come. It’s a great gift for groomsmen, boyfriends, husbands and fathers alike.

22. Personalized Men's Black Leather Wash Bag


This Personalized Men's Black Leather Wash Bag is the perfect gift accessory for the man on the go. It comes with a large internal zip compartment and additional zipped bottom compartment. What's more,  there is plenty of space for his lotions and potions.

21. Monogrammed Large Toiletry Bag

This ingenious Monogrammed Large Toiletry Bag is made from durable full grain cow leather, industrial strength gold and silver tone hardware with waterproof lining. The pouch will make an excellent dopp kit. It is large enough to store all his toiletry essentials and keep things in order. The bag is conveniently locked with two-way industrial strength zippers and has a padded hand handle that makes it very easy to carry.

20. Leather Toiletry Bag Men

Are his daily essentials in a constant mess? This Leather Toiletry Bag Men is perfect for frequent travelers. It features one compartment, with a brass or silver metal zipper closure and one side handle for additional comfort. It is an ideal solution to keep small toiletries in order and luggage items clean.

19. Personalized Leather Dopp Kit


This Personalized Leather Dopp Kit is every bit as great as you could think he is. The personalization is hot stamped. Stamped leather smells great, and doesn't have an unpleasant laser burned smell. It is distressed top grain cowhide leather, of the best quality. It's solid, but very soft. The distressed nature allows it to age beautifully, writing down the life story of it's owner.

18. Personalized Wash Bag

It's your best choice of a Personalized Wash BagThis handmade leather dopp kit comes with personalization. It features three pockets - one on front, one on back, and one big section in the middle. This dopp kit comes with waterproof lining on the inside and will be a great travel kit or simple toiletry bag.

17. Toiletry Bag with Monogram

No matter where he is headed - on vacation, to the gym, or just looking to get more organized, this Toiletry Bag with Monogram is perfect for his usual routine. The exterior side handle makes it easy to carry, while lots of interior pockets keeps him super organized.

16. Dopp Kit for Men


This compact Dopp Kit for Men is stylish, fashionable, cool and very comfortable. It is made of soft leather and has a wide range of colors.  It features one compartment, a zipper closure, a side handle for convenient use and a hidden external zipper pocket. With such a bag he surely can not wait to go on a trip!

15. Light Leather Toiletry Kit

Impress him with this Light Leather Toiletry Kit. This kit is made especially to withstand the weather and wear of his travels. Each Dopp Kit is designed to hold his toiletries and travel items and is made from the highest quality Horween leather. It's one gift he will treasure for a long time.

14. Personalized Toiletry Bag

Personalized Dopp Kit

This personalized toiletry bag delivers a look and quality that offers all the novelties of military strong material, yet all the necessary requirements of a French barber. This super shave bag comes in in military green with a quality canvas. It comes with personalization making it extra special for him. 

    13. Personalized Toiletry Bag

    Get his toiletries organized for his travels by giving him this personalized toiletry bag. Made of 100% genuine cow leather, this Dopp kit’s interior is waterproof and made of nylon cotton blended fabric lining. This item and the box can be personalized with his name or initials to make it extra special.

    12. Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag

    The Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag is the perfect gift for your partner, child, colleague or new friend. This Black Leather Travel Kit is the type of gift that any man on your gift list will love. It sleek and sophisticated as it is made of long-lasting leather and will last through all of his travel trips. It is large enough to accommodate all of his essentials while still being small enough to fit into his suitcase. 

      11. Personalized Toiletry Bag Set

      Help him get his toiletries organized for travels by giving him this Personalized Toiletry Bag. It comes in heather gray with leatherette accents and zipper. What's more, you can have it personalized up to 4 letters or have this functional gift monogrammed to make it extra special. 

      10. Personalized Hanging Canvas Toiletry Bag

      Make him travel in style with this Personalized Hanging Canvas Toiletry Bag. This rugged but handsome travel kit is designed for today's modern traveler. Inside are ample pockets for toiletries. On the outside, the tan canvas exterior includes a sturdy leather bottom and leather accents and features a zippered front. Have it personalized with three initial monogram (first name initial, last name initial, middle name initial) to make it even more special. 

      9. Travel Marvel  

      Get his toiletries organized for his travels by giving him this personalized toiletry bag. Made of top grain premium leather, this Dopp kit’s interior is waterproof and made of black nylon fabric lining. This item can be personalized with his name or initials to make it extra special.

      8. Personalized Toiletry Bag 

      Help him get his toiletries organized for his travels by giving him this Personalized Toiletry Bag. This gift is in heather gray with leatherette accents and zipper. Have it personalized up to 4 letters or have his monogram in this functional gift. 

      7. The Go Bag

      Let your groomsmen travel in confidence with this Go Bag. Big enough to fit all his creams and lotions, but small enough to easily place into a bulging suitcase, this bag safely stores all the toiletries he can think of. It's available in small, medium (standard), or large size.  These bags can be personalized with three initials of your choice.  

