There's nothing like the feeling of a sharp steel and a well-made knife in your hand. These steel Damascus knives are the epitome of quality craftsmanship. With their intricate patterns and unique blades, these beautiful knives are sure to make a statement when you use them.
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17 Best Damascus Knives in 2022

Talk about a gift that is both functional and aesthetically designed! Giving him a modern Damascus knife is like letting him hit two birds with one stone. It’s one tool he can use in the kitchen and for his hunting adventures. Choose the type that is of high-quality. Consider its sharpness and its ability to maintain its edge well. Damascus knives are made with inner core of high-carbon specialty hard steel that is protected by a softer stainless steel. You can be sure that the blade will remain sharp because of the hardness of the inner core and will remain protected from chipping because of the softer steel. Forged together, it also produces that distinctive Damascus pattern that he will surely love.    

Here are 17 of the best Damascus knives you can choose from: 

Personalized Damascus Folding Knife

His testosterone level will rise just by putting this bad boy in his pocket. This is definitely a gift he will use for years to come. This great pocket  knife is made from heavy duty burl wood with stainless titanium steel coated blade. With up to 2 lines of customization you can throw your favorite tough guys name on it for an ace gift that will get any red blooded mans heart pumping.

Custom Made Damascus Blade


Talk about design and sleek appearance, this Custom Made Damascus Blade will cut into his senses and open up the windows of possibilities. Yes, the possibility of cooking in style and in comfort as the 6 pieces of Damascus blades offer him different ways to cut different meats, different vegetables and many other different things for many different dishes and many different meals. Notice the matching design of the blades to the handle.

Japanese Damascus Pairing Knife

Whether he comes from a Japanese lineage or simply have a taste for Japanese heritage, this blade will satisfy his hunger for food and for Japanese style. This Japanese Damascus Pairing Knife has a hand hammered blade finish with a round finish handle for better grip embellished with red rings around for a more exquisite Japanese look. A free gift box will cover this paring knife upon delivery to his doorsteps.

Kershaw Folding Damascus Knife


If he wants a small but terrible sharp protection with him, this folding knife is a choice you will not regret. This Kershaw Folding Knife pocket buddy is made in the US with a blade length of 3. 25 inches that is 0.12 inches thick. Apart from it being handy and light, weighing only 3.88 ounces, it also has a handle in green color which reflects a camouflage feel.

Fat Boy Pocket Knife


The contradicting name of this sharp companion speaks of its overall quality. The Fat Boy Pocket Knife is small and foldable making it easy for anyone to keep it in their pockets or small compartments of their bags, but it is durable enough to cut like a knife that is 3 times its actual size. The blade and its stainless steel body are coated with Black Titanium Nitride which adds to its resistance to corrosion.

Gladiators Guild Professional Damascus Kitchen Knife


The name sounds like it can cut anybody like a gladiator with these set of sharp Gladiators Guild Professional Kitchen Knife. But let us limit the cutting to meats and vegetables with these 8 pcs set of kitchen knives that are built for camping, cooking and hunting. Designed with wooden handles that made it classier, this set includes a chopper or cleaver and comes with a roll case bag for safe-keeping.

Michael Angelo Professional Chef Knife

This Michael Angelo Professional Chef Knife is rightfully named after one of the best artists of all time. The blade is manufactured from high –quality stainless steel and contains high carbon which makes it twice as hard as other knives and is shaped to reduce fatigue and to provide maximum comfort. The best feature however is its ergonomically shaped handle made of resin- impregnated hardwood that allows the knife to rest securely in his hand to prevent slippage.

Pakkawood Handle Damascus Folding Knife

pakawood handle damascus pocket knife

This handsome versatile folding knife will feel right at home in whether in his pocket or hand. Made with a handsome 4.5 inch pakkawood handle and 3.25 in handle this knife is perfect for the guy on the go. Whether he's out camping, hunting, fishing, or just handling his day to day he will whip this bad boy out with pride for years to come. Like the idea of getting him a pocket knife but want to see more options, if so check out these great pocket knives.

Handmade Chopper Damascus Knife

If he are not looking for a set but merely a badass cleaver or chopping knife, this Handmade Chopper Knife is right for him. Apart from having a blade that can chop with convenience, this beauty is actually a handmade and a forged Real Damascus steel. The design is a precise pattern of raindrops on its blade matched with a wooden handle for a more wildlife look. It comes with sheath of high quality cow skin.

