From personalized coasters for his living room to decanters for his man cave, browse our selection of housewarming gifts for men that guys will be excited to display in their new home.

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What is a Good Housewarming Gift for Men

When considering a housewarming gift for a guy, it's best to focus on practical and functional items that enhance his living space or man cave

Some great options include tools and gadgets for DIY projects, kitchen appliances or accessories for cooking enthusiasts, high-quality barware or a personalized decanter for entertaining, smart home devices to automate and simplify tasks, or comfortable and stylish home decor such as a personalized cutting board or custom signs for his home that reflects his personality.

These gifts combine utility and style, providing him with useful items that make his new house feel like a home.

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44 Best Housewarming Gifts for Men in 2023 

He's got a new place and it will definitely be a reason for celebration. Take time to choose a housewarming gift that will not only be functional but one that will fit right into his taste and style. Choose one that will be enjoyed by the whole family and impress his guests too. It could be a personalized home decor gift or something unique that he will be proud to display. It can also be a sentimentalhousewarming gift. What's important is that it should be a gift he can always remember you by.  

Here are 44 of the best housewarming gifts for men you can choose from: 

44. Fire Gift Set

Get your hot guy a gift that matches his energy and… craving for anything grilled. This Fire Gift Set has everything for your man to start a barbecue bonding by the fire with the boys. This set includes dry rubs, hot sauce and matches to start grilling, and a stainless-steel mug and candle to get the mood going by the fire. It is a perfect gift for him to start grilling and preparing charcoal goodness for you as well. Add your man’s name to the round matte black gift box to make it more special.

43. Custom House Number Sign

housewarming gift house number sign

For the new home owner let him display his pride with this sleek looking custom address sign that reminds him theres no place like home. Each Metal sign is laser cut from the top of the line laser technology to ensure precise detail of design! This is one housewarming gift that is sure to put a smile on his face.

42. Personalized Door Mat

Let that special man in your life welcome his visitors with glee as they step into his Personalized Door Mat. Made from natural coir coconut fibers, this welcome mat provides strength and durability with a twisted coir structure to reduce shedding and a non-slip PVC back keeps it in place. It is 15mm thick with a neat, trimmed edge and the designs are printed onto the coir with specialist ink and cured with UV light to fix the design to the mat making it more glaringly funny and welcoming, so to speak.


41. Desk Dock


Organizing their stuff and gadgets may not be one of the men’s strongest skills but given the right equipment, they might just get it right somehow. This Desk Dock will keep all his daily essentials stationed like an army ready to go into daily combat. Perfect to be placed on nightstands or desks, this fir wood, the multi-functional docking station features a slot for watches or bracelets, a key chain notch at the top, and a groove along the bottom for charging cords. One roll, out of bed and he gets all he needs for the day in one stop.

40. Oven Gloves for Men


Some men love to cook while others mastered it completely. So whether your special guy just has a passion for cooking or is really great at it, this Oven Gloves for Men will be an essential he cannot say “NO” to. Made of polyester, these anti-scald insulated gloves & mat set will keep the hands of your man safe from burns and ready for whatever his hands need to do after some baking and oven-using. It can be used to carry pots and pans in kitchens, microwaves, ovens, and even outdoor grills.

39. Tac-light

Electricity is one of the men’s greatest discoveries, but as astonishingly amazing as it is, sometimes you cannot depend on it completely as storms and other catastrophes cause power interruptions if not a complete power outage. Equip your man with a powerful light-emitting device with Tac-light. With a slick and durable design, this powerful flashlight packs 800 Lumens into its compact size providing enough visuals during darkness. It also features a powerful rechargeable battery (charges by USB) and is built to last for years.

38. Metal Wall Scrabble Board


Whether your guy is a geek or a play enthusiast, he will enjoy having this Metal Wall Scrabble Board in this man cave. It is decorative, stylish, functional, and fun that he can even play the game with any guest he wishes to in his life-size board. This set includes 23,6" x 23,6" ( 60 cm x 60 cm ) black matte plaque, 29,5 x 23,6" ( 75 cm x 60 cm ) with 4 black matte metal player cues, 100 wooden letter pieces and pece pouch, and 2 pieces of halk. These pieces come packed in a sturdy box suitable for transport and gift.

37. Pop & Sit


The minute a guy starts to open one bottle of cold beer, there is a smaller chance he will want to move around. This Pop & Sit will keep his beloved drinks in less than arms’ reach while allowing him to sit comfortably. Functional and sturdy, this insulated cooler has plenty of room for his favorite drinks and snacks as well as extra pockets for his car keys or other accessories. So whether he is planning a drinking party or gulping his beverages alone, this personalized keeper of drinks and seat is his best buddy for the night.