      6. Bag To Basics

      Let him travel in style with this Bag To Basics. This set is inspired by the classic military dopp bag. It features 100% cotton canvas with brown leather trim and polyester lining complete with a center divider to keep his things organized. A brass zipper and two side snap buttons complete this convenient toiletry bag.

      5. Brototype 

      A good traveling gear can make the perfect gift for him. This Brototype means giving him a personalized toiletry bag that can carry snacks, breath mints, carry-on sized toiletries, an airline gift certificate for a few drinks on the flight, etc. You can even place extra gift items inside like a tie, socks, belt, and more. 

      4. Personalized Tan Waxed Canvas Toiletry Bag

       Enhance his out-of-town trip for work or pleasure with this Personalized Tan Waxed Canvas Toiletry Bag. This gift has ample storage with large zippered compartment for numerous personal care products. It can be personalized with 3 initials on leather label in the order of First, Middle, Last. The debossed lettering is available in Blind (no foil), Gold (22k), Rose Gold, or Silver foil. 

      3. Personalized Forest Green Leather Toiletry Bag


      This handsome Personalized Forest Green Leather Toiletry Bag is beautifully crafted from Cognac distressed leather and durable forest green canvas. This stylish travel gear can hold all the personal care items that he so appreciates on the go.  Unzipping the wide opening reveals a high-quality, tear-resistant poly drill lining. Plus, the debossed personalization feature on the leather trim adds that extra sense of thoughtfulness when you want to make him feel pampered.  

      2. Personalized Men's Travel Bag - Waxed Canvas – Charcoal

      This Personalized Men's Travel Bag - Waxed Canvas – Charcoal is beautifully crafted in the USA from high quality 20oz. waxed cotton canvas and solid brass and stainless-steel hardware.  The elegantly casual personal care tote also has a waterproof leather handle and can be personalized with 3 initials on leather label in the order of First, Middle, Last. 

      1. Personalized Leather Distressed Brown Toiletry Bag

      Delight him with this Personalized Leather Distressed Brown Toiletry Bag. This travel kit has a stylish and rugged craftsmanship with the distressed full-grain buffalo hide and comes in a functional, no-frills design.  Plunging his hands inside to retrieve his dependable personal care items will be no problem with the travel gear’s wide u-shaped opening, complete with dual zippers.

      Toiletry Bag Buyers Guide

      Pack his essentials without having to worry about the weight or over packing his suitcase.  Let a carefully selected toiletry bag cover all his grooming and body care needs while he’s jet setting. We have here a list of 5 “S” to remember and more in choosing the best toiletry bag for him.

      SHAPE- Male toiletry bags have a certain shape that speaks masculinity on its own. Therefore the choice will be easy considering that you will be looking for a bulky, elongated spacious looking bag for a guy’s toilet essentials. Be vigilant though, ladies toiletry bags may come in almost the same shape with only a hint of femininity. This site will help familiarize everyone in the said shapes.

      SKIN- It may come as a surprise to some but most male toiletry bags come in leather. While some come in lightweight waxed canvas cloth and micro fiber fabric, others come in nylon, polyester and cotton. Each skin depends on the design and trend during a season.

      SIZE- Although women carry more toiletries in one bag, size still matters for men as their bath essentials usually come in bigger versions. Some men do not prepare nor carry a pocket version or travel size edition of their shampoo, lotion, moisturizer etc. Some men however know the drill already and buys the most travel friendly essentials.

      SWAG-In simple terms, the swag is the design and overall look. Needless to say men dopp kits need to speak of their personality should it happen to be exposed in the open. So it is important to know the personality of a man before choosing a design for his toiletry bag. Color is also a part of the swag consideration. Lean towards earth-toned, dark- colored, semi-buckled, seemingly-bulky or belted bags for a generic male toiletry bag. However, the designs will again, depend on the personality of the man you are giving it to.



      This bag will only be travelled in the luggage but it will reside longer in the toilet during the rest of his stay.  It may come in handy if the toiletry bag is water resistant. Some stuff in that bag cannot be wet all the time such as the shaver or paper soap. Although some bags focus on the size, it is also important to consider the better use for the purchase.


      Surprisingly, compartments are still “to look for” even in a handy bag like this. The more a user can separate his shaving stuff from his bath stuff, the better. It might also be an added bonus if a garter feature or net can hold his toothbrush and shaver more steadily inside the bag. Men have the tendency to be clumsy sometimes so it is best to protect their stuff from their own hands. A feature like this in a dopp kit is really a decision maker for most buyers.


      Although toiletry bags need to be water resistant, it is also nice to know if it can be washed and reused again. In this day and age when environmental awareness and recycling is a huge thing, it may also be best to buy something that people know can be recycled on the onset.


      Nowadays, anything that can be personalized will be personalized. No one knows whether he will be sharing a bathroom with somebody so it is best to have his name on his bag so no one will dare touch it or get his stuff without his permission.

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