Traders Handmade Chef Damascus Knife 

He may be the type who feels like going back to the time when traders use knives for protection. This Traders Handmade Chef Knife might warp him into that era because of its pointy and pirate-like shape. In the modern time, this blade is used for cutting meats and vegetable or anything that needs to be sliced in the kitchen. This utility has a matching rain drop design in the blade and in the handle giving a more unified look all over.

Zelite Magnetic Block and Kitchen Knife Set 

Now this is not the ordinary Japanese knife set. Apart from having a Chef knife, Bread knife, Santoku knife, Gokujo/Boning Knife, Utility knife and Paring knife, this Zelite Magnetic Block and Kitchen Knife Set comes with a rotating magnetic block which is the perfect storage unit for his kitchen buddies and to showcase their stunning patterns and designs. The block is designed with a distinctive shape and rotating feature with super strength magnets embedded on each face.

Hunting Bowie Knife


This Hunting Bowie Knife is for hunters, campers or anyone who has no problem bringing out a sharp blade in the wild, either for protection or to cut something. Made with 15 inches of Real Damascus steel attached to a walnut wood handle, this wild thing is to be feared, at least by its preys. The twist pattern design, the quality finish and the perfect grip gives this bowie knife a fighting edge over other knives.

Steel Fixed Blade

If material is a matter of concern in finding a good pocket knife, then this Steel Fixed Blade cannot be underestimated. Made with Real Damascus steel, the 4 inches blade is styled in drop point making it perfect for cutting ties, or even slicing into meats. The handle is made by a combination of walnut hardwood and camel bone for a more wild and barbaric swag. It comes with a leather sheath with belt loop.

Hunting Knife


Just by looking at this piece of hard core utility, he can already say that it will deliver what the name promises to do. This Hunting Knife has a ruthlessly sharp edge honed to perfection for ultimate hardness, flexibility and performance. The handle made of rosewood is durable and impervious to heat and moisture and is riveted multiple times for extra resilience. The leather sheath adds up to its bold look and strong appearance.

Skinning Gut Hook

If the name gives his skin goose bumps, then the look will live up to it. This Skinning Gut Hook is designed for skinning, gutting and hunting purposes without boasting with size and weight. This hunting partner has a 3.7 inches blade and a 4 inches handle made of dyed camel bone and walnut wood that highlights the wild feature of this skinning tool. It comes with a matching leather sheath to hide its gut hook from the open.

Personalized Pocket Knife

For any tough guy in your life this is the knife is for him. Whether he's a hunter, fisherman, or just and everyday amazon box slasher he will feel good doing it with this smooth looking personalized knife in his hand. Made from handsome strong Pakkawood and a 3.25 inch durable steel blade he will be using it for years to come. 

Hunting Knife

Unlike most hunting and bowie knives, this Hunting Knife is stylishly wild at first site but scary afterwards. The handle is meticulously designed with buffalo horn, wood with brass clip and mosaic pin for a semi-Madagascar look. The 7 inches blade made of Real Damascus steel includes a more savage design such as the back hook. This hunting and protection knife can surely protect him and serve his hunting needs. It comes with genuine leather sheath.

Kitchen and Camping Knife

At a time when practicality is a matter of importance, products like this bring forth hope to wise buyers. This Kitchen and Camping Knife features a 7 inches blade in twist pattern and 5 inches handle made of Rose Wood. This practical selection will really be a great addition to his collection of knives. After all, it serves two purposes in one. Now that is a deal!

Chef Knife

If he wants to cook, and then eventually hunt while protecting himself, then this Chef Knife is best for him. The blade is designed in a way that it can create a good cut for meats and vegetables, kill a prey with its pointy edge and strike fear to anybody who will mean to do him harm. But the style and comfort was not ditched as the handle was made of black sheep horn, unique wood and brass guard

Master Chef Knife Set


If he already owns a knife set, this Master Chef Knife Set will steal away his attention as it slices his awareness to its beauty and functionality. The set includes 7 beautifully patterned Real Damascus steel knives: Cleaver Knife, Nakiri Style Vegetable Chopper Knife, Small Utility Knife, Medium Utility Knife, Standard Chef Knife, Large Chef Knife and a Pairing-Boning Knife. It comes with a pocketed custom leather roll up case to keep the knives safe during transport.

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