36. Housewarming Wine Label

Admit it or not, one of the best ways to celebrate a new chapter in a man’s life is via celebratory drink. In most cases, wine is the preferred choice. So, to be safe, grab a bottle of his favorite wine and stick this Housewarming Wine Label into it for a more impactful gift giving. Designed from the heart and fully customizable, this peel and stick label is water-resistant and repositionable. All you need to do now is, be creative and funny to make this gift even more heartwarming.

35. Mixology Master

The pandemic restricted people to go to bars and enjoy well put together and beautifully mixed beverages. This Mixology Master will warm your man into his new abode as he stirs and shakes his collection of liquor to present his own concoction of celebratory drinks. Everyone will be in awe of his newfound skills and will be dazzled by the gift you gave to help boost his confidence during his housewarming party. The shaker holds 18 ounces, and the set comes with a wood box that is 4" x 4" x 11". Personalization is laser engraved and you can personalize it with up to 3 initials. 

34. Personalized Guitar Beach Towel


Men use their towels almost for every place they can think of, on the beach, in the bathroom, or even in the living room. So, for your guitar or music aficionado guy, give this Personalized Guitar Beach Towel and let him cover or dry himself up in style. Made from 52% cotton and 48% polyester, this towel is printed only on one side and the non-printed side is made of terry fabric which makes the towel more water-absorbent. Let this wrap be a symbol of your embrace with a hint of his favorite thing.

33. Triplex

When it comes to essential home tools, never underestimate the value of a well-fueled lighter. This Triplex makes his every lighting experience an effortless one with its broad and easy-to-use activator and a trio of flames. Its oversized flame height adjustment wheel and a large fuel level viewing window make this custom lighter a great addition to any cigar lover's arsenal. It has Scratch Resistant Matte Black Finish, Recessed Triple Torch Flame Emitters, Two-Step Ignition, Flip Cap, and Press Igniter. 

32. Tequila Flight Board


Prepare your guy for a bonding moment with this friend or a housewarming party by giving him this Tequila Flight Board as a gift. He can settle in his new man cave better with presents such as this board that he can use when the need arises. This unique, one-of-a-kind, 4 glass tequila/shots flight board with handles is the perfect sampler board to add to his bar area. Made of Ash, this flight board has a live edge and green epoxy where the glasses stand for easy clean-up. Glasses and lime cups are included in this set. 

31. Brew Bearer

Quality beer luggage is great for bringing beers to a party or just traversing the halls of his new man cave down to his garden where his mood brings him to drink. The Brew Bearer is constructed of fir wood, with a rustic look, and engraved with a cool deer antler design.  It comes complete with an attached bottle opener, beveled edges, and a steel handle. The carrier sizes at 9” L x 5.63” W x 11” H and holds up to 6 bottles. This can be personalized with an engraved initial of your favorite chugger.

30. Super Bike Clock

A house will be more of a home with a clock that reminds its host how precious time is. This Super Bike Clock levels up the relevance of a wall clock with its manly design. It is crafted in Vinyl with a motorcycle design on to and kph meter in the middle to dd to the road trip feel. It requires 1 AA battery, and he is set to make his man cave even cooler. Silent clockwork will allow him to hang this gift on his bedroom wall without interrupting his sleep. That way, when he opens his eyes, he gets to know what time it is and be delighted with the visuals.

29. Me Tray


Whether they like to admit it or not, men usually just throw their keys and place their stuff anywhere after a long day outside. The next morning, they will make it a mission to find those essentials and find them scattered everywhere. As a housewarming gift to your man, give him this Me Tray that he can put immediately after the door so he can throw in his keys, his loose coins, and stuff. The next day, he will find it in the same place, organized and kept in one tray.

28. Personalized Walnut Bottle Opener

Men may often use tools that are either small or not frequently used. Now unless your man is a drunkard, he may misplace a bottle opener, especially in his new home. Give him this Personalized Walnut Bottle Opener and have him attach it to his kitchen or bar wall or any place he is comfortable to open a bottle when he needs to. Made of Walnut, this bottle opener hardware may be engraved to serve as signage for his new abode too. Friends and guests will also have an easy time opening their beers with this thing hanging in a corner, ready to serve anytime. 

27. Tool’s Gold 

Living alone or transferring to a new home may seem grand and cool, but it also comes with challenges. There will be a lot of installing and fixing involved along the way and you can equip your man by giving him this Tool’s Gold as a housewarming gift. The personalized box comes with all the tools of his trade, everything from a hammer and wrench to pliers and drill bits. A perfect set for the starter handyman or the collector who longs for even more. Since it can be personalized, this set will seem like a treasure chest with all its use and heartwarming engraving.

26. Custom Lazy Susan

The new abode of your buddy may already be filled with all the manly stuff he can think of, but a table centerpiece like the Custom Lazy Susan may not have even crossed his mind. It is for this reason that you should give him something he does not know he needs as a housewarming gift. This wooden home décor also functions as an aid in making his daily life easier. He can save so much time and energy in getting necessary stuff as this table centerpiece revolves smoothly revealing and making accessible the things he needs on the table. Plus it may be a serving tray and it can be personalized.

25. Personalized Cedar Picnic Cooler

This handcrafted Personalized Cedar Picnic Cooler was made in Texas. This cooler features a hand sewn detachable liner to make cleanup a breeze. The cedar wood front of the cooler can be laser engraved and personalized for the recipient. Stock it full of welcome items for a great house warming gift!

24. Barrel Bar Whiskey Shelf


housewarming gift for men whiskey barrel bar


For the man that loves a good drink this Barrel Bar Whiskey Shelf would make the perfect housewarming gift. Made from the top quarter of a spent barrel your whiskey loving guy can be proud showing off his prized collection in style.  Makes an excellent addition to any home wet bar or man cave.

23. Custom Handsome Decanter

housewarming decanter gift for men

What else says welcome home than a quality drink. Help your favorite guy make his house a home with this quality custom decanter showing off on the countertop or wet bar. This crystal clear glass decanter will hold 26 ounces of his favorite whiskey or bourbon, while the pair of personalized rocks glasses will help your man empty it! Whether he chooses to class up a bottle of whiskey from the well or show off the top-shelf stuff, every time they raise a glass he will appreciate this awesome housewarming gift.

22. Top Quality Damascus Steel Knives

Send your guy a housewarming gift that will send him into a meat-chopping frenzy with these Top Quality Damascus Steel Knives that are meant to meet his cutting needs. Of course, the slicing should be limited to meats, vegetables, seafood, or anything that can be eaten only. The blade is made of Carbon Steel, the handle is a brown dollar sheet with steel busters and brass pins/mosaic pins and the sheath is made of leather. Get the newly moved in, buddy of yours ready to cook and equipped in his own kitchen with these arsenals.

21. Knives & Etched Bamboo Cutting Board

This Knives & Etched Bamboo Cutting Board is a classic cheese serving tray with four nifty tools all personalized and engraved with his name or a message. It comes with magnetic strips which will keep the tools conveniently close, but still out of the way. It's such an attractive yet affordable piece on his dining table. It's one gift he will truly appreciate! 

20. New Home House Warming Real Wood Sign

This New Home House Warming Real Wood Sign makes a great house warming or realtor gift.The smaller size is designed to be self standing so it can be placed on a shelf or table, but will still include a sawtooth hanger on the back so it can hang on the wall as well. This item is completely customizable.

19. New Home Keychain 


This New Home Keychain is perfect for congratulating someone on their new home. This sweet housewarming gift will be a welcome addition to any new abode. It's one gift he will use often, so how about giving something they see every time they take out their house keys. 

18. Housewarming Gifts For New Home

This Housewarming Gifts For New Home is an 11-piece gift basket with  6 absorbent coasters and 1 holder, 1 lavender scented 9oz candle, 1 white 15oz mug, 1 new home keychain 2021 and 1 congratulations card. He can be sure boring won't be a word used to describe his house when entertaining with these coasters. It's a hilarious way to remind people not to leave their drinks on the table, and to get some free laughs too! 

17. Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board


It has a milled groove around the edges of the cutting surface to collect juice from soft cheeses and fruits. This Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board is made from organically grown bamboo and comes with a serving platter with 3 ceramic bowls and bamboo spoons. It's one housewarming gift he will really thank you for! 


16. Wine Bag

Let this Wine Bag be the housewarming gift to surprise him. It is made with durable linen and comes with a cotton core drawstring, washable and durable. It is capable to accommodate a regular 750ml or champagne bottle, and fits all standard size wine bottles. Every time he drinks his precious wine he will think of you.

15. Personalized Whiskey Stones

Men love to drink cold beverages. They buy and stock them in the refrigerator for as long as they want and gulp them when they see it fit. But making ice to keep or make their drinks cold is out of the equation and they will rather drink it warm than go through all the trouble. Good thing this Personalized Whiskey Stones is a simple but comfortable solution to that issue. These clean-cut natural stones are used to chill whiskey and other spirits. They can be added to the drink, and they will keep them cold without diluting them. Oh, and they can be personalized too. Makes a great housewarming gift for men who love to serve up quality drinks.

14. Bamboo Butler


Having a set like this will indeed make any man feel like he has a butler as it makes his cutting and serving tasks easier. This Bamboo Butler has a removable bamboo board for easy cleaning and this set comes with 3 tools, making it a good serving board as well. He can cut out cheese, steak, and fruits and serve it with the same unique and elegant board that comes with prongs and two knives. That’s a package worth giving to a man who recently moved in into his new home.

13. You Should Have Moved Closer to Me Scented Candle

This You Should Have Moved Closer to Me Scented Candle would be perfect to enhance his home decor. Unique candle scents can freshen, brighten, and invigorate a home. It's 100% Natural Soy wax candle is non-toxic with fresh fragrance & long burning, perfect for stress relief, made with organic essential oils and has a 100% cotton wick Use it to congratulate and welcome new homeowner into their new house.

12. The Grill Master 


Picture a perfect sunny day with your friends, each of you taking turns at the grill. Wouldn’t this dream sequence be even better if everyone’s grilling tools matched? This useful gift is perfect for a housewarming gift. 

11. Meridia Electric Wine Opener Set 

This Meridia Electric Wine Opener Set is an automatic wine opener kit that  removes corks in 7 seconds! The wine foil cutter easily removes seals and the wine stopper keeps the wine fresh. This powerful & rechargeable cordless wine opener set in premium box is the best housewarming gift! Perfect present for Holidays, Birthdays and Christmas.

10.  Ash With Class - Folding Cigar Ash Tray Set

Cigar Ash Tray Gift Personalized

This Folding Wood Cigar Ash Tray Set is the perfect housewarming gift for any cigar smoker.  It is made of walnut wood and includes a set of stainless steel matching cigar accessories - guillotine cutter, lighter, cigar bed, and stainless steel ash reservoir.  It measures 4-3/4" L x 4-3/4" W x 3" H when folded closed, and 9-1/2" L x 4-3/4" W x 1-1/2" H when opened. If you like the idea of getting your cigar lover an ashtray but want to see a few more options, check out our post on the best ashtrays.

9. First Home Housewarming Gift



This First Home Gift is a custom high resolution file download. This personalized monochrome 'this is us' printable makes an ideal housewarming gift, anniversary gift, wedding gift, mother's day gift, and so much more. This custom 'this is us' with names sign is the perfect addition to any home decor.

8. For His New Mantle- Manly Stocking

mens Christmas gift stocking

These tactical Christmas stockings are just what santa wants to see when he comes down the chimney. Proudly made in the USA out of heavy-duty canvas, this rugged tactical stocking is sure to please. Available in 4 different colors any guy will be thrilled seeing this loaded with goodies Christmas morning. 

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7. For The Manly Host- Whiskey Barrel Head Serving Tray

whiskey barrel serving tray

Who says a charcuterie board is just for women.... This handsome serving tray takes it up a notch with its authentically crafted spent bourbon barrel lid and added handles. This will be a hit housewarming gift with any man that loves to have good friends over and serve up good eats.

6. Cocktail Mixology Shaker Set 


A new house calls for new gatherings and celebrations. Imagine him having to  taste the rich flavor of his favorite, freshly prepared cocktail at the comfort of his home. This gorgeous Cocktail Mixology Shaker Set lets you do just that. This bartender kit contains all of the essential tools to create tasty cocktails: measuring jigger, muddler, strainers and much more! It will be an excellent addition to any home.

5. Personalized Wooden Tic Tac Toe 

This Personalized Wooden Tic Tac Toe is a great house warming gift. It comes with 6 X’s  and 6 O’s. It's perfect as a decor in your home on your coffee table. The colors can be customized based on request. Standard is black and white.

4. Engraved Hatchet

housewarming gift axe

Gift your favorite guy a housewarming gift that he can actually use. This engraved axewill be a favorite among the fire pit masters or those that just like to look good getting kindling. This engraved hatchet can be engraved with up to ten characters of text, has a total length of 9”, a blade length of 3”, and head width of 4.5”.  It’s just the right weight to make him feel like Paul Bunyan on his new frontier. 

3. House Warming Candle Holder

These double and triple tea light House Warming Candle Holders are made from solid beech wood and can be personalized with a couple's first names, a year and the house number and street name. These wooden candle holders make the perfect house warming or anniversary gift.

2. State Cutting Board

It comes with laser-engraved artwork which calls out all the wonderful sights and places in the state from Atlanta to Savannah, Rome to Athens, The Okefenokee Swamp to Chattahoochee Forest. Have him celebrate life in The Peach State with this Georgia State Destination Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board.  It includes a hanging hole with hang tie making this board a wonderful wall art option too. 

1. Little Pug Dog Wine Racks and Holder

This adorable and cute apricot-fawn Little Pug Dog Wine Racks and Holder is a very versatile gift and can be used for restaurant, office or home decoration -- living room, kitchen, bar and bedroom. With excellent quality and workmanship, it is also a perfect gift idea for wine lovers or dog lovers. A perfect housewarming gift! 


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